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  1. Frowning at Lilith i threw her another piece of pizza. "That is the last one you will get. I mean it." Yeah. The exact same thing i said twenty pieces ago. It was hard to resist those big brown eyes. She wagged her tail briefly and yawned. She was quite aware that i am deceiving myself and that she will most certainly get what she wants. More pizza. I stroked her head. "If you get fat, your vet won't appreciate it and will probably have my head on a stake...". Being a pure-blooded doberman made people high on their expectations which was ridiculous if you ask me. A dog is a dog. I chewed on another piece of pizza. Slow Saturday nights weren't something i really managed to do a lot. But it wasnt all too bad. Just as i decided i would do nothing the entire evening, my phone buzzed violently and i snorted before i even saw the message. As if they knew i just wanted some piece and quiet so they could say 'Nope! Fuck you, Acey boy. And not in a good way'.


    It didnt take me long to get ready. I had just enough will to dress in a light black shirt and simple jeans. It was a pool party afterall. The engine of my GT Mustang roared as i made my way down the coast, whistling lightly.

    (Ooc: sorry for a short introduction i am sleepy :P will get better ;3 and as for cs it is the same as in Familia ;3)

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  2. You can't blame gravity for falling in love.

    June 23rd 2012
    Malibu, California, USA

    The shinny lights, the beeping of cars, and the strumming guitar chords of musicians making a living with street performances. It always enchanted me, even young. Five months in this city and it felt just like home. It was warm! Sunny! Alive! It gives me butterflies just thinking of how lucky I am to finally live in Malibu. Sure, some would say I'm a bit spoiled because I come from Miami and I still wasn't content... but I mean... the waves there were so much smaller then here. So I figured I'd just ignore those idiots and follow my dreams of living in Malibu... maybe Orange County next... BUT doesnt matter anyways because this is my dream for now! I'm in Malibu~

    ~ o ~

    '' And I hate how much I love you boy
    I can't stand how much I need you
    And I hate how much I love you boy
    But I just can't let you go
    And I hate that I love you so ''

    Ashley sang with glee as she drove down Malibu's main road. A few hours earlier, her friend Ethan had invited her to a party he organized with some pretty famous people. She couldn't refuse the invitation despite not feeling all that well that day. Something today was a good to go parying. That maybe after spending so much time focusing on school, sports, and settling down, it was about goddamn time that she made new friends in this new city.

    It's been three months since she moved from Florida to California, and up to now, she hasn't regretted her choice.

    Hearing her phone ring, she glanced down at it to see Demi, her best friend, name flashing. She closed the radio playing Hate That I Love You from Rihanna and she answered the call with no hesitation even if it is against the law to talk while driving.

    '' Before you say a thing... '' she said laughing a bit, '' I brought... the vodka... so don't worry about that. '' she said knowing that this was going to be the first thing she asked.
    She listened to her friend speak and laughed as she said something Ethan did.

    '' Anyways... So that's what he did... When are you going to be here... I'm already growing bored. '' she said quietly for her boyfriend to not hear it. Ashley rolled her eyes, '' In like... '' she said turning the street and seeing the mansion with loud music playing, '' Yup. I'm here. '' she said with a smile until a GT Mustang crashed to her side making her lose her phone and rolled over, and hit her head against the steering wheel.

    To say she was knocked up a bit was an understatement and she rubbed her head a bit as she looked at the man that didn't stop, or at least she thought.

    '' What the hell ?'' she said as she rubbed her forehead and looked at the guy behind the Mustang. She was in her beige convertible beetle and as she looked at the side of her passenger seat, she almost felt like crying.

    '' You ruined my car! '' she said as she opened her door and slammed it back.

    She was wearing a tight black dress that stopped in her mid tight. Her makeup wasn't too heavy, but really popped her eyes and made her look rather hot. Her high heels made her stand almost at six feet and gave her slender, smooth, and long legs.
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  3. It came on all too unexpected but, it seems those things were supposed to go that way. Reason why they were called accidents; right? Ace was simply humming the song that came on his player without paying too much attention to it. If anyone asked him afterwards what the song was, he would simply shrug his shoulders. Only thing he could for sure confirm was that the voice reached the heavy metal bridge of the song when the nose of his car smashed into something. He was approaching his destination, the party house, along the main street, slowing down on the crossroads just enough to give any incoming driver, that main street has the upper hand.

    "Eh fuck's sake. Where the hell are you?" He mumbled as he searched for a can of Red Bull he left somewhere under the seat. Red Bull wasn't his favorite, but Monster was highly unpractical to keep in the car. "Ah. There you are baby. Come to daddy..." He only managed to straighten up and see a beige convertible beetle crossing his path. He grabbed the steering wheel and sat on the horn, pushing the break as hard as he could at the same time. "FuckfuckfuckFUCK!" Tires squealed loudly as the nose of the car bumped into the side of the small girly car and stopped. Ace sank into the comfortable leather seat and gulped lightly, pushing his heard from his throat back into his chests. He went with his hand through the hair and breathed out as he frowned behind his dark glasses. Naturally, it was a girl. And NATURALLY, she was using her phone while driving. He felt like there was nothing he should be sorry about.

    '' What the hell ?'' The girl shouted out and gave him a killer glare. Man, why did her eyes had to be so gorgeous? '' You ruined my car! '' Ace rolled his eyes and got out of the car. "Here the fuck we go..." The girl marched angrily towards him as he took off his glasses and hung them on the collar of his shirt, checking the damage of the collision. "Take it easy toots. You do not want to fall over in those things." He was referring to her absurdly high heels. No doubt that in some other circumstances she would for sure blow his mind away. Big blue eyes and long-legged women was what he was about, But a sloppy driver...a little bit less. He sighed annoyed. The nose of the Mustang had a huge dent in it, but truth be told, beetle had it worse. "Besides," He straightened up to face the angry female. "you are the one that was talking on your cellphone and stormed onto the street when I supposed to pass first." He approached and raised his voice lightly, looking down at her just a bit. The girl was already tall enough and her high heels made her even taller, reaching all the way to Ace's nose. "And how the hell are you even driving in those...those things?! How the hell did you get your driving licence anyway, lady?" He just the noticed he was still holding an unopened can of Red Bull in his hand.
  4. The music continued playing, but she didn't feel like listening to it when she was pissed and she walked towards her radio and just closed it completely annoyed. She then bent down to pick up her iPhone 5 only to see the screen completely broken and she sniffed seeing so much money just flying away. It actually felt so dramatic that a tear fell down her eyes. Thank god she had water proof makeup.

    Well, she was about to cry when the asshole asked her how she got her licence and her eyes turned deadly. '' What did you just say?'' he asked looking at him as she placed her hand over the opened window edge and she almost had smoke coming out of her ears. '' What does talking on my cellphone have to do?'' she asked looking at him as she looked down at the unopened can of redbull and she narrowed her eyes as she looked at him pretty sure that he wasn't completly a victim in this situation. '' You know, just because you have a mustang and a pair of balls doesn't make you a great driver, '' she said before opening the door to reach the glove compartiment. She grabbed the insurance paper with a pen as she rounded her car and she kind of pushed it on his chest, but she didn't make him budge or anything. She just wanted him to take it.
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  5. As much as he expected it, Ace had no idea it would be as bad. She almost made him feel like a bad guy once she almost cried but instead, she turned to him and asked him in a tone one would use when you killed their whole family and raped their dead bodies. At least. '' What did you just say?'' Ace smirked keeping his cold jerkface on and stepped closer, doing his best to keep his glare away from girl's majestic behind and gorgeous long legs. It only would make it worse even though he wasn't about to pull away, speaking slowly as if she doesn't understand English language with a firm American accent he had in his somewhat husky and masculine voice. "I said I wonder how. The. Hell. Did you get a drivers licence. Lady." He wasn't as much of a jerk just yet to leave out the 'lady' part. She was a lady alright. Pissed off beyond repair, but still a lady.

    '' What does talking on my cellphone have to do?'' Ace chuckled and sighed, rubbing his tidy trimmed beard. "Well. For starters, it is a felony to drive and use your cellphone like that." He opened the can he was holding and took a sip, turning it all to a big joke. "And then you just entered the crossroads like you are the only one on the street." He took another sip. To be fair, he wasn't looking at the road at the crucial moment either...but still. He stopped in the middle of the sip with the can close to his mouth when she shouted at him. '' You know, just because you have a mustang and a pair of balls doesn't make you a great driver, '' He chuckled lightly and shook his head. "No. Indeed not." He drank some more. "But my knowledge of traffic laws and my steering wheel does." He offered her a charming smirk and an opened can of Red Bull. "Here. Make love not war, right? Have some Red Bull. Relax. It ain't that bad." He was exactly in the mood to tease. But for here it was bad alright. He noticed a broken phone in her hand that she now squeezed even harder. Red Bull probably wasn't going to make up for it. Guess he was the bad guy in this after all. He hated that thing with girls. No matter what you do you were the bad guy. No matter if you would call the police and have evidence, you will ALWAYS be the bad guy. Cause she can cry, and you can't make yourself do the same. If you do then you are a bad guy AND a wuss. He had nowhere to go.

    He let out a barely heard 'oof' sound as the girl pushed a bunch of papers into his chest along with the pen. He sighed disappointed. "Guess not then." He grabbed the papers somewhat annoyed and quickly scanned through the irst paper. Same old shit with all the insurance policies as everyone else had. He nodded. He really had no time for the paperwork. He hated it. Having to deal with a lot of it as a musician was way too much for him. "Girls and insurance papers...deadly combo..." He offered her papers back. "I have a party to catch, honey. I really do not have time for this. If I had no money, I would beg and kiss your feet not to strip me naked but since I do..." He looked at his cellphone for a time. "...I will offer you a deal. You know how long will it take to get that ridiculous amount of money from the insurance company? How about I pay you the full amount. Cash." He smirked wisely. "I will replace your phone as well, to convince you I am not that much of an asshole. Alright? Alright." He asked and replied his own question. It was one of his bad habits. Just like smoking. "All you have to do is take my phone number and call me in the morning when I am willing to get to the bank and get the money. Deal? I would say deal, but it is all up to you, sweetie." He lifted the Red Bull can and grinned. "Cheers."
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