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  1. *Tags are what can possibly happen, depending on where you take it.

    First off, I just want to say:
    DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT participate in this if you are not going to be active, get bored with it easily and just leave, or if you don't care about the roleplay in the first place and give bad posts when you can fo better.
    I've had so many roleplays I really liked get archived because people just stopped replying, and it really kind of irks me. So please, be active. At least two replies a day. Thank you.

    Also, PLEASE STAY WITH THE PLOT!!! This really gets on my nerves, because I would start a nice roleplay, then people that join get ahead of themselves and stray from the focus of the rp, then the rp dies because there's no where else to go. So please make sure you pay attention to that too. Thanks. Rant over.

    Anyway, plot now!
    (I'm needing a male vampire. Other characters such as vampire friends, family members, etc are welcome too. Vampires have multiple powers, so, if you can, please let me know what they are so I can respond properly. Thanks!)

    He had watched her for a long while, after he first smelled her. Her blood, anyway. She interested him. It was then he had made up his mind to have her, either for a slave of some sort, or just to have her as company. He would then watch her for a month, protecting her anonymously (when necessary) until he felt it was the right time to take her.

    Rain poured outside, adding to the freezing temperatures. The wind blew with much force, drying the air. Hope ran out her house, and he watched from a far, fascinated with her. Though he was curious as to what she was doing, running out into the harsh weather with only Toms, shorts, and a tee shirt on. Few humans were out, but the ones that were glanced at her with a weird look as she passed them, then went on with their own business.

    As she ran, the vampire stayed a good distance away, following her. He did not want his property to be harmed. From his enhanced hearing, he could hear that she was crying. But that's all he could hear, other than her breathing.

    Three minutes passed and Hope finally stopped running. Her breaths were short and choppy, and she was soaking wet. Even though she was running for a continuous three minutes, the weather was sure to freeze her again within a minute or two.

    She walked into a short and narrow alley, dragging her feet, and collapsed at the end of it, sitting so her back was against the hard and wet brick wall. She pulled her knees to her chest to keep warm, though it didn't help. Her body shivered terribly, but she didn't think about going back. Not this time.

    She cried again, making the vampire wince. He didn't like hearing other's cry, unless he caused it himself. Why was she crying? He couldn't see what goes on in her house, for then he would have to go in. He stood on the sidewalk across the road from the alley, behind a car.

    He then heard her breathing slow and soften, as well as her cries dying. He sensed that she was unconscious. He walked over to the alley, with human speed. His eyebrows furrowed as he approached and knelt in front of her.

    There were bruises on her arms, and a cut here and there, including one on her cheek. Those weren't there before. Something happened.

    It's not that he cared for this girl. That's not why he was angry. Well, in a way, he did care about her. But more so, she was his. No one should had been hurting her unless they had his permission.

    He held the umbrella over himself as he looked her over. He should be able to heal those bruises ans cuts. It hit him that the weather was still disastrous. Her hair and body was soaked, and her body shook in her recharging state. She was sure to die if she would stay out here!

    The vampire, not minding her getting him wet, pulled Hope and picked her up, taking her to his mansion.

    He wasn't sure what to do, if he should change her or not. He knew he had clothes that would fit her from past slaves, but he wouldn't want to frighten her before she even has a chance to know what's going on. He decided to remove her shoes and shirt, and dry the rest of her with some towels. If any clothing had to come off, it would have to be the shirt, because the top half of the body is the part that needs to stay warm the most. After drying her, he put her in his bed instead of a bed in an extra room. If he were to do that, then he would surely forget which one he put her in due to having so many. Her dark brown hair was for the most part dry, but still a bit damp.

    He would then leave her and go downstairs to his office to work, or watch TV. He thought of restraining her, but it wouldn't be necessary. He would sense when she awoke, and he would be able to get to her quicker than she can think about it.

    *1 hour later*

    Hope's brown eyes opened slowly to more darkness, the room's lights off and the curtains of the windows closed. But she knew it was still daytime, because the room wasn't pitch black. She could still see fine.

    She looked around slowly as she sat up, holding the blanket close to her cold body. Was she at home? She didn't remember going back. In fact, she only remembered running away. Her freckled cheeks were pink, due to her cold temperature. Hope sniffed as she soon came to the realization that this wasn't her house. It wasn't nearly this huge. Her house was not small, but never in her life had she seen a room this big before. But the amazement was soon followed by anxiety and fear as she tried to identify where she was. Had she been kidnapped?

    [Sorry that was so long and bad! I'll do better! :) NOTE: You, as the vampire, can like her or not like her. Why she is there is up to you; I tried to make that known in the prompt, but this note is just in case I didn't get it across. :) ]
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