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  1. So it's been awhile since I was on here last and I have a new RP in mind.
    This RP can either be group or one on one or both depending on ideas and interests.


    In the heart of La Crosse, Wisconsin there is a lycan bike Gang. This town was very popular because it sort of had a feel of an 80's 90's land where leather and major drugs and such. A gang that hangs around the usual shitty neighbor hood are a pack of wolves. The only reason why they haven't been caught is due to the fact drugs were so popular and the claimed sightings of wolves were blamed on hallutionations. Vivian (my character), a sort of higher class female with parents who breath down her neck to be perfect [despite she is at an age where she doesnt need to listen to them anymore]. The more she rebels, she sort of mixes herself into the gang via school, or a meeting at a party or something. And she sees the sort of wild and carefree life that they have and she finally gets to relax. During this she meets the gang leader or the alpha that sort of takes her under his wing and she gains respect quickly for her knowledge[since they don’t listen too much in school] and her ability to provide them money. somehow she goes too far wioth the gang and suffers an extreme injury that would lead her dead, however, Vincent quickly turns her before her death. throughout the rp she gets to learn her skills and what she can do as a wolf and becomes a force to be reckoned with. Vincent’s younger brother, Lucian who goes to the same school keeps an eye on her for Vincent has always seen her after school when he would go to get his brother. Vincent’s best friend Lerik sees the interest he has Vivian and tries to come between them and that he would scheme to become the new pack leader. Over time, they tend to attract more enemies and conflicts start to emerge internally and externally of the pack. Gang wars soon to start as well and more and more jealous girls try to get in so they can be at Vincent’s side. Throughout all of this, the current leader, Cornelius is stepping down from the position of alpha, since he has been suffering from cancer and his mate Celia had recently passed due to drug overdoes. Cornelius knew that he was dying and it was best to have someone takeover before it was too late. And Vincent (this character is up for grabs) is nominated to be the next alpha.



    Vivian enters the club where the others were gathered for a meeting. As she walked in she took off her helmet and sunglasses so the other males could drool over her. Every male in the pack wanted her but she always played hard to get. As she sat down she sat her immediately on Vincent. She always had a crush for him and he was nominated to be the next alpha and her eyes were set on being by his side. "So what's the emergency?" She asked as she sat down and placed her feet on the table to show she wasn't here for games.
    Vincent is seated at a table in a dark corner of the bar, smoking a cigar and playing cards with some regular faces.. When he sees Vivian walk in and set down, his eyes are locked on her as though the card game was only intended to pass the time as he awaited her arrival. He drops his hand on the table, stands up, holsters his pistol as it was set on the table and walks over toward her .. He picks up a bottle of jameson and pours it into a glass that the bartender had just set down on the bar top in response to her entry. Leaning against the bar, he motions for Vivian and tells her, "Come over here."
    Smiling as he called her over, she stood and walked over to him. As she made her way over to him, she could feel the other males stare at her. She was wearing her usual leather pants, combat boots, leather vest and a black tank top, which allowed her tattoos to show. Her eyes were like emeralds and had long blonde hair that went past her shoulders and swayed seductively as she walked by"Yes, Vincent." She spoke softly so the others could not hear them. Smiling, she took a sip of his drink and gave it back to him.

    Vincent turns toward Vivian, raises his eyes at her as she is standing in front of him now. He smiles at her through his long draping hair and asks her, "Where have you been?"

    She raised her eyebrow quizically at him. "What do you mean? I was at home still asleep. My phone was on charge when I got your messages and my alarm didn't go off. I came as soon as I could. Forgive me?"
    He shoots his drink and places it on the table and then says to her, "I have something to show you. Come take a ride with me..."

    She knew she was probably in trouble and followed him. "Alright. Vince." She was the only one who could called him that. She kept her head low as she followed him so the others couldn't figure out what was going on. After all she was the only respected female thus far. So Vivian begins making her way out of the bar, led by Vincent. As they are walking through the entrance area, three unidentified men are entering. These were unfamiliar faces that had happened in and had taken quick notice of Vivian's beauty and the alluring curves of her body. One of the strangers makes a drunken, obscene comment toward her in passing..

    She heard his comment and turned around to face him and almost slapped him, but didn't. Making it obvious that she stood her ground. "I am not your little toy to fuck. If you want a fight let's take it outside." He smirked and attempted to pin her against the wall as he tried to grope her....

    Vivian grunts out loud and as Vincent turns around in response to face her, she thinks to herself about how important strength and self reliance are to Vincent. She considers further that this man that is grabbing her is far weaker than what she has witnessed between Vincent and their crew. The man slides his hand against the inside of her thigh and she can smell booze and shit on his breath. What does she do? ; )

    Vivian moved his hand away as if she was going to break it. At the same time she made eye contact with Vincent. She kept her ground as if the man was going to do something again. "State your business here or I break you hand."
    As Vincent turned around, the second man lunged forward and reached for him. Vincent pulled a blade from his sleeve and slashed through the man, slicing off two of his fingertips and 3/4 of his first two fingers. The third man reaches for his gun and Vincent kicks the man's nuts up into his mouth. Then as the man folds over, Vincent moves toward Vivian and sticks the same blade into the right side of the man's neck. Vincent draws his gun and cocks it to the back of the third man's neck...

    "I was trying to defend myself. God dammit Vincent. Gotta ruin my fun everytime" She growled as she stormed out the club and moved past him staring at the bodies. But as she did she signaled Lucian to clean up the mess. Lighting a cigaretted she leaned against the building waiting for Vincent to lecture her.

    The man raises his hands in the air and begins to frantically explain his choice of actions, attempting to talk his way out of an otherwise less than advantageous situation... As Vivian walks out the front door, Vincent shrugs and without saying a word pulls the trigger ejecting the first man's brains across the wall like smeared paint. The last living assailant is screaming and bleeding all over the floor in the entrance way. After watching how his companions were dealt with, he bolts for the door.. He makes a brief eye contact with Vivian as he passes her by in a hurry.. Police sirens can be heard in the distance.

    Vincent quickly holsters his gun and draws the blade from the dead man;s neck on his way out of the bar. He steps outside, grabs Vivian and says, "It's time to go." She kept her gaze lowered as he passed by her. Once she heard the police sirens "Dammit Vincent. Once again cops! Fuck. And your are next in line for the pack and this is what happens Like I said I could have handled it, without blood on our hands. What will Lerik say about this." Lerik is the current pack leader and he has been dealing with health issues recently and he knew his time was coming. Vincent grabs the handle bars, steps over his bike and ignites the engine. He looks directly at Vivian and motions his head for her to come. Frustrated at the events she complied and jumped on the bike. Luckily she had a second helmet attached to his bike. She was one for safety ever since her first accident when she first joined the gang. She wrapped her arms around him as they drove off..

    Note: Having a hard time finding images for Cornelious, Lerik and Lucian.
  2. This probably goes somewhere in the partner request forums.

    Probably fantasy if the biker's are looking like that.
  3. Are you suggesting I post it there? I just wanted to see the interests first. Before I tried anything else.
    I appreciate the input and do you think I should change the images?
  4. Well if you're looking to make it a 1x1 which it seems that's what this sort of story seems fit for, then yes, partner requests would be the destination.

    That was a joke. Have lived around bikers for most of my life and have never met one that looked like a native american Fabio.

    It's personal choice and your roleplay, so no, you're images are fine.
  5. Alright. Haha fair enough... still appreciate the feedback
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