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Love is Just Another RULE!!!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by MrsSmileyKick, Oct 12, 2013.

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  1. There I waited outside for my turn, so nervous, my legs and my hands were shaking. I've heard that people come out crying which made me more nervous. My heart was beating fast like a marathon runner on a track trying to reach the end. I clutched my files and took five deep breaths as I watched the clock go from 2:29 to 2:30, signalling my time. I heard the door creak open and my heart stopped as if the whole world had stopped. I got up still clutching my books as I entered the room!!
  2. "Right. That'll be all, then, Peter O'Dair said, smiling pleasantly. The student nodded, Peter wrote him a pass so he could return to his classroom, and he walked him to the door. Holding it open for the next student, he said, "What brings you here today? Please, sit down." He gestured for her to take a seat across from him, smiling slightly.
  3. I smiled nervously at him,"I'm here because I got problems apparently that everyone says so otherwise something bad will happen,"I replied with a small smile as I took a seat in front of him while placing my folders on the salmon covered ground as I whipped my purple fringe from the front of my face to the back.
  4. "What kind of problems?" he asked, the smile gone now. Students always came in about their problems,and he knew when it was proper to be serious and when he should be smiling reassuringly. Right then he was supposed to be serious. "Is it one of the other students?"
  5. "Just anger issues, sir is there some sign or agreement sheet that says whatever is said in the room stays in the room,"I asked, because she wasn't going to tell all her problems to a complete stranger. I smiled at him because the look on his face was serious and I wanted to talk to him like a regular person.
  6. "Of course. There's not even a sheet. Anything you say here will be kept in confidence unless you tell me that you want to hurt yourself or others. Then, I am obligated by law to tell your parents or the administration, depending upon the nature of what you tell me." He smiled gently. This happened all the time, kids wanting to tell them about family problems or sexuality issues and not wanting anyone else to find out. Same, common stuff as always.
  7. "Well to be honest, all my troubles began with my mother leaving me on the doorstep of the orphanage and I just can't be feel very angry all the time, then the kids here started saying things that made me want to punch a wall or someone, so basically that's it,oh and if you don't already know you call me Amelia,"I said trying to hold back the tears of repeating the story to someone who I knew nothing about.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.