Love is where we lie (Me and Nitori-chan)

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  1. Stelios laid on his bed. He had his blue jeans on and his white and black striped shirt. he stared at the ceiling with his hands behind his head. He licked his dry lips and held his Ipod in his hand. he was on Facebook looking through his feed. He looked at his friends profile Trevor, Smiling. He decided to text him and see if he wants to sleep over for the night.

  2. Trevor was laying on his bed. He had on his jeans and his pale blue sweater. He was petting his cat and looking through his Instagram feed. He got the text from Stelios and smiled. He replied with 'Of course I would. :D'
  3. Stelios smiled at the text, then replying back Yes can't wait, be quick!, Stelios then jumped down off the bed and cleans up his room, He shoves his clothes under his bed and walks out the room, he then walks to his mom and hugs her "Hey mom can Trevor sleep over tonight?" He asks his mother "Aren't you getting just a little bit too old for sleepovers" She asks her son. "Not really" He says to his mother "Okay fine" Stelios smiles "Thanks mom, can you tell me when he gets here?" The mother nods and he hugs her again and walks up the stairs
  4. Trevor didn't really to tidy up much, so he gave his cat a quick kiss on the head and set her down. He put together a bag for the night and went to the front door to put on his shoes. "I'm going to Stelios' house for the night!"
    "Alright honey, have fun!" Was her response. And with that he started walking to his friend's house.
  5. Stelios walked to the bathroom. He opened the door and locked it closed. He walked to the toilet and pulled up the seat. He stood in front of the toilet and pulled down his jeans and it falls to his ankles. He opened the piece of his underwear pulling out the small member and started peeing. After he finished he pushed it back in the boxers and pulled up the jeans. he walked to the sink and washed his hands with water and soap, he wiped his hands with a towel and unlocked the door and walked through. Stelios walked to his bedroom and jumped on his bed. He takes his Ipod out of his back pocket and starts going through photos on his phone.
  6. Trevor walked up to his friend's house and knocked on the front door. He greeted Stelios' mother when she opened the door and he went inside.
  7. Stelios heard the door open and smiled. He ran downstairs seeing his friend Trevor "Hey man"
  8. He smiled back and waved. "Hey, what's up?" He felt really comfortable at Stelios' house, but lately, it was sortof awkward to be around Stelios.
  9. "Nothin much, wanna come to my room?" Stelios made a hand gesture asking Trevor to come upstairs. Stelios made his way up the short staircase and waited for his friend.