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  1. (The only open character is labeled A for the sake of writing this and making my life easier. Oh yeah! Forgot to mention, I didn't write this completely, my friend started the intro for it. //slight disowner. [ Also that's why the character is so weird in the beginning. :P. ] I don't do many yaoi RP, so I figured might as well...)

    Adults, curious creatures, they are, always making notes about how stupid the youth is today. Rumbling on and on how back in their youth, things were better. Sulking about how their past, it's a thing that they long for, groaning because of aching body parts. Mostly the feet and back, occasionally the headaches that form from their annoying children. What get this teenager so wrapped up in Adults and their pointless motives, is their usually weird spending habits, aside from paying bills. Yes, they waste money on children who desperately need that toy. My own parents waste money on things I don't even want....Like books or clothes that I'll never wear. What makes adults queer to me is the obsession they have with this thing called lottery. There's different forms of it but the most common is the Power Ball. They spend around twenty bucks for a ticket with numbers on it. A process I don't understand but this lotto racks up big cash and then one lucky, slave zombie's number is called and this person win this stack of cash...

    I may not be a adult but I'm going to win the lotto.

    Leo, a video game obsessed teenage boy, sat in front of a gas station and watched as a number of people came in and out of the store. He watched some buy tickets for the up coming lottery. He was suppose to be home hours ago, even though the only person who was waiting for him is his father. His father could wait, Leo's plans for today were more important. He didn't get threated to have the cops for loitering number of times to give up. He was lucky that the owner hadn't found out what he was really doing. Every so often, Leo would steal lotto tickets from unexpected victims. It was tricky, he had to make sure that no one was looking, at times he was required to steal wallets. He gave the wallets back claiming the person lost it but stealing from wallets forced him to move on. Leo's work was starting to pay off, the totally of tickets he'd stole was five. He was going to get one last ticket before going home.
    A man in a nice suit walked into the store and bought a ticket, putting it in his pocket. He walked out of the store, stopping to look at a kid who was just sitting there. He shook his head, continuing to his car.
    Leo stood up, following the man. He couldn't help but see that this man had the same tattoo on his neck as a man he stole a ticket from earlier, he thought very little about it. He snuck up to the side of the man, he reached his hand in slowly into his pocket until he grabbed the ticket, yanking his hand back. Leo started walking away from the man, slipping around the corner.
    " And the told me video games don't teach life skills." Leo muttered as he headed home.

    Later that same day:
    "What do you mean, you lost my tickets! How could lose something so important! I had to pull a lot of strings to make sure at least one of my tickets would win." A, a man around his twenty, growled.
    "I-I don't know, boss." The fat and short man stuttered.
    "I lost nothing, it was more like stolen." The taller and buffer man stated.
    A walked up to both of them, punching them both in the face. " You idiots! Find the person who took them and get them back" He snarled.
    "I already have an Idea who might have taken it." The taller man replied.
    A didn't really need the money since he was already a rich mafia boss but if he won, it was extra cash he was able to waste.

    When the calling of the number's came out, one of the tickets Leo stole was called out. He couldn't turn it in himself and that's where his father came. He walked out into the living room.
    "Hey Dad, I found this ticket on the ground." He said and handed it to him.
    His father took the ticket and looked over it, his eyes widened and he jumped out of his seat, cheering. " Son, you found the winning ticket!" He cried, hugging his son. "Best gift ever."

    The two got the money, the spent it on whatever they wanted to, some of the money went to bills. Unaware that Leo was a wanted kid. When the money ran out was the day Leo was kidnapped by A's men.

    ( Sorry I got lazy towards the end. >_<
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