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  1. M.A.G.M.A: Mobile Attack and Garrison Mechanised Armour.
    M.A.G.M.A units are fighters trained to use these suits from young age - only certain people can use the armour. Each suit is a suit of robotic armour with various functions, only usable by those of the bloodline the system has been set to. Functions include, but are not limited to:
    • Customisable weapon loadouts
    • Short-range flight cpabilities
    • Temporary invisibility to all forms of long-range detection (radar, sonar, etc.)
    • GPS
    • Resistance to heat and cold
    • Complete immunity to bullets and weak explosions
    • Resistance to some explosions and standard-issue laser weapons
    Obviously, the technology could not have been kept secret forever. Thus, there are people scattered across 2090 Earth, all with the ability to use MAGMA armour.
    The RP would centre around a group of people of whatever (appropriate) age you choose, who can use MAGMA armour. These are not full-fledged mechs - consider them to be less powerful, "condensed" versions. Due to their power, governments all over the world are kidnapping, brainwashing and/or killing off people they have confirmed to be able to wear the armour. There is alwys a telltale mark over the pilot's heart, and shapes can range greatly. You must join, or otherwise align yourself, with LPAO - League of Pilots Against Opressors. Sent on various covert missions, you will be tasked with guerilla warfare in/on various areas/planets, from desert landscapes to Arctic wastelands.

    So, opinions, crits, etc? If you want to see what I like, take a peek at my resume.
  2. Oooh, sounds interesting. Is there some central driving-forward-force plot other than the kidnappings and missions?
  3. Oh, of course. I couldn't possibly tell you everything - I keep my plot twists hidden for as long as possible. All I can tell you is that there will be treachery, there will be painful decisions, and there will be events rocking the resistance to their very core.

    What I can tell you in more detail about is that only the creators, maintainance staff and pilots know as much about the armour as needed. What the government doesn't understand is that the armour, if used for too long, or if it's systems are pushed too hard, will begin to sap the pilot's life force to fuel it. Original pilots' suits are designed to keep the flow regulated, but the modified models have had their weapons replced with more powerful tech. Thus, any brainwashed pilots are as much a danger to themselves as they are to the resistance, especially considering the energy expenditure required. I can't tell you how this affects anyone in any way but the obvious, but I have plans.
  4. Ah, okay. I understand, don't worry. If you revealed all of the plot, it'd be no fun. :P

    But interesting. I would join it! Sounds like it has a deep plot, lots of action, and intriguing environments in it :D
  5. Well, in the absence of anyone else wanting to express interest here, I do believe it's high time for me to not disappoint. I will do my best, and maybe just a touch more.
  6. Alrighty then. Are you making a thread of it in the sign-ups or...?
  7. That I be doing. Actual RPing doesn't start just yet, I haven't the time just now to write everything.
  8. This sounds fun, I'll definitely join.