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  1. Caroline Forbes was running not caring where she was going. She did something terrible, and she felt as if leaving it far, far away would make it less worse. When you see something from a huge distance, it looks smaller, so she believed that the same logic could be applied. But, of course, her thoughts made no sense.

    She had entered the woods some hours ago, but the trees still didn't cease to appear. It had to be a really big forest or she would already went through it running at maximum vampire speed. Or, maybe, she was lost. The girl was probably running in circles around the same old trees. Doing that, she was not leaving anything behind, she was just pointlessly losing energies. When she realized about this, she let herself fall into the grass, using a tree as a backrest. Maybe she could just sit there and wait until she gets petrified for the whole eternity. That sounded as a great plan on her head. Yes, it really was, so she was definitely doing that. She just needed to sit there and wait, without feeding. Again, she was making no sense.

    On her attempt of getting petrified, her mind kept reproducing the images she wanted so hard to forget. She was at some bar, as drunk as a vampire can get and as thirsty as they can be. The next thing she knew, she was drinking from some stranger's neck and the sweet feeling of blood on her system was travelling through her body. Someone stopped that sensation and hit her on her head with something heavy. This person kept hitting her, probably trying to save the other human she was drinking of, and that action awoke every possible vampire instict inside of her. It wasn't just that she had been interrupted eating, but she was also brutally attacked, and, of course, drunk. The mixture of things made her turn around and break the neck of that innocent person who was just trying to protect his friend. The cracking sound was still echoing in her head. She had killed an innocent man. There was no doubt that she was a monster.

    She growled irritated as another presence interrupted her pointless attemp of petrification. It was another vampire and he was approaching. She felt as her fangs descended and her face turned into the one of a monster.
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  2. Klaus was enjoying a midnight snack, a woman by the name of.....oh who cares what her name was. She was delicious though, a sweet blonde, she seemed to favour her body butter, it just enhanced her sweet taste. His phone rings, it is one of his spies back in Mystic falls, he had heard that Caroline had killed an attacker and ran. At first he could not believe it, his sweet, albeit it high maintenance and nosey kitten had killed a guy. From what he remembered, all those years since he last saw her in Mystic Falls she was all about being the good girl vamp, onmly killing in defence of those she loved so much, not some random in a bar who interrupted her lunch.

    He had heard she ran into the woods out of town, an almost endless area filled with trees, bushes and wild animals. He had considered making a stop there, but now it seemed like he needed to more than anything. He rushed out, leaving the body remains where they fell, running with all the speed and endurance allowed of a hybrid. Klaus was rarely one to care the slightest about anybody, save for his sweet sister Rebekah. But there was something about Caroline, she challenged him, she fought him, yet....she understood him. She knew what is was like to be alone in the world, to know no matter what you will never be truly normal.

    He reached the opening to the woods, and the familiar scent of her perfume aroiused his sense of smell, his legs hastily leading him to the right place. He steps from the tree in front of her. "Caroline, Caroline, Caroline, what are we to do with you eh? Killing a poor innocent man and just running away from it all. Where id you think you would be going huh? Do you think you can truly escape your own mistakes? Tsk Tsk, I thought you were smarter than this.
  3. She felt an odd well-known smell approaching. The familiarity of it made her relax and quit her threathening expression. Anyways, as she saw Klaus coming from the darkness, she went back to growning like an animal defending itself. She hadn't seen him in a very long time, and it was probably one of the last person she wanted to see at that moment. Why was he there? Or maybe more important, how did he know about her accident? She wondered for a second about it but quickly decided that she didn't give a shit. She just wanted him gone.

    "Leave. Me. Alone." told him focusing all her hate on the slow pronunciation of every word. She also did her best to sound as threatening as she could, but it probably wouldn't be enough to intimidate an Original. He was shameless. It wasn't enough to appear as if he didn't make her and her friends lives impossible some years ago, as if he wasn't a monster and a bloody unsensitive killer, he also came to torment her. She needed no reminder about her mistakes, specially if they came from him.
  4. Her threatening ways were cute, there was no way she could harm him, Klaus was damn near indestructible. "I came to give you a second chance in life Caroline, no need to be rude now." He grins, his calm collected tone, masking the man he could be, the beast he often was. Though he rarely showed as such, Klaus has a conscience, he had a caring side, and although he caused harm to her friends, he had also helped them in their times of need. She had seen his most caring side, his artistic side, a part of him so very few had seen, inside, he loved her like no other could. "You know I can make this whole shit go away, is not like I have not done it before....multiple times." He circled her, his arms relaxed at his sides, his smug smile wide, though his eyes longing to hers. "Accept my help Caroline, and you won't have to keep running. We are made ot be free, not confined. Made to do as we wish, not follow the rules of many." He backed her into a tree, his eyes fixed on hers, his hand slowly moving over her cheek.
  5. She relaxed a little bit as she heard his calm way of speaking. The young vampire held her gaze into his eyes and didn't even move as he approached. Niklaus could undoubtedly make her pain and guilt desappear, she knew it, and it was a hell of a tempting offer. There was nothing else in the world she would like most than to forget what she have done, and he could give that to her. He made it sound so easy, so enticing...
    But she couldn't. No, It wouldn't be right. She couldn't just go around killing people, just to cry as a baby afterwards and have an elegantly hateful vampire making her feel better. And how did he still have that effect on her? She almost forgot about what kind of person he was and accepted his offer, not thinking about what he could really do. It was still hard to hate him.
    "I told you to leave me alone." repeated, this time, with a calm tone, but still pretty serious. She then removed his hand from her face with fast but still gentle movement and encircled the tree, to recede from him.
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