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I, Slyen of the Liber Astartes, vow on the honour of my Chapter to paint and present at least a ten man tactical squad and five man assault squad on or before the 31st of March, 2010. I promise to provide at least two WIP updates, preferably with pictures, in that time. I vow that if I should fail, I will provide the Librarium with an article and wear the Signature of Shame until my penitence period is done.

So with those words I basically promised to get done with several Warhammer 40 models by the 31st of march. Assembled and painted. I posted it in the Cbox for WMDs benefit and he was all for it.

Figured I'd post the first few pictures here as a WIP thread for again, his benefit along with any who really care about modeling.


So just a quick update. Due to the weather I have not been able to prime them however I have finished the models. Working on trying to get a few more extras put on like purity seals and the like.

Also found a way to do the banners up. I've taken carboard from the tubes for toilet paper. I coated them with superglue just incase, I've heard that in some cases primer will eat up the paper.

I'll get pictures posted tommorrow when I'm back home.
What color scheme are you going to use?

Or are you making your own?
I'm going to use my own.

Well that or I am going to do them as Fire Angels. Its a white with red trim colored chapter of unkown parent chapter that participated and got devastated during the Badab War. I was actually thinking of using a chapter that used their gene seed.


Not a fan of double posting so here is what I worked out. Personally I think its a bit to dark for the Tan and I need to use a different wash. Opinions?


Note: They are a bit darker than the picture shows...

Whats the final scheme going to be? And I notice on on the marines in the first pic has an assault marine helmet.

I really love how people paint these little badass dudes!
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That was the paint scheme I am thinking about. A dirty bone color with green trim. I just think it needs to be a bit lighter is all.

The beakie? All marines used to have them when 40k was first coming out. I'm trying to only use those heads with all the parts normally found with the Mk VI armor. Hence the shoulder pad with the studs being on the side it is.
*WMD gives TK a 'yourfuckinawesome' high five*

little badass dudes is the best description of 40k minitures ive ever heard.
Can't wait to see the weapon paintjobs.
Seriously. Paint them. NAO.


Hey, one of my friends that's stellar at this, also adds almost a terrain to the bases of his models. Like gravel or fake grass, or something that seems like mud (But it's dry) and it's all shiny and looks wet. How do you do people do that? is that before you paint the models, or after? Or do the bases come off and you do that sepperately?