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  1. Zoey smiled when she looked in the mirror, her shoulder leanghr blonde hair was in tight angel curls and had a glittery butterfly clip in. She had just finished her pink and sparkly makeup like the cheerleaders had and she had put on a cute pink dress. The 16 year old wanted to catch the eye of one guy at her school by dressing and acting like the girls she normally saw him with but it hadn't been working yet. The girl shook her head, she was sure it'd work sooner or later.

    Zoey walked in to school in her bright pink high heels and a bright pink bag, she always arrived at the same time each day so that shed be walking in when he would be and get a change at him seeing her and maybe even giving her a smile. Zoey didn't know what it was about the guy that she liked, she just felt so drawn to him and she just wanted to know him so badly.
  2. Jake glanced at himself in the mirror to make sure that his hair was perfect as usual. Grinning he walks out and gets to school. Walking in the door a girl in pink dress walks into his view. Glancing over he noticed the same girl from every other day. What was with her? Why did she always try and get his attention? It just didn't make any sense to him as he walked on and to his locker.
  3. Zoey blushed when she saw that Jake had noticed her and gave a happy smile at even just a side glance. The girl was utterly smitten with him and couldn't believe she was so lucky as to have her locker only a few doors down from his!
  4. Opening his locker he grabs his necessary items and turns on his heel shutting it as he walks away not giving her a second glance. She was obviously just someone who couldn't be themselves so they acted differently to get close to people. He hated that.
  5. Zoey pouted when Jake turned away and didn't even look at her. The girl smiled as she picked up her book and walked ahead of him, trying to make it seem real as she gave a girly yelp and tripped before dropping her books on the floor
  6. Watching her fall down right in front of him he caught a very quick glance at her panties. Chuckling softly to himself so no one could hear he smirks thinking that she probably brought it on herself for walking so god damn fast. Smiling he walks up to her and picks up her books but doesn't say a thing then he stands up and walks away.
  7. Zoey was sure that Jake was hgoing to be her knight in shining armor but it didn't happen and the girl looked after him "t..thank you!" She called, hoping to get his attention as she clung to her not picked up books
  8. Hearing her voice he stops and looks over his shoulder his bright blue eyes stared at her for a second before he said, "You're welcome." it was probably the first time he had ever said anything to her in person. Turning around he walks off towards his class falling silent once more.
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