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  1. Welcome to my request thread, the second edition! Now with 60% more tables!

    I have below a list of various topics that I am interested in doing. Right now, the bottom entry is the one I am most interested in doing. I may make a list soon of the rp's that I'm involved in on another post, just to help keep track. Feel free to comment or PM if any of these catch your interest. ^_^

    More will be added. That's just how I roll. Feel free to comment or PM if you are interested.
    "The Big Bad Wolf"
    Once upon a time in New York City, there lived a community of fairy tale characters known as Fabletown. These characters are referred to as Fables. The Fables who live there arrived hundreds of years ago, after they exiled from their Homelands. Through the use of a magic spell called a "Glamour" they have protected their secret community from the mundane world. This spell causes the non-human Fables to appear to be human, otherwise they are sent to a rural community known only as the "Farm." The reformed "Big Bad Wolf", Bigby Wolf, is the sheriff of Fabletown and is responsible for hiding the community from the wider world and enforcing its laws.

    When a fable is found murdered, it is up to Bigby and anyone able to help him to solve it, only to discover there is something far more sinister than a single murder around the corner.
    One X One
    Group (2-4)
    "Simply, One Hell of a Butler"
    Many servants and butlers of the 19th century did very well to serve their masters, some seemed to be able to anticipate everything their master needed or wanted. None of them, however, compared to Sebastian Michaelis. Sebastian is, in truth, a demon. As such, he forms contracts with humans, often performing deeds for them, aiding them in some goal, or serving them until a specified point. These contracts are bound strictly, and even as a demon, Sebastian never goes against a contract. Upon completing the contract, the human pays with their soul, allowing Sebastian to devour it. His latest contract was formed with a young lord/lady who is the heir to a very wealthy estate. Whatever the goal, Sebastian will not let anything stand between him and his master/mistress, and will never rest until that goal is attained.
    One X One Supernatural
    "The Crimson Nova"Sci-Fi RP
    In the future, humanity has expanded out into the universe in search of new life, and of course, new planets to inhabit. It didn't take long for the young species to discover an alien species. The two species quickly bonded, becoming allies. In return for being aided in their explorations of outer space, humans traded medicinal technology and drugs.

    The two cultures came together in a singular explosion of ideas, a large space station being built to house both species, while also serving as a sort of shared embassy. The station was named the "Crimson Nova", after a Luminous Red Nova, a stellar explosion created from the merger of two stars.

    One X One
    Group (2-6)
    "Usurpers of Heaven"
    In a world where magic and monsters are commonplace, the world has never been in greater peril. Creatures known as "DarkSpawn" have been appearing in greater numbers, attacking villages and travelers alike. These creatures indicate the coming of a catastrophic event known as the "Blight". The Blight was an all out assault on the world by the darkspawn led by a massive dragon referred to as the Archdemon. The Archdemon is believed to be a corrupted god of old, a being with great power that controls the massive hordes of darkspawn.

    In the midst of this event, a group of warriors have taken up the task of slaying the Archdemon, thus, stopping the Blight. These warriors were fighting a losing battle with the darkspawn, when a lone grey warden who had been separated from his allies found himself in the wilds. He eventually happened upon a village that took him in and took care of him. Unfortunately, it wouldn't be long before the Blight reached this village too, and it would be up to him and any allies he could find to protect the village.
    One X One
    Group (2-4)
    "Made to Be Broken"
    A former special ops operative found himself in an unusual line of work. He used his skills to transport objects and people to wherever they needed to go. No questions asked. This line of work lead to a great deal of danger, difficulties, excitement, and of course, money. He believed firmly in maintaining professionalism, and so, he followed specific rules in his work. Unfortunately, he was about to encounter an unorthodox job that would test his determination to maintain his neutrality, and question his rules. After all, rules are made to be broken.
    One X One Action
    "Yin and Yang"It has been more than two hundred years since Aang, the last of the Air Benders fulfilled his destiny as the avatar. The world has enjoyed an uneasy peace for the better part of two centuries, but all good things must come to an end. Recent rumors have begun appearing all throughout the world that a new avatar has appeared after more than a hundred and thirty years. However, unlike the avatars of the past, this one is believed to be bringing about the ending of days.

    Rumors say that the new avatar has been leading the Earth Kingdom on a campaign to eliminate the other nations, starting with the fire nation for it's transgressions of the past. The Fire Nation is now in ruins, much of it having been destroyed or taken over by the Earth Kingdom. Unlike times past, another avatar rises at the same time, and the two are destined to do battle to decide the fate of the world.
    One X One
    Group (2-4)
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  2. Added another entry!
  3. Initially I wrote about liking the Butler one but I saw you were already doing it so I deleted my message forgetting to write back my interest in the others. They are all good to be honest. I have to ask, are you still looking or no?
  4. I certainly am. ^_^ I've decide to start taking requests again. Do you have any particular ones in mind?

    Oh yeah, sorry about that. He had first dibs on that one. Haha
  5. No, no, that's okay. The ones available are all so good, the stories have the potential to be something great. If I had to choose...I'm interested in Made to be Broken.
  6. Ah, nice. Would you like tp discuss specifics in PM's?
  7. That would be good.
  8. Please see this thread: Yin and Yang I am trying to get a couple more people or so. I never thought it'd be hard to find players for an avatar rp.

    Then again, maybe I should shorten the character list.
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