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  1. The morning was cold, and Atropa closed her window tightly.
    She was up earlier than usual, so she decided to take a long, hot shower.
    Her parents were gone for the weekend, but her older sister was around-
    probably sleeping.

    After her shower, she went downstairs to make herself a cup of hot tea,
    and carried it to her room with her.
    She sat down at her desk, opening her laptop, taking a sip of her tea.

    Her newest friend, and love interest, was online.
    His name was Andrew.
    She clicked his name, and began typing a message.

    DeadlyNightshade: HeyC:
    DeadlyNightshade: My parents are gone, so I'm stuck at home w/ my mean sister. :C
    DeadlyNightshade: What are you doing?<3
  2. Andrew had just hit sleep for the third time on his alarm when his dog bounded through the door that had been opened a crack.
    His mother was the most passive aggressive woman in the house, and Andrew didn't quite know why he had to wake up now.
    It was the weekend, he was off of work and didn't really want to deal with anything at the moment.

    So he showered, found some clothes that didn't clash, and nearly tripped as he ran down the stairs to grab some breakfast.
    He was more concerned with the laptop he'd left in the den the night before, so he took his apple and made his way to the room in question.
    His parents were split and he was an only child. Which was a good thing, as his computer was untouched.

    He opened up the chat and signed it quickly, looking through the list of people online for the one he actually wanted to talk to.
    His mother would have a fit if she knew he was talking to a girl online, but he was eighteen and would be out of the house soon,
    so she really didn't have a say in the matter. He smiled when the chat box popped up with a greeting.

    itsandrew: Hello there (:
    itsandrew: Aww, you poor thing. But hey, got rid of the 'rents, that's good, right?
    itsandrew: About to go to the coffee shop, wbu?
  3. Atropa smiled as Andrew replied.
    Her heart swelled, and she blushed.
    She was thankful to be in the privacy of her own bedroom, which had a locked door at the moment.
    Her sister had a bad habit of walking in uninvited.
    She smiled again, and typed a reply quickly, putting her hair up in a bun.

    DeadlyNightshade: Yeah, I'm glad they're gone for a bit. Let them go fight somewhere else for a change..
    DeadlyNightshade: Aw, I wish I could join you! I'm gonna probably go get some Starbucks myself.
    DeadlyNightshade: I might hang out with some friends today. But I'll be on my phone, so we can still talk, love. <3
  4. He sprawled out on the couch, glancing over his shoulder as his mom walked into the room.
    "Andrew, you gotta get off that computer." She scolded.
    Oh, if only she knew what he was actually doing.
    "I'm meeting the guys in ten minutes anyways, chill for a sec."

    itsandrew: haha, I wish you could join me.
    itsandrew: alright, sounds good. I really need to get going or the guys will make me buy. I'll text you in ten, mmk?
  5. Atropa smiled to herself, and typed back.

    DeadlyNightshade: Okay, that's great. Ttys!<3

    She signed off and called her best friend, Tiffany, so she could get some coffee,
    and maybe see a movie, or go shopping.
    Taking her phone off the charger, she picked out an outfit, skinny jeans, a black band shirt, and some vans.
    Her makeup was simple, just some eyeliner, and red lipstick.

    Her friend had text back, and she was out- locking the front door, she got in her car and went to pick up Tiffany.
  6. His room was a mess, that he knew.
    He dug for his keys while pulling on a pair of jeans in place of the sweatpants, finding them under a pile of schoolwork.
    He then was out the door, stumbling over himself as he tried to put on shoes while moving toward his car.
    It wasn't the nicest, but it had wheels, which was what mattered.
    He reached the coffee shop and parked, joining his friends indoors.

    itsandrew: so how's life?
  7. The Starbucks smelled amazing, as always.
    Tiffany was talking about her newest love interest, and Atropa listened silently.
    They ordered their coffee and snacks, then took a seat in the window area.
    She felt her phone vibrate, making her jump a bit.
    She smiled when she saw it was Andrew, again.

    DeadlyNightshade: It's alright. I'm passing most of my classes, and my parents are gone for like, a month.
    My sister is a bitch, but what can you do?
    DeadlyNightshade: Yours?
  8. He got his drink, paid and then joined his friends on one of the oversized leather
    couches that were shoved in the back of the shop. He promptly sprawled on one
    as his friends found their own places to sit. He took a sip of his drink and his phone
    made a tweeting sound to alert the text. "Aww, man, you still texting that girl?"

    itsandrew: It's alright. Mom's stressing, dad still hasn't called me.. The usual life of a
    teen with split parents.
  9. Smiling at Tiffany, but not really listening, Atropa typed a reply.

    DeadlyNightshade: I'm sorry. I'm pretty sure my parents are getting ready to divorce.
    DeadlyNightshade: Good news is: I've saved up almost enough to come see you this Summer.
    Only two months left.! <3

    Tiffany looked over at Atropa, glaring.
    "Are you even listening? God! All you ever do is text or IM that boy now..."
    She sat in her chair, taking a sip, still glaring.
    Atropa looked at her own drink, the whip cream was melting.
    "He's my boyfriend.. And his name is Andrew.."
    She sighed.
    Tiffany shook her head and continued with her story, and Atropa zoned out again.
  10. "Sam, if by that girl, you mean my girlfriend, yeah. That'd be her."
    He didn't look up from his phone, beginning to respond.

    itsandrew: Don't apologize, it isn't your fault. Awe, babe. That sucks.
    itsandrew: Two months that can't go by soon enough. Are your parents okay with it?

    "I don't know man, how do you know she isn't some 60 year old creep?"
    Sam's brow was furrowed, seeming genuinely concerned.
    "Next time we Skype you can see for yourself. She looks way too good to
    be a 60 year old creep."
  11. Atropa smiled at his reply, feeling a flutter in her belly.
    She was beyond excited to meet him.

    DeadlyNightshade: Yeah, it does.
    DeadlyNightshade: I haven't... exactly told them yet.
    I'm 18, and I have my own car, and job, so really, they don't NEED to know...

    She looked over at Tiffany, she hadn't told her either.
    Tiffany was now drinking her coffee, texting on her phone as well.
    "That's Shane. He wants to meet up with us." She smiled.
    Atropa sighed.
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