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Love me like you hate me...

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Mako Torriblaidd, Feb 6, 2013.

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  1. Alright, so I am looking to do a bit more of a modern slice of life role play though this could be easily transferred into my all time preferred setting of medieval. This can be human or furry.

    I wish to do a one on one based off of the idea that: my character, a shy introverted male or female, nerdy, a bit annoying to the more popular people... ends up liking one of them. This person really doesn't care for my character though ends up simply using them as a "plaything" enjoying making them do somewhat debasing things, basically tease them over their affection and lead them into a "false" hope that the other cares for them. In the end I would like it if the other ended up caring for my character but it isn't necessary.

    There will more than likely be a decent bit of sex with this, so be warned. I only have a few limits as far as what I won't do with this, that is: Scat, legitimate torture and things related... I am okay with 'watersports' in a right context. It actually is somewhat wanted for this but not necessary. Things like bondage, humiliation, public play, are all allowed with this.

    I will do this mxf or fxf, I just cannot play mxm well at all.

    Well I hope to hear from you.
  2. This sounds interesting. Would you mind if I took a chance at this?
  3. Sure! Um any questions/preferences?
  4. Just gender roles and things like that. Would like a character sheet or something?
  5. Well as I said I will do it fxf or mxf, so whichever you prefer. I will play male or female. If you prefer character sheets we can. It's not necessary.
  6. Cool. I would like to do mxf, and if I could play female? I've had my fill of playing guys for now, lol. I'm fine not doing a character sheet. Post something and I'll go with it.
  7. Okay, one last question and I'll make the rp when I get on my laptop instead of my iPod. Setting preference, high school, college, later?
  8. At least college, if not later. Maybe something having to do with a BDSM club where they interact and then loathing each other at work??? Just thoughts. I'll run with whatever.
  9. Alright, just making sure you know I am looking for a partner to play a dominant personality, just making sure because I read through your mature resume.
  10. Right then. I'm good. Do you want to start the thread?
  11. I hate to ask but could you? Right now my brain is dead...
  12. Hm...I'm interested in this if you're up to taking on another role play? :)
    I think I've got a perfect character in mind.
  13. Sure! As I said though if you wouldn't mind starting. I got beat about a bit today at fight practice so my brains a bit derp
  14. Ah, no worries at all. I can definitely start a thread for us.
    What kind of setting are you looking for?
    I'd prefer something around the age of 21+, if that's fine with you?
  15. Over 21 is just fine. Setting could be anything from college to the work place. Also I will play either gender so that is a non issue.
  16. Wicked.
    And I think work place will lead for a better setting, seeing as they be around each other a lot more often.
    OK, might I take the role of the female then?
  17. Of course! I'll take male unless you want fxf
  18. Ah, I prefer m/f.
    And I shall get to that thread in a bit.
  19. I eagerly expect it!
  20. So something unexpected popped up, but I shall have that thread up and ready by the morning :)
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