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  1. So I have a plot I would really like to do and require a fantastic person to do it with me. I will post the plot further down, but first I should really let you lovely folks know what I am looking for and what you can expect from me as a partner.

    -- I will also post other plots I would like to do, but don't be afraid to propose your own if none of them appeal to you!---

    What you can expect:

    - A nice post once a day or every second day (however, I am in school (although not at the moment because of the holidays) but when I go back, those posting habits may change. So please do not be alarmed if a post comes every third day or something like that. I haven't forgotten, and I will still send you a quick message to keep in contact.)

    - Posts ranging from 3-6 paragraphs. Sometimes more if I am truly inspired to write.

    - Good grammar and punctuation.

    - Help in moving the plot forward as well as discussion of any important story twists.

    -A timely message to let you know if I am going to be much longer than expected when it comes to making a reply.

    - I will be playing a lady character for this particular story, so I do apologize if you were hoping to play one. I will be posting a second plot (after this) that can easily be female x male or female x female (please be aware that female x female is a very new genre to me, as I've done it all of once. Patience would be much appreciated ^_^ )

    What I am looking for:

    -A fantastic person with a fantastic attitude. (I don't mean happy go lucky, I just mean a relatively laid back and easy going lad or lass ready to have some fun).

    -Posts of good quality, as that is more important. I would love at least two paragraphs, but will settle for you giving me enough detail and substance to also give you a nice reply.

    - Good grammar and punctuation.

    - Posts at least once a week, or more if there is time (I myself will aim for at least two or three a week). However, Since I will become busy at certain points I can't be a stickler on posting frequency unless I want to be a hypocrite. So, I only ask that you keep in contact, even if you can't post, whenever you can. A nice message letting me know you'll be a little longer than usual would also be nice, if something comes up.

    - For most of the plots I would like my partner to play a male character, unless it's stated otherwise (some of them are female X female or there are ones you might be able to persuade me to do female X female. It's something I've also been wanting to try ^_^). As this is mature, in terms of balance I would prefer 50/50 plot-smut or 60/40. There aren't many things that are a no-go when it comes to kinks and such. Best thing is to just ask and I'll do the same. If I'm uncomfortable with doing something I'll let you know and I hope you'll do the same.

    Pairings that could be used with below plots or to plan new ones: (Bolded are the roles I would prefer)

    Human x Demon
    Angel x Demon
    x Vampire
    Elf x Human
    Gifted Human x Human
    Thief x Princess
    x King
    Demi-God x God
    Demi-God x Human
    God x Human
    Gifted Human
    x Vampire
    Hybrid Human x Hybrid Human

    Dancing and Thieving - CRAVING (open)

    Male X Female
    Long ago: A needless war began many years ago because the former King had wanted to rid the land of the gypsies, witches, wizards, and other soothsayers and magic users. His reasons for doing so have long since been forgotten, but people have never stopped wondering. Some say his advances were spurned by a woman who was a user of magic, some say it was because a gypsy told him his fortune and it was far from the favourable future he wanted. Either way he led a campaign across his lands, tearing villages apart since Gypsies especially, traveled from place to place.

    The kings knights tore children from the arms of their screaming parents before killing them. They, on the other hand weren't as lucky. They were tossed into a cage and carted off to the castle's dungeon. Many children were, for what reason they didn't know but it became apparent when they were forced to do his bidding, and the bidding of his knights. For the young boys as they grew it wasn't nearly as bad but as the young girls grew and matured it became worse. He also tried to beat their history out of them, to make them forget that they had magical abilities that could help. A small group of children never did forget and when they had the chance, they used them to escape. People in their land still talk about that night, the night a group of six teens managed to escape and leave several dead knights in their wake. After that the group never returned there, they became thieves, learned to fight, and honed any magical abilities they had. To infiltrate the homes of nobles in other lands the young girls and boys learned to dance and perform acrobatically as a means to distract those watching.

    Now: A thief and dancer is currently in another kingdom different from the one she grew up in and only four days ride from her home land. The newly crowned king is far from the monstrous man that still rules her own lands yet his kingdom has close trade relations with the man. They are celebrating the coronation of the new king and she and two other women she escaped her homeland with have been hired as one of the groups set to entertain all those in attendance.

    They are of course there for other reasons, mainly to steal the jewels that would be given to whomever the king took as his queen. She is the one who is supposed to take them, and after their performance and the end of the festivities she returns and attempts to do just that but is caught red handed by the King himself. For the first time in the last twelve years she is fearful of what a royal might do with her or whether she would be able to kill him and get away before the knights killed her. Though she doesn't get the chance, someone else tries to kill the King themselves. The person's face is covered and after their attempt, which she thwarts for no reason in particular, they leave. She attempts to leave too but is stopped by the Kings knights, forced to choose a life in the dungeons or help a royal unravel a conspiracy that he didn't even know was afoot until now.

    The Demi-God Child- CRAVING (open)

    Male X Female (might be persuaded to do Female x Female as well)
    For thousands of years war has been waged between the demons, who would rule the human world, and that Gods who would die rather than see that happen. The fighting was largely unseen by human eyes, but there came a time where human souls were used to get ahead. Lives were lost, blood was shed and the Gods used every last ounce of their power to seal the Demons away. They raised a veil between the demon world of Tardaris and the human world, Earth. No demon could pass through.

    Well, until the veil began to weaken. The Gods are not as powerful as they once were, the belief that gave them power, belief from humans, as long since dwindled. They now must reaffirm the beliefs of billions of souls or find just one soul with the power to help them send the demons back.

    Now that the veil has weakened, demons have wandered out onto the earthly plane once more. They have begun initiating their plans to take over the human world, destroy the Gods, and make any survivors their slaves. Their plans would go off without much problem, if it weren’t for a particularly nosy young journalist.

    Having overheard much of a plan to attack the Gods directly, and not believing her eyes, since she can see their true forms for one reason or another, she doesn't know why and she doesn't care. She runs like a scared little girl. The biggest story of her life has landed in her lap and she has no idea how to make it not sound crazy or how to outrun the demons that come after her. She is brutally attacked and left for dead, having been tossed in the ocean.

    She survives, and is found by a God, masquerading as a human police officer. She has no memory of who she is or what she heard, but there is something strange about her and the God can’t place his finger on it. He does know that she might be the one to help them, if she can ever remember who she is.

    A Twist on A Classic - TAKEN (open)

    Male X Female
    Basically, a young woman is hiking in the woods one day, when a terrible storm seems to come out of nowhere. In her attempt to get back to the trail head and her car she gets lost. She realizes there is something different about this storm, but she can't put her finger on it. What she doesn't know is that it was born of magic, from the same witch who cursed a prince hundreds of years before. Not only did she curse the man himself, but the castle in which he lived and the village far below the mountain on which the stone structure sits. Time stood still for the prince and the village occupants, never aging a day and completely unaware of time passing outside the barrier the witch erected.

    Unlike the story, where the prince is able to lift the curse put on him when he finds a woman to love him despite how he looks, in this story I was thinking the witch would try everything possible to keep that from happening. She had been a lover of the prince, but was pushed away when he discovered how truly wicked she really was. The storm was her way of keeping the young woman from wandering across the barrier and onto the castle grounds, which are invisible to all unless they cross the barrier itself. Unfortunately, the young woman stumbles across anyways and unknowingly becomes trapped in the year 1702. She is chased by wolves at which point the Beast stumbles across her and takes her back to his castle.

    Will the prince be able to get her to love him, despite his abrasiveness, controlling behaviour, and terrible attitude and thus break the curse? Or will the witch destroy any chance he has at that?

    Secondary twist (just because I like them so much): By day he looks like a man, but with some sort of disfiguring mark (I'll leave that detail up to whoever is interested in playing the prince), by night he is the Beast. Alterations to the plot can be made so that it fits both our tastes.

    The Royal Spy (open)

    Male X Female / Female X Female
    A thief has come to a kingdom (which we can name later) in search of a very valuable object. A jewel in fact, one of the rarest and largest in all the kingdoms. It once belonged to the Queen of the land she is in before the woman passed on due to a feverish sickness that swept the land many years before. Now it resides in the castle, hidden.

    On the evening that they arrive at the castle, there is a celebration going on. It is the Princesses birthday but her father is also attempting to introduce her to prospective husbands from the other kingdoms, including ones that he wishes to form a stronger bond with. She of course wants nothing to do with it, opting to choose someone she loves and not for the sake of politics. She leaves the party to get some air and spots an open door, one which leads to the privet vault that holds their most valuable possessions.

    She goes down to the vault, interrupting the thief who hides. There is only one way in and one way out of the chamber and since the princess is blocking the doorway they can't leave. Eventually they reveal themselves and in exchange for her amnesty and keeping their attempted thievery secret from her father she offers the thief a job, thinking their skills might be of use to her. She suspects one of the other kingdoms, which borders her own, is plotting to overthrow her father. She has no proof and her father will not take her suspicions seriously. The thief is given the job of helping her find evidence to prove what she is trying to tell her father. Alterations to the plot are always allowed, if you would like to make any.

    The Elixir of Life (open)

    Male X Female
    A wealthy businessman has decided to throw a masquerade ball, to celebrate recent successes as well as benefit local charities. Donations are collected at the door and guests are ushered inside to enjoy a classy evening full of music and fun. The guests have no idea that their host for the evening is more than he appears, but one guest suspects he might just be a creature of the night. A vampire .
    She has no proof, only the pain and anger over the death of her parents ten year prior. Her family also harbours a secret, one she must keep from others, especially the vampires. She comes from a family of mages charged with protecting an elixir, that if reproduced in a large enough quantity, it would give the vampires the edge they need to rule both night and day.
    She is unaware that the businessman is looking for the elixir for reasons known only to him. He has no idea she is the mage keeping it from him and neither realize just how badly others, human and vampire, want it. They are even willing to kill for it.

    To Rule a Race (open)

    Male X Female (Might be convinced to do female X female) Alterations welcomed.
    Thousands of years ago, when Gods and Demons were worshiped there was balance in the world. The Gods blessed those that paid them tribute and Demons left those alone that sacrificed blood for their leniency. It was harmonious, that is until the simple minded humans progressed in thought. Turning instead to science and away from religion and belief in the divine and the evils that lurked in the dark.

    Gods and Demons alike were not happy with this, their efforts to force the humans to believe again--death, famine, floods, and fires-- were in vain. Their minds believed in only what they could see and prove. Now in the present day all signs of worshiping the divine and evil beings of the past have been removed, forgotten, replaced by high rises, cars, and hundreds of electronics.

    There are rumblings though, in the Underworld, where the Demons have had enough. The King of hell has instructed all demons to kidnap or kill one human, to put fear in their hearts and make them believe once more. The son of the Devil himself has also been charged with the very same task, but the question becomes; will he kidnap his victim or kill them? Will the Gods allow this to happen or will they interfere with the King of hell's plans? Will the Prince of Hell’s captive or potential victim get him to question his path? Have a change of heart, so to speak? Who will rule the hearts and minds of man once more, God or Demon?

    On The Brink of War (open)

    In the land Feldon the people have flourished. The elves live in harmony with the humans, though they do not always agree with some of their practices. The eleven lands boarder Hyedia , in the eastern forests and the northern mountains. In the south is a desert where those exiled, human or elf, are sent. Only the most ruthless and traitorous individuals inhabit this often unbearable landscape. In the west there is another forest but is often called the “Dead Wood”, because it is home to some of the most dangerous creatures in the lands. Those who enter it don’t usually return to their families and friends.
    But this story does not begin in the Dead Wood or in the Elven lands. It begins in Hyedia, during the celebrations of the Kings 35 years of reign. It was also to be the time that he would name his eldest son, successor to the throne upon his death. Little did he and his sons know, that time had arrived far too quickly to have ever prevented it. As he stood in the town square, an arrow shot from high above pierced his unprotected chest, killing him instantly.
    The crowd fell silent, every citizen to shocked to speak. The square was so quiet they could hear the howls of the giant wolves in the Dead Wood. It wasn’t until a young girl screamed that chaos ensued. The sons clamored for their father’s body, the Knights rushed to hold back the distraught people of Hyedia. No one saw who had fired the arrow, but everyone was quick to point the finger at this person and that person. The eldest son dispatched the knights to the desert, almost certain one of the exiled had killed his father, but the guards standing outside this walled in land assured him that no one had left the desert.
    So the blame fell to the elves. The people they had lived peacefully with for hundreds of years were now the most hated and most vigorously hunted in all of Feldon. The arrow had the markings of the most prominent Elven royal family. That was their evidence, and the eldest son could not be swayed from his quest to wipe them out.
    Now Feldon is in turmoil, war has broken out not only between the humans and the elves, but amongst the elves themselves. Who shot that arrow and killed the King? Did the elves plan this? Do they want to rule over the humans? Only time will tell.

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