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      Like usual, the alarm clock went off and Stephanie awoke from her slumber. She'd turn it off, get dressed, then go downstairs and eat. Every morning she was alone. Yep, it was like every other morning since she came here. Closing the door to the empty house, Stephanie sighed softly to herself but her smile remained. After making sure it was locked, Stephanie turned and walked down the steps. She continued on her way out the gate and down the street. School would be starting in half an hour and it took her five minutes to get there. Being apart of the Student Council, Stephanie needed to check the papers for the after school meeting and make sure everything was in order.

      [Sorry it's so short. I currently have writers block and it's killing me.]

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    Leone let out a low growl as the sun peaked in through the curtains to shine on him. He'd never get used to that stupid thing, no matter how long he's been wandering in the human realm. He couldn't understand why it was up so early when daily human activity occurred a decent amount of time after that brightly burning ball of gas appeared in the morning sky.

    Slowly, the drowsy demon freed himself of his layers of blankets and made a halfhearted attempt at getting out of bed. He had the right intention, though his body seemed to disagree as he fell onto the cold, hard floor. He was fully awake after that, judging by the string of growled curses that escaped him as he stood up and brushed himself off.

    He made his way over to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. Surprise, surprise. He actually managed to stay in human form while he slept. This relatively small achievement brought a smirk to his face. He proceeded with his morning routine, brushing his teeth, combing his hair, getting dressed... The usual stuff.

    He gave one last glance around his apartment as he buttoned up a loose light blue shirt and threw on his black coat. Realizing he'd forgotten the one important thing he needed, he rushed back into his room and grabbed his backpack.

    He slipped out the door and began to walk to school.
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    Stephanie reached the school without a problem but was surrounded by the three bullies the minute she stepped onto campus. Although she hated when this happened, Steph smiled and allowed herself to be picked on. She was led to one of the trees on the grassy part of the campus and pushed up against it. Hitting with force, Stephanie's smiled vanished. Ow. She thought to herself, bringing her left hand and resting it on her right hip. Turning her attention back to the bullies, Stephanie was met with scary looks and smirks. "What should we do with her today girls?" The one in the middle asked the two that stood beside her on either side. "How about we beat her up?" One suggested and the other kicked Stephanie's legs out from under her. "I'll leave it to you two." The middle one said, stepping back. Stephanie lowered her head and allowed herself to be beaten by the girls. She could tell others were watching but didn't really care.
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    Leone really didn't have any expectations for this school. Which meant that things could either be really good or really bad. Though, as he approached the school grounds, his sixth sense for chaos began to fire up. Bad it was, apparently. Like a fish to water, he found himself getting pulled into the cruel scene unfolding underneath a nearby tree. His steps were slow and silent as he approached the four girls. He could sense others standing around this terrible scene, though his attention was completely fixed upon those three cruel girls.

    His demon form screamed to be released to reap those horrid souls, and those of timid or ghoulish heart who were willing to stand by and watch as this sick show played out. He was able to keep these feral instincts and thoughts in check as he maintained his human form. As he drew close enough to the leader of this foul pack, he allowed some of his demonic energy to slip out from his human form, and watched with a cruel smirk as goosebumps ran across her fair skin.

    She turned around, looking to see who was behind her. Her mouth was left partially open as she stared up at Leone. He supposed it was his eyes that rendered her speechless, they were difficult to hide the fact that he was a demon, though it could also be that she was one of those idiots who merely stand like a deer in the headlights when faced with fear.

    "Why are you three idiots beating on the girl?"

    His words came out like silk, smooth and soft yet tainted with the slightest amount of coldness. He dared to take another step closer to the chief offender, looming over her with a look of pure distaste in his eyes.

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    Fear had struck the leader of the three cause her legs were shaking. When the unknown guy took a step towards her, she took a step back. This caused havoc. She tripped and fell onto one of her friends, who reached out to the third girl, and they all ended up on the ground beside Stephanie. "Wh-what are you talking about? We were just rough housing. I-Isn't that right?" The leader stuttered, looking over at a beaten and bleeding Stephanie. Getting to her feet, Stephanie leaned against the tree and smiled at the strange guy. "I'm alright. Really." She lied, clinging to the tree to stay on her shaking legs. Her whole body ached and she felt worn. However, Stephanie still wore a smile and looked at the group with clear green eyes.
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    Leone ignored the leader's attempts at subduing his disdain for the loathe-some trio as they laid there in a heap on the ground. Choosing the right insult was always a tedious task, though one came to mind immediately for this occasion.

    "Filthy little worms, the lot of you."

    His words grew colder, one last potent glare sent at the trio before his expression changed to one of neutrality and his gaze turned to the girl rising to her feet. A softer frown appeared on his face as he studied her shaking legs and that stupid smile of hers.

    "Come on, you need to go to the nurse."

    His words were a tad bit kinder as he approached the girl. He came close, ready to support her if she needed the help.
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    Stephanie nodded and watchef as the guy came closer to her. Releasing her grip on the tree Stephanie fell into him and clutched onto his shirt. "Sorry." She apologized. Getting proper ground, Stephanie walked beside him towards the school. She didn't even care to look back at the girls. Feeling the strap of her bag on her arm, Steph moved it up onto her shoulder. After all, important papers were inside.
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    Leone easily supported her weight as she fell into him, his hands helping to support her until she found her footing once more. He wore a concerned expression as he looked her over.

    "Don't worry about it."

    His words were gentle as they began to walk away from the three girls. Acting as a personal guard, he escorted her inside. He remained silent throughout the process, his gaze meandering over the inside of the highschool. He pulled out his neatly folded schedule from his back pocket and glanced over it with a frown on his face. A demon getting into a fight on his first day of school in the human world... Who would have figured?

    This is bound to lead to trouble of some kind...
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    Stephanie had to admit that the guy whp helped her was actually rather gentle. She felt safe around him, and was drawn to the feelings thar he was... Special. In a good way, of course. They reached the infirmary and they were met with a young women. An immediate look of worry passed across the nurses face and she sighed. "Again? Honestly Steph, won't you tell me what happens to you?" Asked the women, but Stephanie laughed it off. It hurt but she didn't want to tell the women the truth. "Nothing really. Don't think too much about it." The nurse turned and was already getting the things needed to trest her properly.

    Looking up, Stephanie smiled at you.
    "Thanks for being my knight and shining armor." Her voice was kind and Stephanie felt she would need to do him something in return. However, her mind came up blank when she tried to think about something to do for him.
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    Leone remained quiet as he continued to tag along with the girl. He didn't even know her name, and perhaps it would be better if he didn't. Folding up his schedule and returning it to his pocket, he supposed that it would be less risky to make any strong connections in the human world. It would make things easier if he was ever forced to return back to the demon world, though he hoped and prayed that he wouldn't have to go back there.

    He snapped out of his thoughts when they entered the infirmary. It was a bit weird, seeing one so fully stocked, but after seeing the violence that casually occurred on the campus, the reasoning for it was clear. He glanced at the human when he noticed her smiling at him. Blinking slightly in surprise at her line of gratitude, he glanced away.

    "Believe me, I am not a knight."
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    Stephanie merely chuckled when he looked away and shook his head. "Like it or not, your my knight." She teased, leaning over so she could see his face. Meeting his eyes, Stephanie firmly nodded once as if deciding something. Although he had done enough, Stephanie used his body further and made him walk with her towards a bed. Lowering herself, she sst down and looked up at rhe man before her. Cocking her hesd to the side a little, she looked at him with a curious gaze. "What's your name, Knight?" She asked, purposely calling him Knight like it was his nickname. And in fact, it was.
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    And so she insisted with calling him a knight. He let out a soft sigh, though a small smile could be seen on his face. He didn't want to encourage this interaction, though he didn't have the heart to discourage it either. With a gentle hand, Leone helped her over to the bed. Her question made him bite the inside of his cheek.

    Should I answer, or not?
    ... You know what, fuck it.

    "My name's Leone Valcrosse. I'm a transfer student."

    He hoped he didn't sound like too much of a chump introducing himself, though it was pretty hard not to with what he had to say for an answer.
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