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  1. I can not take credit for it at all tho. I came across in on a tumbler account I think. But fell in love with the plot.

    A Whole Latte Love
    Muse A is a supervisor in a small coffee shop with few employees. The shop is personable, and the employees knew the regulars well, and would often have their drinks made by the time the customers would enter the shop.

    Muse B is a teen in need of a summer job, who applies for a job at the shop. Needing the help, Muse Acalls them for an interview, and they hit it off right away. With Muse Bhired, Muse A is tasked with training them in.

    After a few shifts alone together,Muse A and Muse B bond significantly during training. Muse Bis clever and figures things out quickly, and Muse A is gentle and patient, making Muse B drinks and giving them advice.

    Even after the training shifts are finished, Muse A and Muse B have several shifts together, and tend to work the same hours. Since both are some of the few employees who are willing to work closes, they both find themselves in an empty shop, talking and cleaning to keep themselves busy.

    In time, a romantic bond forms, but company policy bans a relationship between a supervisor and a lower-ranking employee spending time together outside of work or forming a romantic relationship.

    Will Muse A risk their job to be withMuse B? Sneaking kisses in the parking lot after closing and trying to suppress their feelings when other employees are around? Or will there be lingering feelings left unacted upon?

    I would love to play muse b as a female.