Love, Freedom, Justice Three differnt Cups

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  1. Hey Guys looking for females that are willing to do an Rp.
    looking for
    *** GodessXHuman
    *** CsptiveXCaptor
    ***Human with powerXHuman
    Some other story lines.
    In the middie of the roman empire, the emperor came out with the New elite forces to conter ZAFT and barbaine innovation. They were not ready for the attack on Greeks. The city of athens was Take by ZAFT and there allies. Commander crusade ordes the executions of the leaders of the city. But he don't want the Priness harmed in any way. They throw her in a prison cell. In the mean time a young Knight Temperlor had just get in the prison and looking for the young prinsess. Little do they know she would fall in love with him. Join on this epic jurney of pain, love, romance and fight of freedom.
    Stor line 2
    In the area known as the kingdom of Gundor a young princess ruled the land. One day she would be come Queen but she first had to find someone she could fall in love with. One night a attack on the fortess came. And she ends up countering on of the men who were in the fort. But little she know he is a Roman office an Allie to her. But she ends up capturing him and Turing him in to a slave. She then gets the idea of using him as a sex toy. And keeping him chain or tied to something. She would be the master and he would be the slave so she could force him around and do things to him. Sexual and just playing with his mind by making sexual jesters to him. But she will soon fall in love with him. But the love will be broken with tragedy.

    If intersed Pm me. will get back to you ASAP
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.