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  1. Kari was once again stuck helping clean up the classroom through the populars 'volunteering' her to do so. Not one to disappoint the teachers who she considered an ignorant party in the whole situation she went to picking up the various trash left around the classroom which seemed rather high compared to normal. Thinking about it the kids really did make more of a mess than usual probably just to spite her more. As she continued to clean Kari began to hum and smile thinking that joke was on them 'they think making me help others is a punishment ha!' Although she focused on looking on the bright side she was still angry as hell about them doing all this.

    She was finally finishing up and rolling down her sleeves when she really felt broken down. To her things were getting bad and this little prank wan't even the tip of the iceberg. For a moment she wanted just hunt down the girls that had been torturing her for almost 5 months now and it was bringing her to the brink of tears. 'Crying? Really?' she thought to herself 'Crying alone in a classroom over some bullies what am I 8?'
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  2. It hadn't exactly been Hazel's choice to stay late. Thanks to a group of her former "friends", she had missed the bus. Now, the only option was to wait until her mother came to pick her up. In the meantime, it gave the others plenty of time to make her as miserable as they possibly could.

    One post. It had only taken one post for her to effectively ruin her life. Sure, high school popularity wasn't everything, but that certainly didn't mean she enjoyed being on the bottom of the social ladder. As far as the others were concerned, she was nobody. Never mind the fact that she had been laughing and joking with them only two weeks before. She was dirt in their eyes.

    There was no one to turn to. Even the school's other LGBT+ kids were reluctant to accept her, often voicing her opinion that she was claiming to be bisexual for attention. Or worse, that bisexuality didn't exist at all.

    "There she is!"

    Hazel looked up, silently cursing at herself for getting distracted. The group had been chasing her around the school for over an hour, most likely with the intention of beating her up.

    "Don't these guys have anything better to do?" Hazel wondered as she broke into a run. She answered the question herself: no. She would know, she used to be one of them.
  3. Kari continued to just sniffle alone in the room and tried to calm down. Eventually, it did work and she was able to pull herself together puffy eyes not withstanding. With finally being able to control her emotions she cleaned her glasses and put them back on. She threw her messenger bag over her shoulder readying herself to leave the damned classroom when she heard a sound from outside. Upon hearing the shrill shriek of the obnoxious girls that bullied her she ran into the closet and pretended to just not exist in the hopes they would leave.

    Holding her breath to further her illusion of invisibility she focused on the sounds around her. There were loud footsteps, fast too she realized and figured out someone was running. Not knowing who it was she assumed the worse and continued to stay low. Normally she would stand tall against the bitches but today she was already feeling drained from all this to fight back.
  4. Racing around the corner, Hazel's eyes quickly scanned the hallway, looking for somewhere to hide, at least for a few moments.


    Seeing the open door, Hazel dashed into the classroom, closing the door just as the crowd came around the hall. She quickly moved away from the door, pressing her back up against the wall. Thankfully, they passed the classroom, the shouting drifting down the hall as they kept up the search.

    Breathing a sigh of relief, Hazel slid to the floor, her eyes closed.

    Now what?

    There was no point in leaving, her mother wasn't here yet. And there was nobody to drive her home anymore. Before, she could rely on her friends for a ride, since she didn't have a car of her own. Now, there was nobody to rely on.

    If she hadn't been so tired, she might have started crying.
  5. Waiting for a while Kari just stayed still making sure that the occasional times she did breath it was quiet. When she realized that the person beyond the doors she was hiding behind was not moving, searching, nor leaving she knew something was up.

    'What the hell are they doing?' she thought to herself and in a moment of overwhelming curiosity creaked open the doors just enough to look around. Unfortunately, Hazel was out of her vision and she opened it just a little more but due to the shitty quality of the school door it squeaked loudly. 'Fuck do or die I guess...' she decided in defeated.

    Stiffly she walked out of the closet without any words and started to make her way towards the door. She was very aware of how weird it was to be doing this but she hoped that it was so weird that the girl that she only got a glance at would be too stunned to make any comments. 'Please don't say anything...' she repeated to herself as though it would actual make her chances better even when she knew they probably wouldn't.
  6. Hazel's eyes flickered to the door the moment she heard the squeak, but didn't say a word, even when the door opened wider to reveal the person inside.

    "Alright then..." Hazel muttered to herself as she watched the girl make her way to the door. Which would lead to the hallway. Where there was a crowd of teenagers looking for people to mess around with.

    "You might want to stay here for a bit." hazel said, her voice faint. "It's kind of chaotic out there."
  7. The awkward silence between the two of them boiled over and Hazel finally spoke once Kari's hand was already on the knob. 'Damn it so close!' she thought and cringed at the faint voice behind her. Although the other girl was being quiet it was silent and still enough in the room to hear a pin drop so Kari could hear her clear as day.

    "What's going on?" she asked turning around to look at the girl on the floor. 'I recognize her...' she thought realizing just who she was in a split second and suddenly became confused. She knew Hazel as just some face in the crowd of the people who bullied her and didn't even know her by name. Seeing on of her tormentors sitting right in front of her with an expression of exhaustion and fear was just wrong.

    "Are you okay?" she asked before Hazel could even answer the first question with a tilted head and suspicious look. Part of her want to just run or even call out Hazel then and there for all she had done but mood felt... off and the girl's demeanor was far from what she was used to.
  8. "There's a bunch of people running around outside." Hazel sighed, her eyes fixed on the floor. "My best guess is that they're looking for someone to torment for a while. Either that, or they're still looking for me. Probably both."

    "Yeah, I'm fine. I'm just... tired, I guess. It's been rough. You probably know why though. It's all anyone talks about. Like I'm some sort of freak now."

    She glanced up to observe the other girl's reaction. She looked kind of familiar, but that didn't surprise her. She knew a lot of people, those things happened when you were popular and well liked.
  9. "Ugh damn populars," Kari grunted and looked at the door with a vicious look in her eyes but knew there was nothing she could do. The whole situation only lead to one option so she made her way over to the girl and sat down next to her.

    "Actually I don't know since I don't listen to gossip. Unlike most students I spend my time in school learning," she huffed like she was all high and mighty despite the rather pathetic state she was in. She was being stubborn because she knew if she let them break her she would never hear the end of it. The idea of survival of the fittest seemed all too true in high school and she was no deer to be hunted.

    That all being said she wasn't about to kick this popular while she was down after all if she did that she would be no better then the vultures swarming beyond those doors trying to get the two of them. "Well I'm sorry you have to go through this kind of thing for what it's worth I've been through quite the same..." she explained in a stiff sounding attempt at comfort. She sounded detached from it all and cold which, while not her intention, made her seem potentially rude.
  10. "Oh." Hazel said, unable to keep the surprise out of her voice. "Well, good for you I guess. It's mostly pointless anyway. Stick to the books, get into a good college, get out of here as fast as you can." She was talking rather quickly now, as if it made her any less suspicious. Still, she was undeniably relieved. This girl had no idea what she was the latest school freak.

    "What do they want you in for?" Hazel asked. "The popular crowd, I mean. Did you piss one of them off or something?"
  11. "Well I'm a lesbian; they don't know that though all they really know is that I think I'm "too good" to date some popular loser who asked me out which is true I guess but way to make assumptions," Kari blurted out but she was less frantic and on edge than Hazel instead she just stated the facts coolly without care towards what others thought.

    She looked away from thee wall in front of her and instead turned to face Hazel to gauge her reaction about the obviously surprising knowledge bomb she had just detonated. Regardless of what the girl thought she would most likely remain not surprised but it was always fun to see the response of others when they learned something new.

    "What about you? What was your fall from grace?" she asked curious of how the girl did get to be unpopular which seemed impossible for someone so beloved.
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