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    Minda sat on top the head of gargoyle that sat upon the balcony of her home. Her home was dark, evil. Any light that ever seemed to find its way through never lasted long. The only light that had seemed to stay longer than its welcomed stay was the light that Minda held inside herself. Her parents were very high up in the government of her home. Minda looked nothing like her parents, acted nothing like her parents. Minda was kind hearted, loving, caring, always willing to accept others, no matter how much of a misfit they were. Minda's parents however, did not, they laughed in the faces of those who did not belong, tortured those they did not like simply because the clothes they wore that day were not to their liking. Minda welcomed the poor into her home, her parents slammed doors in their face.

    The rain poured, like it always had in her home, how it never flooded was a wonder to Minda. Screaming and cackling was heard in the distant. A light from a candle shone behind Minda, her mother in the doorway. "Minda honey, you look beautiful atop the head of that gargoyle." Minda's mother approached her, petting the back of her head, her golden locks intertwining around her mother's fingers. Looking back at her Mother Minda smiled. Her dark orange eyes, seemed to stare into her mother's soul. "You say I look beautiful everywhere mother." Pulling her knees up to her chest her bangs covering her eyes, the grey wings on her back soaked from the rain hung down almost touching the ground.

    Minda's mother chuckled. "because you do." Minda's mother whispered in her ear before seemingly disappearing in the darkness of the world around Minda. Minda sat there still sulking, she hated the cruelty of this world how it seemed to be so evil, yet so many found it so beautiful. Minda heard a scream that seemed to come from nearby. Minda looked behind her, her dark eyes allowing her to see in the dark. Seeing that no one was around Minda jumped from the gargoyle, landing on the road beneath her. Those that were once so calmly wandering the night now ran in fear, that Minda had found some dark evil inside her. Yet, no Evil seemed no reside in Minda, ever. Minda noticed a child crying over what looked like a body, she approached the body, it was a woman. "How did she die child?" Minda asked looking at the child, The childs face dark, dirty, contorted like that of an ugly witch.

    "The bad men killed her, they took her soul, sucked it right out of her. Now, I'm alone." Minda smiled, fangs, like that of a vampire protruded from her upper lip. The child screamed and cried. "No! you cant eat her! I still need her!" Minda threw the child off of her and crouched over the body pulling the mouth of the now dead mother open. Looking at the child. "I'm your genie now what is your wish?" The child hesitated. "I want my mom back!" Minda smiled again. "As you wish my child." Breathing out, a glow of white smoke exited Minda's body as it did an eerie scream followed with it. The mother inhaled and gasped for air. Before Minda could see the happy reuniting of mother and child. Minda flew back up to her room, resting on her bed. Her cat like creature crawled up with her. Minda closed her eyes and slowly fell asleep.

    Minda's pet.

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  2. Nathan was bored, just plain bored. There was no one to tease or bully, and that was no fun. Nathan sat on a park bench, sneering at passing people. It was bright, too bright, and the infernal sun was shining. Nathan groaned. You see, Nathan was a special man with special abilities. He was part of the race called Healers, who do just that. But Nathan got something extra: a sociopathic nature and the ability to wound. Most healers couldn't hurt a fly, and everyone loved them. Not Nathan. Any stupid bug that got in his way was dead, any stupid kid who bugged him was probably suffering from a broken limb to an near fatal wound, depending on Nathan's mood. He was mean, and he knew it. He loved it. Every time he hurt someone, he felt good. He could heal as well, which also felt good, but he got more pleasure from wounding. Everyone was avoiding him today, and that made him a bit grumpy. What is he to do if he cant inflict pain? As he was contemplating this, his parents watched from afar, melancholy showing on their faces.

    "What is wrong with our son?"

    The would wonder. All of their other children were fantastic healers, and they were high up in the governments and cool organizations. But not Nathan. He thought it dull.
  3. Minda woke up a few hours later, it was still dark as ever outside and it was of course still raining. Minda stretched and so did her pet. its long tail wrapped tightly around Minda's forearm Minda stood up her pet hanging from her arm. It mewed at minda and pulled itself up onto her shoulder. Minda walked out to her family's dining room. Men, women and children stood lined up. Minda looked around curiously. her mother entered the room with a rolled up paper in her hand. Minda's cat jumps off of her shoulder and under the table. "How are you hun? Did you have an eventful night?" Minda looks at her mother curiously. "I'm.....fine. My night was like any other? yours?" Minda sits at the table, her eyes still on her mother. Her mothers sits at the end of the table and slides the rolled up paper to Minda. The paper showed a picture of the woman who Minda had brought back to life, dead, once again. The heading read. "WOMAN MYSTERIOUSLY BROUGHT BACK TO LIFE." Minda looked at her Mother, knowing she was caught. "Minda, we have talked about this you have to stop with this healing, its unnatural and wrong!" Before Minda, could respond heavy footsteps were heard down the corridor behind her, it was her father.

    Her father approached the back of Minda's chair, his shadow covering her. Minda looked down knowing the worst was to come. Her father spun Minda's chair around glaring at her. "You know better than this, I RAISED YOU BETTER THAN THIS!" Minda dared not to look at her father. Minda was pulled up from her chair and towards the line of people. "YOU WILL LEARN YOUR LESSON AND YOU WILL NEVER FORGET IT." Minda looked up, standing in front of her was a young girl, the daughter of the woman she had saved last night. This had not been the first time Minda had brought someone dead back to life. Her world was know for killing, yet she had never killed. She knew she had it in her, but she didn't have a want to kill. Minda's father leaned close to Minda's ear and whispered. "Kill her" Minda looked at the girl. "No." Minda father stood straight. "excuse me?!" Minda turned towards her father. "NO I WON'T KILL HER SHE DID NOTHING WRONG!" Minda's father struck her. "YOU WILL WETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT! NOW KILL HER!" Minda got up from the ground and looked at her father. "Give me one good reason."

    "Because I said so." Minda smirked. "That's not good enough." Her father went to strike her again but minda dodged it. Her father furious grabbed Minda by her hair and lifted her to his face. "You will kill her or I will kill you." Minda was tossed to the floor. Slowly standing tears in her eye's. Looking at the girl. "I refuse to kill the innocent." Minda's mother stood and spoke. "Oh for fucks sake Minda just kill the little demon, she is gonna try to kill you anyways, she was the one who killed her mother in the first place." Minda gasped and looked at the small child. Angry Minda's eyes went dark, grabbing the girl by the throat. "No It's a lie, I love my mother please you have to believe me." Minda stared into the girls eye's. "Look into my eye's the blood of the innocent is on your hands, feel their pain and accept the same fate as those who have wrongly died. The girls eyes slowly went black, turing to the color of burnt coals from a fireplace. Minda dropped the girl to the ground. "That was a lie by the way Minda, but good job honey now lets eat." Minda's mother smiled proudly and sat back down as did her father. "You did very well Minda, it will get easier to kill the innocent you just have to practice." Minda's eyes filled with tears and she stormed out of the room.

    Slamming the door to her bedroom she crawled onto her bed. "I wish I could go somewhere, beautiful where there is peace and destruction in harmony where..." Minda thought, she had heard stories of a place called Limbo, a place between all other worlds. It was said to be perfect, no wrong no right. "I wish I was in Limbo." Minda buried her face in her pillow and continued to cry, until she felt heat and a breeze ran through her hair. she looked up slowly shielding her eye's from the brightness. Minda was in Limbo.
  4. As Nathan went throughout his day, he was more and more agitated by small things. Everyone here was so pure and good. Nathan scowled. Why couldn't he be in a place where someone would appreciate him? As he walked, he heard a scream. Instinct took over and compelled him to run towards it. A young woman had fallen from a building and was quickly dying. Nathan may be cruel, but he would never let a woman die. He rushed to her side and the crowd gasped. Nathan was well known by all. The woman cringed. "Dont... Hurt..." Nathan hushed her. "Be quiet." He snapper, putting his hands on her abdomen. A golden peach light exuded from him and the woman began to heal. "I may be cruel, but I am not friends with death." The woman, once healed, was taken away by paramedics. When he got home, his parents applauded him. "Oh Nathan! We are so proud!" His mother said. Nathan scowled. "Leave me alone." He snapped. His anger caused a few servants to miraculously get scrapes and cuts. Nathan traipsed back to his room, where he picked up a book called Limbo. It was about a place of pain and healing, a place where it was all in balance. He wished he was there right before he fell asleep. Once he woke, he was there. Hello Limbo.
  5. Minda stood slowly looking around. The clouds perfectly covered the sunlight, it wasn't to bright but yet it wasn't too dark. Minda looked around, a few patches of flowers covered the ground, a small dirt path laid in front of her. Minda stepped forward expecting herself to wake up before she got to far, into the beauty of this place. A cool breeze blew through her hair, Minda spun with it smiling. "Limbo." was all Minda could think. This was the place she had heard stories of, she didn't think it was real or that if it was she would ever get there. Minda began to walk forward, she could see some people in the distance but they were too far away to see her. A small town peeked over a faraway hill. A beautiful, glassy lake to another side. It seemed like there was no evil, which was the only downside. Minda was soon corrected. As she continued to walk forward a man on a dark horse ran towards her, stopping in front of her, he spoke, his voice deep and raspy. "welcome to Limbo where good and evil coexist, the lake you see, monsters dwell in its waters, the people you see, all have good and evil in their souls. The town you see ruled by a beautiful good woman, married to a cruel man hungry for power, yet the balance on another out. In every thing Beautiful and peaceful a little evil resides, but not enough to throw off the balance. What you see with your mind is what you see with your eyes. The dark man and his horse began to change as Minda calmed down, his voice began a perfect mixture of deep and high pitched. His horse turned a brown color, with beautiful blue eyes. "Open your sense's and the world of Limbo will open itself to you." Minda smiled at the man. He smiled back and ran off disappearing in the distance. Minda saw a tree, its leaves were the color of orange, red and yellow, like you would see in the fall. Minda walked towards it, it seemed so peaceful what evil could reside it. Minda was going to find out.
  6. Nathan sat on the soft yet itchy grass as he looked around. It all looked bright, but Nathan could see the shadows and the monsters that lurked. Nathan turned his head and a man on a horse talking to a beautiful, and dark, woman caught his eye. This balance of evil and good was just perfect. His cruel yet caring eyes followed the girl as she made her way to a tree. Standing, he followed. The leaves were green, but the closer he got, the more heavily orange tinted the tree became. Like a carrot, he thought. The sun was bright, but Nathan stayed in the shadows where he could avoid it. He'd had all the sun he needed back home.
    Nathan felt an odd emotion stir within him. He might never be able to go home again. He never even said goodbye to his parents. And his earthly possessions; they were all back home. He had nothing here. Nothing but the clothes on his back. The feeling grew worse, making Nathan cross. A few plants began to wilt.
  7. Minda sat under the tree until she felt a dark energy around her. Her parents were the first to pop into her mind. Minda looked around searching for them, but they were no where to be seen. Minda saw flowers wilting and she jumped up and walked over to them. breathing life back onto them. "there you go now you can live longer." Minda stood and jumped back slightly as she stood face to face with a boy she had never seen. "Oh my, i am so sorry, I didnt realize anyone was here. I didn't mean to disturb you." Minda smiled at the boy and began to walk away.
  8. As Nathan watched the girl bring life to the plants he had destroyed, he became fascinated. She looked so dark, and yet had such a kind outlook. Nathan could see that she was capable if evil, but she chose not to embrace it. "No, wait." Nathan called out in a smooth voice. He reached out and grasped her arm, trying to get her to stay. Her skin was like ivory and silk. Her eyes had been pools of light. The darkness within him was curious. "I'm not from here. Are you?" Nathan felt compelled to ask this question, an so he did.
  9. Minda gasped when her arm was grabbed. Spinning around and looking at him. His face looked so gentle. How could someone that looked so kind and at peace do something so destructive. "N-no I am not from here." Minda looked into his eyes as she spoke. "Why are you sad?" Minda could sense the sadness that this boy held in his heart. She wanted to heal him but she couldn't heal sadness, only death.
  10. As soon as Minda asked that question, Nathan dropped her arm as if he had been burned. "That," Nathan spat, "is absolutely none of your business." His face was contorted into a silent snarl. "Forget I even said anything. I was just asking for directions." Nathan lied quickly. In realty, he craved to know more about this enlightened dark woman. The touch of her skin and the light in her eyes piqued his curiosity. "And I'm not sad. I'm cruel." The plants around him started diying.
  11. Minda was taken back by his sudden cruelety. After his face had contoted and the flowers started to die. Minda pushed him knocking him all the way back onto the dirt path. "STOP IT. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU. Stop killing things that didn't hurt you, they don't deserve your pain." Minda breathed life back onto them. A gold glow coming out of her mouth as she did so. "The Living deserve to live, without the likes of you trying to mess it up. Your just like my father! you don't deserve to see all this beauty if you're just gonna destroy it." Minda said as she turned her back to the boy, walking away from him and lifting herself into the tree.
  12. "You sound just like my mother." Nathan snapped. "All goody two shoes and lovey dovey. I'd rather trip a nerd than heal his scabs." Nathan said. "These plants aren't beautiful. They're poisonous. They kill." Nathan walked up to one small flower. "We have these back home. My people often have to heal stupid humans who have ingested it. They never get it. I had to heal a young boy who ate it on a dare."
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