OFFICIAL EVENT Love Month: Valentines Creative Contest

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-Fantasy with means of magic and sword based feelings, i do prefer a bit of romance in stories
-Modern with again a fantasy feel
-Cut in anything with a bit of Romance and I can give it a try.

💗 Love Month: Valentines Creative Contest 💗

Make your own Valentine

Feb 1st to the 14th submit your own Valentine. Be it you just creating your own poem or go for the whole kit and caboodle by drawing it and poem-ing it! Submit your creation here for all of Iwaku to gawk at your creative prowess with envy, appreciation and pure amazement!

It can be cute or funny, sweet, a little saucy
[insert the lifted saucy brow here] but not too smutty as we wanna be at least appropriate for NSFW style.

Between Feb 15th to Feb 29th (leap year baby), a thread with all the valentines will be made up and a vote cast for the best one! The winner will get a little you know,
50$ Steam Gift Card (Canadian cause I'M CANADIAN! So that's like a million dollars USD).

If you need an example of a poem, here's one I found via Internet and I had a cackle at!

"I love you, I love you, I love you, so mighty.
I wish your pajamas were next to my nightie.
Don't be mistaken don't be misled,
I mean on the washing line and not in bed."

SUBMISSIONS (Limit one per person) can go right into this thread as well! So it's nice and easy! So whatcha waiting for!
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If I had to give love a reason;
I'd compare it to the four seasons.

For it is like;
Watching spring flowers bloom.
The heated grace like summer sun.
Growing old like autumn leaves.
Finding cover in a winter blanket.

If love had a reason;
I'd like it to be like the seasons.

Fresh like the spring breeze;
Passionate like the summer heat;
Colourful like the autumn trees;
And pure like the first winter's snow.
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There is Love in every corner
The high ebbs and the low flows,
I'll be in your corner
Just don't let go.
[I have this lying around.]
Of Luck and Plan
Come to when the ancients roamed our world
Two beings opened their eyes and twirled
Mankind's destiny and their druthers
Affecting Time and Life and all the others.

She was Fate; "Everything's determined."
Soul-mates and destinies and 'as planned'
He was Chance; "Coincidence maybe?"
Of meetings, stumbles, and 'hey there, baby'

Competition's fierce between the two
When love is involved, they are there too.
Up until now, one could feel them fighting
The childhood friend or the very first meeting?

She weaves everything from start to finish
Organized plans with a little bit of lavish
"You are no fun," he would always tease.
"You know the ending, spare me that, please."

Randomness and chaos, that's how he moves
Mostly letting them meet through the power of booze
"Why are you like this?" she would always ask
"Letting them be is such a rask."

"Let them choose their ending, Destiny."
"They fell in love, even if it was a tragedy."
"They are siblings. Have you no conscience?"
"It's romantic. Shut your mouth, Chance."

"And once again you're here to disturb."
She throws Cupid and looked quite perturbed.
He grins knowing what has happened
"Humans are not meant to fall in love with an island."

And so the story goes, this little tug-of-war
Both then agreed to split, and be afar
Separate ways, they finally went
Creating epics, and legends, and stories god-sent.

Eras came and went with them living on their own.
Then one day they met, oh, how they've grown.
"Well, look who I run into," she smiled with glee.
He grinned then. "Baby, this was meant to be."
I made this card traditionally- I think it is very silly :3 /pos /lh /nbh
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Spongebob Valentine - small.gif

(adding a back to the card, and I accidentally yeeted the original attachment lol)
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Bam! The second part is a touch naughty, and I had to shrink all of it by 69% too (nice)
EDIT: Switched one word. I could revert to the older version if this one's too obviously naughty xD
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Been in a bit of a creative block, but I felt it necessary to push myself for love month.

Poem + Art