Lunar Spirits

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    Lunar Spirits is a semi-realistic wolf roleplay.
    There are some factors that you would never see real wolves do, but we use these things to make our characters as interesting as possible. It helps keep things interesting when roleplaying the day-to-day lives of our wolves.

    What makes us different than other wolf roleplays, you might ask.
    Well, I'm here to tell you just that.
    The first thing that makes us different is that our roleplay takes place on a real-time chat server called IRC (Internet relay chat).
    Some of you may balk at the idea of a roleplay on a chat server, but before you let it completely turn you away, allow me to share some of the benefits that I have learned such a place has over the years.
    First of all: You get faster response times; both in and out of character. You know for a fact when the people you want to roleplay with are online, and you don't have to worry about waiting several days for a response to something.
    Secondly: It makes out of character chatter more interesting/entertaining. Rather than having to wait several minutes for a response from the person you're chatting with (especially in those times when all you get is a one word response), you're looking at almost instantaneous responses. (Depending, of course, on how fast the person in question types.)
    3) You can talk to everyone publicly, or just one person through private messages, and instead of having to go to a new page to switch between roleplaying and chatting with someone privately, all you have to do is click the tab with that person's name on it.
    4) If you have to retreat from your computer for a moment, but you know you will be back shortly, you can simply place an away tag next to your name, rather than having to go to all your different threads and let people know that you will be delayed in responding.

    The above listed are just some of the benefits of real-time roleplaying. However, I cannot make the decision to give it a try for you.
    Oh, and that's the best part. You have time to try out our style of roleplaying, without being pressured to join, instead of having to join right away and then later realizing it's not for you, so you have to go and delete your entire account.

    Roleplay: -- If you wish to roleplay with us, click the chat now button, choose a name for your character (please make it a character name, and not a wolf name), and enter #LunarOOC in the channel box. From there a moderator (person with an @ next to their name) can direct you. We do have only a small number of members, so if the channel is empty, we apollogize in advance and ask that you stick around or come back at a later time.
    Thank you for taking interest in our roleplay!