Loving what you hate

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  1. You were taught to hate them all. Learned that they were all the same. That they all only wanted nothing but death and bloodshed. You didn't know if it were true or not. You just learned what you thought was best. Was it all true? Was it possible that the very beings you 'despised' was something you hated with every ounce of energy you had? They were said to have destroyed everything beloved in your life; taken nearly every bit of joy from you. Did you experience it? Did you feel the hate emit from their glaring crimson eyes?

    Five years after the violent war between shadows and light, something had come to mind. When a dark soul encounters a gentle giving one, everything was thought to change. The others didn't care. No one would have any of it. It was not a feud that had begun this living hate. It was not reason that brought them all to this. It was merely instinct. A feeling of violence towards their opposites. This overwhelming flame burned deep within their minds and when they attacked, it was out of sheer will.

    The Shadow Triads have wiped out nearly everything within the given area of the once cherrished land and it wouldn't be long before everything would be called theirs. Things have settled down for a while and it seemed though many of its inhabitants have begun living in fear. The pain of having to survive under this pressure caused many to take their own lives. To have to keep themselves hidden amongst the shadows of their enemies. Execution had taken place now. Once the trial had ended, all life would be claimed by that very clan. One, though, seemed to look at things differently. Although he did what he was told and completed his task, he did not think similar to that of an average eliete. He was merely studying the way their 'prey' would react. The way they'd see them as. Could this be a small change in order? Could he possibly shift things around? If so, who would he have met to change his perspective on everything around him?

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    really good roleplay ^^
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    ~only rule here is : no godmodding, have realism, and have fun!!
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