Lover for the twins

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  1. Okay so I am currently looking for someone to do a role play with that involves a pair of twin males and their shared lover. So how this is gonna go is that I need a pair of twins. I understand that this would mean that you would have to play two characters, but I mean...come on, everyone at some point in every role play voices for more than one character. Anyway.

    The main idea is that two twins, they can be demons, or vampires, or whatever you want them to be and they do everything together...I mean EVERYTHING, however they are in no way gay. Which is why they want a woman to share. which is where my character would come in. She can be captured or recruited or whatever, but the twins have her to do with what they please. I kinda want the twins to be opposite, like one of really compassionate and the other ruthless or however you wish for them to be.

    I am pretty open to however you want the twins to be.

    There is going to be plot though. There has to be plot. Sure in the beggining it can be smut, but there has to be plot to this story. we can discuss what that will be.

    As i re read that i realized that it may sound a little unclear, what i mean by plot is that, I want there to be a story, somewhere that all of this goes. whether it be one of the brothers eventually falls in love with the girl and becomes protective wanting her only for herself or something else. Whatever it may be, there has to be a story.

    So post here first if you are interested and I will Pm you. I have way to many people messaging me right now with plot discussion stuff, i just do not want it to get lost in the mix. So yeah.

    Thank you for your interest :)
  2. I am interested in this roleplay.
  3. Da, as well as I am interested.
  4. Pm me to discuss a plot if you still are.