M.A.G.M.A: Mobile Attack and Garrison Mechanised Armour

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  1. M.A.G.M.A: Mobile Attack and Garrison Mechanised Armour
    M.A.G.M.A units are, in essence, suits of robotic armour, usable only by a bloodline registered in it, each one distinguishable by matching the mark on the armour to one in the same place on the pilot’s body. The armour is incredibly powerful, far outranking any human performance. Additionally, their armour is strong enough to repel extreme temperatures, provide complete immunity to weak explosions and bullets, resistance to standard-issue lasers and some explosions, and can even allow survival when jumping from great heights – but not too great. Additionally, short-range flight capabilities, a GPS and temporary invisibility to long-range detection devices such as radar and sonar are provided. The weapon systems on each suit vary depending on the user, as they are completely customisable – to an extent. The units are powered by the user’s body, and under normal circumstances, this wouldn’t be a problem – the design has been made so that moderated use has little to no detrimental effect. However, if used for too long or if energy expenditure reaches a certain point, the user’s life force is sapped, potentially killing them within minutes. Thus, use of the M.A.G.M.A is generally discouraged, and prolonged use is prohibited altogether.
    Under the creator of the armour’s wishes, only the people who use and maintain the armour can know about it. However, somehow the government has caught wind of these suits, and they are launching what they call “attacks on dangerous elements.” As nobody knew about these units, many assume them to be new technology, even though they’ve been around for a good forty years. As such, this made it easier to convince the general public that the pilots were evil, terrorists, or a similarly discrediting title. Attacks on and the capture of any units the governments found was authorised almost immediately, and assaults on known bases started thereafter. Several suits came into the possession of various countries, usually the economic powers with the greatest military strength, and research was conducted in collaboration. Despite this apparent teamwork, nobody trusted anyone – results were often hidden, age-old alliances deteriorated, and secret divisions of M.A.G.M.A suits and genetically engineered (read: expendable) were created. Any pilots captured were also brainwashed into thinking they were loyal to whichever country had taken them, turning them into the elite pilots and test specimens of their captors. Naturally, suit-wearers from around the globe set up a resistance under one banner; L.P.A.O – League of Pilots Against Oppression. Using a hidden base miles beneath the surface of the landfill planet LF-424, the real battles started in the Spring of 2099. But, as with any organisation set up by sentient beings, treachery and backstabbing can run rife in the blink of an eye…

    Cast (open)
    Username - Character Name (people who haven't submitted characters but have a reservation wil have N/A instead of their character's name)
    Rogue Sandwich - William Smith
    lovedove830 - Amyst Werron
    NoirCouer - Laurea Vespertiline
    LaharlSama - Lawrence Craft
    Form (open)
    Name: Very important
    Age: 16 or above. Pilots may be trained from a young age, but there’s a point where things become ridiculous.
    Gender: We aren’t checking.
    Appearance: Picture, words, or picture and words. It’s all good.
    Personality: Please keep bipolar/homicidal/etc. tendencies to a minimum. I like interesting people, not insane people.
    Weapon: A small weapon for use when you can’t fight with your armour. Bullets have been replaced with focussed particle beams or lasers. There is little difference between the two, aside from the fact lasers can change colour depending on the weapon, and focussed particle beams change colour depending on the atmosphere of the planet. Ammo clips no longer exist, eliminating the need for reloading. However, weapons can overheat, rendering them unusable for a few seconds. These rounds can pierce reinforced steel, though this is pretty much only good if you’re fighting infantry – most military vehicles are now built with stronger, alien materials. Blades have also been replaced with focussed-area beam generators, essentially turning a blade into a cross between a blade and a VERY hot blowtorch.
    M.A.G.M.A Armour: It’s a suit of armour, not a full-blown mech.
    M.A.G.M.A Weapon Loadout: Limited to one explosive launcher and a laser/beam weapon that must be used separately, two laser/beam weapons that can be used together, or a melee weapon with another weapon class of your choice. Note that suits equipped with two melee weapons need less energy, as the weapons’ energy is in a constant loop. Thus, more can be used on defence.
    Mark: Location, and what it looks like.

    My Form (open)

    Name: William Smith


    Gender: Male

    Appearance: William stands at a height a slight amount above the average person his age, though the amount is not noticeable enough to be considered substantial. His build is one not built for either power or athleticism, but a point in between the two, allowing for a "jack-of-all-trades, master of none" approach. His hair is the darkest black possible without dye, and while long (for a boy), the fringe is swept clear of his eyes. His eyes themselves are a deep, chocolate brown in colour, and often appear half-closed, though this is nothing more than his apppearance. Upon his torso is a black t-shirt with a "graffiti-style" Union Jack on the front, and the words "ANARCHY IN THE UK" on the back. He dons dark blue denim jeans as legwear, suspended via a brown leather belt and brass buckle, the whole ensemble being rounded off by a pair of silver-streaked, black trainers, fastened by means of velcro straps.

    Personality: A logical and tactful person, William is the kind of person you see planning things from the shadows, while others carry out his strategies, incorporating their own judgement if need be. That is not to say, however, that tactics are out of William's grasp - while his fighting abilities are not quite up to the level of many other pilots, his bility to remain completely stone-cold, calm and emotionless on the battlefield can prove a worthy asset in times of pressure. Outside of the fights, he tends to indulge himself in quieter endeavours such as writing poetry and short stories, or reading novels without happy endings. If he does find it has a happy ending (to his dismay), it is not unusul for him to drift off for a minute or two, concocting a reasonable and macabre ending. He is by no means a miserable person, he's just a little... odd.
    A simple revolver - quick to draw, powerful, but inaccurate with plenty of recoil.

    M.A.G.M.A Armour:
    The armour is a balanced model, offering no special characteristics, but no defining weaknesses either. Howeer, William is no expert, so he is pprone to make some errors when fighting, though it's more down to skill than tactics.
    (Ignore the thing on its back.)

    M.A.G.M.A Weapon Loadout: On the left arm is an "Arcing Wave Generator." This, in normal English, is laser-y grenade launcher. The right arm shoots three-round-bursts of nti-vehicle lasers, which have slight homing capabilities.

    Mark: On the area on his chest where his heart is, a human skull viewed side-on is emblazoned in forest green.
  2. I'll post my CS soon, but I don't know about how active I'll be since I'm loaded with RPs.
  3. That's cool, take your time. I'd prefer you make it good quality and not rushed, rather than rushed with lessed quality.
  4. Alright, sorry for the delay! I might be a little slow since I'm flooded with RPs. But I will post as much as I can!

    Name: Amyst Werren(Real name)/Lethan Bemot(Disguise name)


    Female, but pretends to be male for certain reasons.


    Serious on missions and rarely disobeys orders. Straight-forward, no nonesense. Will not hesitate to use deadly force when in dangerous situations. On missions she does her best to ignore her emotions as she believes they can interfere with the mission. When not on missions, she has a more relaxed personality with a sharp tongue and sarcastic humor.

    Focused-area beams and a small gun.

    M.A.G.M.A Armour: http://browse.deviantart.com/?qh=&section=&q=Armor#/d1yxzl4
    (No wings and smaller on the chest. Y'know, so nobody knows she's a not a dude)

    M.A.G.M.A Weapon Loadout:
    Explosive weapon, melee weapon, and a laser beam.

    Mark: Mark is a picture of a pair of wings. One is a devil wing while the other is an angel wing. It is located on her shoulder.

    Hope it's good! By the way Rouge, it's up to you if your character know's her true gender or not. He could be the only person that knows, or he could not know and find out later. Whatever floats your boat.
    *Will tweak later, don't have enough time to do so right now. I just provided the basics.*
  5. I have to inform you of the fact that the link to your character picture only leads to a blank image. You're welcome to finish whenever.
  6. Ah, okay. My mistake. I didn't copy the picture onto the message cause it's gigantic. I'm going to change it to something more smaller.

    Here's the new picture:

    It's still pretty big though.
  7. Name:Mario Toras
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Anime guys with black hair 1.jpg
    Personality:Smart and observent tends to lose his cool when the tension rises and may hesitate to use deadly force, very adaptive and can think outside the box
    Weapon: gun_660.jpg standart laser blaster
    M.A.G.M.A Armour: Power_Armor_for_Serious_Sports_by_Mecha_Master.jpg
    M.A.G.M.A Weapon Loadout: focussed-area beam and a laser rifle
    Mark: Location, and what it looks like.

    hope it doesnt look too bad
  8. The form is incomplete, and if you read it through, pilots must be above the age of 16. As it is, I cannot accept it.
  9. I'd love to be able to join; I hope this form is sufficient!

    Name: Laurea Vespertiline - Known as 'Grum' to most.
    Age: 22
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Silky hip-skimming hair the colour of raven's wings is one of Laurea's most prominant features, as are her large brown eyes, appearing almost black in dim light.
    Laurea may be small in stature, with wiry limbs (she is around 5"2), but she is athletic and stream-lined, thus making her a flexible and rapid asset to any battle-field in terms of needing a quick-thinking opportunist to 'scout-ahead'.
    http://browse.deviantart.com/digitalart/?q=black hair#/d2ilmux

    Personality: Unashamedly misanthropic, Laurea is far from friendly and chipper around strangers; mostly due to issues with trust and cynicism. However, once gained, Laurea's respect and loyalty are unshakable, and although she may not show it, her affection is also as deeply rooted once established.
    Laurea enjoys discovery and knowledge, of which she will often share in conversation more than anything else, unfortunately giving her the habit of 'talking at people rather than to them'. Consequently, current experience has taught her to remain silent most of the time, and respond instead with mere glances.
    Weapon: An effective assault rifle with good accuracy but a tendancy to overheat.
    M.A.G.M.A Armour: http://browse.deviantart.com/?qh=&section=&q=kasumi+goto#/d3g3cdg
    Tailored to her skills, Laurea's armour is skin-tight, skimming her figure for maximum mobility and speed, whilst also being integrated with high-end hacking and bio/neuro-offensive technology. However, this does forfeit her defense and shield capabilities, and makes it hard to carry any truly heavy duty weaponry.

    M.A.G.M.A Weapon Loadout: A melee weapon, a laser, and an electronic device fixture to her left wrist that effectively acts as a hacking device as well as an advanced computor and scanner.
    Mark: Laurea's mark is of a dragon, its tail curled and wings unfurling mid-flight. It is of a dark black and is printed across the armour covering her right outer thigh.
  10. Just a question before i post any character sheet etc etc. Do you want knowledge of what country/alliance we work for or are we all going to be a part of the rebellion? Either way i will start up a character sheet because this rp seems like a lot of fun.
  11. Name: Lawrence Craft - A.K.A. Immobilizer
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Character (open)

    Personality: Straightforward, Serious, Slightly perverse.
    Weapon: Customized Laser Assault Rifle with higher piercing (albeit unable to pierce most suits) but with a higher overheating rate. Also has a Plasma Chain Sword so that he can cut through walls and other objects.
    Chain Sword (open)

    M.A.G.M.A Armour: The mech suit is light but efficient allowing it a slightly higher rate of movement for only a slight loss in armor. It has a small device on both of its arms which emit a shield made of plasma energy which is able to block a few shots before shutting down and needing to recharge, although it can block the beams it does not absorb all of its damage which makes it highly unreliable against powerful weapons and especially melee types. The stealth module on his suit is more advanced allowing him to stay cloaked for approximately 1.5 x the length of most suits allowing him to gain his sniping position although his does not give full cloaking and only melds his suit to the surroundings rather than bend light completely much like a chameleons skin.
    Mech Suit (open)

    M.A.G.M.A Weapon Loadout: One Plasma Sniper and a Plasma Blade
    Mark: The mark is a Chameleon camouflaged on the right thigh.
  12. Both accepted. And to answer your question, Laharl, we are all in the rebellion. You'll see why soon enough.
  13. Nice to see you all! I look forward to RPing with the both of you.

    By the way to the people who just joined, it's up to you if you now Amyst's real gender or not. If you do, I request you don't reveal it to people who don't. Thank you and good RPing!
  14. I'll play that i do know and hit on her causing people to question my sexuality. For shits n giggles of course. If its alright with you that is XD

    Also that sounds plenty fine. I can't wait to start the rp.
  15. http://www.iwakuroleplay.com/showthread.php?t=7794
    It's been up for w hile, it's just that nobody really noticed it until recently. Anyway, as the old saying goes, "Too many cooks spoil the broth." It's haard to keep track of things with too many people, so I'll put a cap in place.
    Let the games begin.
  16. Don't worry LaharlSama, I'm cool with that. It would make some things pretty funny between them, haha :P

    Alright then, let's do this. YEEAAAHHH
  17. Thanks for accepting me Steve (Hope you don't mind me calling you that) :D... I'm looking forward to this ;).

    And is it okay Brandi, if Laurea doesn't know for sure, but has her suspicions regarding Amyst's gender? :)
  18. Yeah, that is perfectly fine. :)
  19. Um hello... I'm pretty new here -points to newbie image- but i was wondering if i could join... But my character is a little off so. Is it alright if I ask first then post my character? She's not a complete "mech" and the character i have set up is a "lab specimen". My idea was that she was made by the group we are supposed to rebel against and so she joined the side to help even though she is not human/nor bearing a full mech suit. I have a picture of her if it helps at all (my character would not have the human arms... or well if it's better if she does that's fine.)
    [​IMG] Please let me know if this is ok. If not that is fine too! and sorry to waste your time ^^.
  20. I'm terribly sorry, but if you take a look over at the in-context thred, I've closed applications. However, in the event of someone leaving for whatever reason, I'll give you priority to replce them, if you wish at the time.