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  1. >
    > Full Name
    Victoria Ophelia Rose Sempers (Maiden name is Dumitru)
    > Nickname/s
    > Age & Birthday
    25 May, 21
    > Gender & Sexuality
    Female Heterosexual
    > Additional Information

    > Personality
    + kind, well mannered, faithful, loving
    - too trusting, quiet, weak wiled
    > Likes
    her family
    going to town
    > Dislikes

    > Hobbies
    > Strengths
    > Weaknesses
    > Secrets
    > Fears
    > History
    > Health Ailments
    > Ethnic Background
    > Physical Description
    hair description
    eye color

    > Family
    Elizabeth Victoria Ophelia Dumitru
    Nicholas Richard
    > Pets
    Rogue a Pitbull Mastiff Hell Hound
    > Friends
    Elijah Senze
    Klaus Lyeria
    Laila Lyeria
    Lydia Hail
    > Enemies
    Rogue vampires
    > Significant Other Victoria well soon to be
  2. [​IMG]

    Name: Duma Vinna
    Alias: Angel of Fortune
    Age: 97
    race: angel/immortal
    Abilities: Necromancer, flight.
    When did her spark ignite?: during the battle with demon that was the source of her immortality and powers
    Job: Angel for the Orzhov guild

    Duma, like all her her angel sisters, was created by the Orzhov guild to serve and protect. But in the quest for immortality and strength they contracted her and her sister's with a demon to see if demons could really gift immortality and powers. It was true but at cost, not only were the sisters free willed, they also obeyed the demon without question.Meaning that the Orzhov were loosing their wealth to the demon's greed. So the Orzhov convinced the sisters to kill the Demon. They obeyed, and went after him. During the battle Duma hit the demon in fit a rage and sent herself and the demon into another realm. the travel kill the demon but she found herself intact. Furious she looked around at her new surroundings. She had found herself on Innistrad, and face to face with Necromancer Lililana. She taught Duma a few tricks before disappearing. It took the angel 5 attempts to get back to Ravnica. When she finally arrived home she as hailed as a saint among the Orzhov who, used her power to planewalk to get untold amounts of riches. She now resides in the lower levels of the Orzhov church. Practicing her Necromancy and traveling to various planes to "collect payments".

    Personality: Unlike normal energies her energy is not very calming. She has a cold demeanor and can seem standoffish at first. Obedient in her ways, she is not known to stray unless her curiosity is getting the best of her. Do not attempt to get her to obey orders, she will refuse unless you give her a valid reason to obey. She does not understand other beings, so she will hammer them with questions to understand them.
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