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  1. Hi! So far I think the characters are still getting a feel of each other. Also, I'm only online at night (Singapore time) due to college and I can only reply in those times~~

    Anyway, as they are, I think it's gonna start moving faster after their first evening.

    I think Shen'll ask her out to a restaurant and Kelvin will be serving them, working one of his part time jobs. Male tension or none?
  2. kool lets go with that YAyyyyy
  3. Great! So what do you think of it so far?
  4. well its going good but i think i need to make another character because Kia needs to meet a girl who is also sexually appealing to any guy and she needs to want to be with shen as well
  5. I was thinking this girl maybe

    Roxie Sharptin
    Roxie was always the outspoken one in school. She grew up being the leader and never thought of being a follower. Roxie works as a coach for a college. She never thought she would be a Coach to a bunch of whinnig bitchy girls but its something to do i mean when you have pounds of money and no one to share it with things get a little boring. Roxie has had two husbands that left her with nothing but end up giving her almost everything.

  6. Nice~ We can go with that. I made sketches of the 3 gentlemen characters, and I might post them here just to give a better idea of what they look like. Anyways, so the way it is now, we can skip to the next day right??