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Romance, Horror, fantasy, action, Drama, Comedy
Looking for a very chill (2-5 paragraphs) MxM roleplay that is more fixated on character development and plot rather than right-off-the-bat smut (unless the plot calls for it). I’m into all kinds of themes and genres aside from those set in the 16-1900s and such. I just fail at them so unless you want some inaccuracies thrown into the mix, then I strongly suggest staying clear of those time periods lol Side note: If you prefer using pictures, I only use anime and ulzzangs (Korean models) as face-claims. I also don't subject my characters to labels such as: dominate, submissive, seme, seke, uke and the like. PM me if you want to plot something out ^^

Anywho, let’s get down to business (to defeat the huns) –yup my Mulan reference is HAI-LARIOUS xD-

● Devil in disguise as the imaginary friend of a priest's son
● Stuck in his own work of fiction
● Human Trafficking
● His twin is found -insert years later- after being kidnapped at the age of five (can even add he was turned into a humanoid)
● Escape convict
● Necromancer creates his ideal lover out of corpses
● Antagonist of a manga/book comes to life
● Slaves chosen and trained to fight (think of dog or chicken fights but with human beings or the manga loveless)
● Satan and his fallen angel
● Manga artist x manga character
● Stuck in an alternate universe (be it a book, a game, another ungodly planet where the currency of the world is in sexual favors –I’m kind of kidding about the latter lol-)
● Homophobic manga artist x Gay Author
● Cross-dresser x someone/ brother (Plot!)
● Masochist/Sadist x someone
● Escape convict x someone
● Chatroom or Penpal related
● Assassin contracted to kill but gets into a car accident and loses his memory ; wakes up to find his target tending to his wounds
● Zombie apocalypse (Various plots)
● Murderer x disciple
● Something gang related
● Something [K] (the anime) related
● Something Owari No Seraph (the anime) related
● Something Tokyo Ghoul (the anime) related
● Rebellious step-son x step-father (Plot!)
● Devil in disguise x next door neighbor (plot!)
● Student x student (plot!)
● Age Gap
● Incest
● Pet dog/cat turns into a human
● Prostitute x Oblivious boyfriend (plot!)
● Elementalist x The brigade (plot!)


Money in Disguise

In order to get the money he needed to attend the Performing Arts school of his dreams, his best friend proposed to put his acting skills to the test. If Character A (the cross-dresser) could convince a straight man to propose to him within a year without revealing his identity, everything, from his books, to his dorm room, and especially his tuition will be paid in full. It seemed like a dream come true so he strapped on a pair of high-heels, flung on a dress and hit the streets to hopefully find the man who will ultimately be the answers to all his prayers.

So Character B could have trust issues. Perhaps the friend chose a really difficult dating candidate who has severe trust issues but is really eager to get back on the dating scene. We can incorporate a lot of things so this plot is up for discussion and changes can be made.

Allergic Reaction

No one could explain it, there wasn’t a medical condition in the book that could possible diagnose it, but whenever Character A so much as holds a woman’s hand he breaks out in hives that were so severe, he sworn to never go on another date for as long as he may live. His brother, Character B, was convinced the skin abnormalities stemmed off of stress or some sort of deep-rooted psychological ailment he believed could be conditioned with a few well-thought out experiments. Double-dating was a bust, changing up his wardrobe so not a single inch of skin showed was a disaster, and even a ‘no-touching’ rule was just a ticking time bomb of sexual frustration waiting to happen. So, knowing everything there is to know about his brother, he came up with a plan to by-pass the first-date jitters by dressing as a girl and showing him that dating was simply a matter of getting comfortable in your own skin.

Okay, so I just made up this plot on the spot and it needs work I suppose. I’m pretty sure this was a plot for some kind of manga or something. Idk it seems so familiar to me but if you have any suggestions to spruce up this plot then hit me up with a PM.
Prom King and King

It was some kind of a joke. For their Junior prom the class voted two guys for their prom king and queen- no wait, scratch that- it was prom king and king. Were they blind or was it all for laughs? Well, despite the mockery that was placed upon them, they were still obligated to attend rehearsals and dance lessons or the lack of a complete prom court left them with the consequence of their prom taken away from the Junior class. They felt the pressure form everyone, they knew how much the dance meant to them, but it was still so wrong. Most placed bets on the longevity of this 'partnership' while some were left wondering if one will quit or will if they would stick it out to the very end.

Fight or Flight

Due to budget cuts and insufficient space on school grounds, there was a bout between the old but consistent art club and the new and popular photography club. A competition was near, the principal deciding which club will stay or go due to the outcome of the winner. Due to the fact that these two clubs refuse to correspond with one another, they had two months to prepare for the competition. With the photography club sharing a room with another club, there is to exist blackmail, threats, and the ever so popular...drama. Will these two clubs find a way to coexist with each other, or will one club perish while the other successfully thrives.

It doesn’t need to be art clubs, it can between any club you can come up with so, again, no holds bar.
The Pay Off (Brother x Brother/Step-brother; Possibly age gap)

Character A was forced to move in with the so called 'family of perfection'. His mother gave dating another try and 'A' wasn't one to meddle with his mother's life. In the back of his mind, he doubted anything serious would come about until a few months later he found himself in a new home. To make it all worse, the role of 'babysitter' was placed amongst him as eyes laid on his new step-brother. Through it all, it was an okay experience. He tried as hard as he could to ignore his brother, delve into the sins of another man's arms, and unfortunately got caught along the way. Like yesterday's trash, 'A' was thrown into adult hood so quickly that the idea of providing for himself didn't manifest in his head until the drug scene revealed itself before him. With no restrictions, 'A' worked his way up the Mafia food chain until he was granted a position that granted him wealth and a stable way of living. All was good for a while, that was until 'B' decided to show up on his doorstep. It seemed his family's lawyer tracked down his address and with the minor without a home, 'A' is forced to take him in. Though, such expenses for food, shelter, and water wasn't something 'A' was going to overlook. He decides to get him into the illegal business filled to the brim with prostitution, drugs, murders and everything in between. Will 'B' succumb to his brothers wishes or will he be left on the streets with nowhere else to go.

House Arrest (Step-son x Step-father ; Age Gap)

After a few petty crimes, the justice department decides to fit Character A for an ankle bracelet that prevents him from leaving the house. As luck would have it, his mother decides to welcome her new fiancé to move in days before her business trip overseas. It was crazy. To the two men she loved under the same roof had to have been the most toxic decision she had ever made in her life. But it was done. She left, her son was practically a prisoner in his own home and his step-father was being the biggest ‘dick’ in the history of all dick-wads by making his life a living hell.

Bound Innocence

Character A's unforgivable misconduct toward the counsel and its duties had led him toward the irreversible punishment of clipping his wings. However, one angel believed that his actions were all misinterpreted when truthfully his wrongdoings were due to extortion or simply being set up by another. Although the counsel wasn't convinced, they gave the angel a rare second chance as they literally paired him up with a delinquent. His duty was to change the other's ways within 3 months or lose his wings forever. With that, the spiritual chains between them couldn't be separated within a 1 mile radius or pain would substantially increase until they found each other again.
Loving Reverie

They entwined their fingers before they slept and they're in a world where their subconscious intertwines with each other. They can love one another without hiding in their own little dream world. It was a great escape from the criticism and abhorred attitude toward their forbidden relationship because no one could touch them in a dream. No one could hurt them, but when the tranquil fantasies end at the sound of an alarm clock, they're left waiting for their nights endeavor of dreaming once more, but little did they know that with slumber comes the inevitable encounter of their worse nightmares.

The Brigade

The Brigade are a team of highly trained officers chosen to eradicate those who possessed supernatural abilities throughout the world. No matter who they were, be it a child, a counsel men, or the president himself, those proven to be what many call an abomination, were killed without question. Character A put his life on the line to wipe out the very existence of ‘the creatures’ who were responsible for his fiancé’s death. However, when Character B saves Character’s A child from a burning building, he begins to question just how dangerous these people are.

The idea I had was that the Brigade member would let the elementalist go, however, just like a parole officer, he follows him, checks up on him and watches over him and all that jazz. Perhaps there a small community of elementalist hidden somewhere and after a while the elementalist brings the officer there to meet them to prove they weren’t a danger to society. Or maybe Character B is actually a danger because, for one reason or another, he can’t control his powers. I’m practically open to anything, so whatever ideas you have, shoot them my way.


A group comes across a man whose arms are riddled with bite marks that had long since healed with nothing but scars left as a grizzle reminder of his attack. While many in the group fear of the high probability the man may turn against them without warning, one man is convince he's the answer to all their prayers. While the prospects of a cure seem to be god's solution to the hell they've lived through, one can't be sure if the blessing in disguise is really a ticking time bomb just waiting to destroy them when they least expect it.

So a lot of things can happen. Drama in the group can occur. The immune character may have side effects that makes him unable to eat normal food. There may even be others like him. I don't know. Sky's the limit.

S A F E . H A V E N

Character A has been trekking through one zombie infested town after the next searching for a safe haven or some kind of home to call his own. When Character B, a recruiter, comes in to save the day and introduces him to a small camp strategically design to ward off the undead, his new surroundings seem to be as perfect as perfect can get. However, mentally unstable and paranoid by years of torture, the leader of the camp has secrets as dark as what lurks beyond the barricades that protects them all.

What that secret is? I'm not entirely sure. We can plot it out. The recruiter (Character B) may be aware of the corruption or not, but A is surely oblivious to everything that is going on. It's just a matter of time that he uncovers the truth.

T H E . H U N T E D (Zombie)

10 years has passed since the outbreak placed mankind at the bottom of the food chain. Many died, a lot of sacrifices were made, and hope itself was hanging by the balance until one day, a small civilization made up of 20 people transformed into a town occupying more than 5,000 residence. In order to keep the numbers growing, a special force trained to kill was created. As their names entailed, The Hunters set out to kill corpses and find any trace of a cure if any exist. After years of searching, they found that the fate of mankind lays in the hands of a child who is destined to die the moment he steps foot beyond the gates of what was supposed to be a town that fostered a sense of hope for a better tomorrow.

So the two main characters will be the hunter and the child's brother/father/companion. The idea I had for this is that in order to make the cure, they have to use a large portion of the child's brain matter which will instantaneously kill him or leave him brain dead. Either way, he's dead and although the child's keeper knows nothing about this, the hunter is well aware of it. So the rp will start in a town or somewhere miles away from The hunter's home base. The convoy might've broke down, they might've been overrun and his entire team dies...idk, we can discuss it.


- Ex-lovers forced to travel together
- Sister's fiance x The brother
- Someone who is unable to kill the undead for 'reasons' x Someone who gets a kick out of killing
- Convicted killer x cop
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I'd like to do the Sister's fiance x brother rp if your still looking
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