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  1. I'm screwed! Rushing through the streets of the capital in a blind hurry, Jonas bumped through people in the busy marketplace, trying to make his way to the tavern where he worked whenever he could step out of the palace. Or, at least, where he used to work at, after today. He'd be lucky if his boss cut him a break, as many times as he'd been late. It's hard work sneaking out a heavily guarded palace every day! Of course, he couldn't tell his boss that. It'd blow his cover.

    You see, Jonas is not the commoner most think he is. When he is disguised as a commoner, he goes by the name of Erin. He wears commoner clothes, speaks like a commoner, acts like a commoner, and is in every way a commoner--except one thing.

    That is, Jonas has royal blood.

    Jonas Alexborne is the first born son of Queen Amelia and King Edgar, and the crown prince, meant to ascend to the throne when he turns 21 in four years. Only problem is, he wants nothing to do with the throne, his parents, or the responsibilities of being a king. He simply wants to live a normal life as a commoner, and so that is what he does, to some extent. He sneaks out of the palace everyday to live out his secret life, having done so since the early age of seven. Now, he works at a tavern as the bartender, and is incredibly late.

    "Excuse me! Pardon me!" Jonas repeated as he pushed through the crowd, very close to making his way to the tavern. Finally, he turned a corner and could see the tavern door, when...


    Falling backwards, Jonas was dazed for a moment as he had ran head-first into someone, before looking up to see who he had ran into.

    (You can introduce yourself as the person he ran into if you want, or you can come in a bit later.)
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  2. Her mission was given to her and she chose to accept it. Her leader, her mentor was so proud of her as she didn't even ask any questions but then again, she kind of knew not to. Madeline sighed as she packed up her much needed essentials and rode horseback towards the region, where he target resided. Her target being a Prince. The bounty that she was offered was huge so she couldn't say no or resist the mission. This was going to send her over the top, or at least she hoped. She was ready. She has been trained to capture or kill since birth and now, she was determined to kill, honestly.

    She finally made it to the region, where the Prince was rumored to be or last seen. Madeline jumped from her horse and tied it to a nearby post. She muttered for the horse to stay still and fed it before she turned heel and started a small trek towards a local tavern. Madeline was just mere inches from the door until someone bumped into her, causing her to fall to the side.

    A soft groan came from her lips as her head whipped towards the guy that bumped her. "Oh, you are so dead." Madeline spoke through clenched teeth then looked up at the sign and saw that they were by the tavern. "Or you could make it up to me by buying me a drink." Out of the kindness of her heart, she helped the male up and started her trek back towards the tavern entrance, where she entered. All the males turned to face her as she stood at the door as she was frozen.

    Madeline finally mustered up the strength to walk over towards the bar and sit down as she placed her order but the bartender refused service to her. Madeline ran her fingers through her brunette locks of hair and sighed while she placed her head on the counter.
  3. Jonas frowned at her rude remark, but then again, he had just bumped into her. He took a moment to watch her as she suddenly left after stating that he should buy a drink for her, a bit confused by the notion. As far as he knew, common woman were not permitted to drink alcohol. It was only after she had entered the tavern and all eyes fell on her that he realized that she was simply trying to break the rules. He stood up and stepping into the tavern behind her, suddenly remembering that he was late to work.

    Crap! I can't believe I forgot! He fussed at himself, rushing in and heading to the 'Staff Only' door to beg his boss for his job. He hopes that his boss was in a good mood today, because he'd need it.


    Fortunately, it seemed that his boss was drunk at the time, and it wasn't difficult to convince him to let him keep the job. He emerged from the staff room with a sigh of relief, before looking around to see that the woman was still being refused service by the bartender.

    Well, no time better than the present. He thought to himself, referring to the task of making it up to her after bumping into her.

    He approached the bartender, letting him know he'd take over from there. The bartender agreed, happy to finally be off-duty. He then moved behind the counter and poured a glass of ale, setting it down next to the woman, who had her head down.

    "Now we're even." He stated, a bit flatly. Normally, he'd be all over a girl with her looks, but she clearly lacked any of the elegance required of a lady.

    Then again, he lacked a lot of the traits required of a prince.
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