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  1. So since I joined Iwaku (Only like a few days ago), I have just been looking around different threads and such. Ya know, lurking. I went on the chat box and had an.. I suppose you can say interesting time. The site sure has a lot of unique people, so I guess I should start trying to make friends.
  2. Does "interesting time" mean "YAY This is a lot of fun!" oooooorr "OMG HELP I NEED AN ADULT?" O____O

    But hurray for making friends anyway. 8D I'm Diana!
  3. I'm Vay.

    Drop by the cbox anytime or brows around the general section....

    And avoid the asylum... no friends to be had there...


    I visit cbox when I can, more often during the school year.
    -head nod.-
  5. I lurked for a long time >.< Allowed me to get a handle of everything.
    Cbox can be... intimidating/interesting/I dunno.. if you're new BUT keep coming ^.^
  6. Cbox....the place where random, uncensored discussions are born.....

    Otherwise known as an awesome distraction from life! ^^ My name is Mitten! :D I usually am in the Cbox pretty often so if you ever see me there, stop by to say hello! :D I hope you love Iwaku as much as everyone else here!
  7. Lurking can be good. I like to lurk in new places and find out how everything works before I do things in new places.
    Sometimes, even in person...

    But meeting people is also good and just about everything is made better by knowing that you have a friendly face somewhere!
  8. Diana is TECHNICALLY an adult, so if you really do need one, latch on to her... and don't let her hurt you.

    We're awesome, yes. :D
  9. It was interesting as in random chaotic fun. I'm trying to go on there more often when my schedule lets me. But it is nice to meet you all. I'll keep in mind with suggestions ^^
    -wonders what Tempestuous Fae Elyd meant by hurt-
  10. *Cough Cough...* I lurk in real life...I kind of like to keep my lurking out of the internets because I don't like being the socially awkward penguin in the conversation, even though I am SAP reincarnate...NICE TO MEET YOU!!! I AM LARERANI!!! =^__^=
  11. Hey it is nice to meet you Larerani. I wouldn't want to be an awkward penguin either. I just usually try to directly approach people. But change is good!
  12. Lol, you know, I was looking at your name, and it sounded really familiar, then I realized that I had a character named Kinji, not Kenji, however, but it just made me laugh ^^
  13. Making friends on Iwaku is easy, because everyone here is pretty much awesome and brings something new to the table.

    And as for the Cbox..

    It's my home away from home..
    Or when I'm not on the seas..
  14. Just be careful around Juku, especially when he has his anchor. REMEMBER! NEVER TOUCH THE ANCHOR!
  15. Just stay away from Juku period. -whispers- He thinks he's a sailor.. -signals crazy and tiptoes away-


    Diana won't really hurt you, just yell at you and maim you and lock you in her basement with sixty-seven cats - all punishments for different things, of course.
  16. Lol I'm glad I gave you some indirect humor Larerani.
    Juku is a sailor? Aren't they all jolly and singing songs about the sea and stuff?
    And tying knots, I can't forget about the knots.

    Sixty Seven cats.. I like cats but not when there is a punishment for each of them Dx
  17. I'm a pirate actually.
  18. Lurking is a way of life and I wear the title with pride.
  19. Oh a pirate! They sing too right?

    How do I be cool like you? D:
  20. I lurked for a while. I remember for the first couple months I never went into the cbox.