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  1. Hey, everyone. I've got a few ideas that I'd like to run by you. If anyone would like to do any of these topics, we can arrange for some threads. Either PM or comment, which will probably lead to PM's anyway, and we'll figure something out.

    #1. Kingdoms on the Brink
    The kingdom of Haven is in chaos. The king has taken ill, and shows no signs of surviving his strange sickness. The kingdom begins scrambling to ready the prince whom is next in line for his upcoming role, while his brother works in the shadows to try and usurp this right. Worse still, because of the weakened state of the king, the neighboring kingdom of Dominara is scheming to launch an assault on the distracted people of Haven, and bring a bloody end to a centuries old conflict. The prince, a young man named William must face the harsh realities of the world and become the king the country needs him to be, while simultaneously coming to terms with place in the world. A young woman, heiress to a noble family in Haven is arranged to be his bride when he becomes king, adding another stress to his life.


    I know it isn't a very well thought out plot at this point. But, it is an idea, basic as it is. This would either be a one x one or a group roleplay. The prince would be played by me, and his bride-to-be, played by one of you. In a group, the brother, whom is the manipulative and downright cruel type, would be played by someone else, as well as the queen of Dominara.

    #2. The Last of Us
    The world has been reduced to a shadow of its former self. Three years ago a virus mutated and wiped out a massive percentage of the population. Very few people are alive, and many of those who aren't are now hideous abominations who attack those who aren't infected in an attempt to spread the infection. This occurs through spores in the air, dense clouds of infection in some areas, or contact with infected creatures. A small group of survivors are now on the move, traveling from the south eastern united states to Washington D.C. where a safe haven has supposedly been established. The group must survive encounters with infected, bandits, disease, starvation, thirst, as well as all the turmoil that comes with surviving with other people. Tensions run hot between the survivors everywhere, and this small group will be no exception.


    One x One, both being survivors, or a group of survivors. I would prefer a group because it allows for more interaction and tension between people, which also allows for relationships, conflicts, and all sorts of crazy antics.

    #3. Of Monsters and Words
    A high school student labeled as a bookwork type discovers a strange leather-bound book in the school's library. The book was titled "Of Monsters and Words." This strange tome proved to be the key to the student's wildest dreams. As they read the book about a strange world of monsters and magic, heroes and warlords and more, a rift opened within the pages of the book, and ripped the student from their reality, hurtling them into the world of the book. The student awoke in a new land, where many adventures await them.


    One x One, or a group. I am looking for at least one person, and am willing to play either the student or a character within the world. Since its a fantasy world, your character/s can be just about anything mythological species you would like. The main premise is to follow the student's adventures in the world, the people he meets, the obstacles he surpasses, and so on. Feel free to comment or pm with any specifics.

    #4. Simply, One Hell of a Butler
    Many servants and butlers of the 19th century did very well to serve their masters, some seemed to be able to anticipate everything their master needed or wanted. None of them, however, compared to Sebastian Michaelis. Sebastian is, in truth, a demon. As such, he forms contracts with humans, often performing deeds for them, aiding them in some goal, or serving them until a specified point. These contracts are bound strictly, and even as a demon, Sebastian never goes against a contract. Upon completing the contract, the human pays with their soul, allowing Sebastian to devour it. His latest contract was formed with a young lord/lady who is the heir to a very wealthy estate. Whatever the goal, Sebastian will not let anything stand between him and his master/mistress, and will never rest until that goal is attained.


    One x One or a Group is fine with me. Personally, I am a huge fan of the series this is (tightly) based on. I will be playing Sebastian, and you lovely people can play the master or his other servants, if you so choose.

    #5. Beasts Within
    The year is 1888, a young man just moved to London, a city with a shadowy past. The man himself has a dark past, most of which is shrouded from even himself. While he is aware of who he is, he doesn't understand WHAT he is. He seems to age slower than others, he is stronger, faster, and has much better senses. Some nights, he blacks out and can't remember anything. Other nights, he develops strange cravings that he can't explain. More than anything, he simply wants to find a place to fit in, having been forced to flee from town to town throughout his life, he is an outcast looking for a home, and of course, answers. After somewhat settling into town, he begins working and going to college, as he always does. During this, he makes a few friends, any of which could easily become something more. After all, no one loves harder than he does.


    One X One or a Group (like all of my topics, actually). It can easily be changed a bit if you would like. This is designed to be less about romance and more about the character. In truth, this is something of an idea i've been tossing around my skull about a story that I may eventually start writing. As for what exactly he is, I like to keep that hidden, to play around with the lore and concept of the character. I may give more reason for his later, you'll just have to see. ^_^

    If you guys and gals have any other ideas, feel free to let me know, and we will figure things out. I hope to rp with you all soon. ^_^
  2. Hi, I'm Chai. c: I'm really interested in your third idea there, Of Monsters and Words. Are you still looking for a partner for that one?
  3. Of course. If you'd like, feel free to PM me and we can discuss specifics. ^_^
  4. Most of the ideas seem pretty well thought out, but i think we'll, if you'll have me, need to wait for a few more people.
  5. I get a lot of ideas, but, its mostly a matter of writing them down. Haha Are there any in particular your interesting in, Cahill?
  6. #2, #3 and #4 mostly. #2 being highest on the list.
  7. Ah, yes, the last of us. Nice. Oh, man, that reminds me. I had people interested in that one and forgot. Do you think I should make an OOC for that one specifically?
  8. Aye, aye