Love Within Family

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  1. Alright so..
    Don't think im a freak for wanting to try this kind of rp, but its something that does turn me on and I like it.
    So, what I wanna try is an incest RP. either Brother & Sister, Father, Daughter, or Mother, Son.
    I don't care which we really do, but I perfer playing the male in all of em, so imma need a female for one fo them.
    I have no plots, this is just a RP i been wanting to try out.
    Hit me up a PM and were talk about it.
  2. Interesting.... willing to try it out.
  3. Have any plots in mind, or just wanna go with a random scene?
    and which type you wanna do?
  4. We can do siblings if you're up for it, maybe a half sibling or step sibling ordeal. Plot wise, we'll make it random, since I really don't have anything in mind, I'll let you surprise me on that one. ^^
  5. We could do that, im an only child with my father.
    My father meets a new gf and brings her over, to have you meet my father.
    You end up seeing me in my room playing a guitar or video game which ever one i choose at the time.
    You like what you see as in me and what im doing so we instantly start liking each other,
  6. Sounds good you want to start it?
  7. Well since you and your mom will be coming over to our house, why dont you start it so I can start off with opening the door as the bf.
  8. Alright, but I'm kinda busy at the moment. How often do you post and what is your posting length?
  9. My posting lengths varys.
    It can be a few lines or 2 paragraphs.
    It just depends on how much my partner posts.
    I try to type about the same.
    I normally post a few times a day. excpet for weekends. I dont post on weekends.
  10. Alright, I do the same, except that I post on weekends.
  11. I'm gonna work on the RP now, since I got time.