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  1. I do like a variety of genres, and am always up for anything. I tend to perfer fantasy genres

    For romance specific here's some options to look at:
    Princess/her guard(or knight)
    Witch(or Wizard)/Monster
    Witch (or Wizard)/person

    Other ideas (I can elaborate if you want to know more about what ideas I have in mind):
    Monster hunting
    Sea Side monster story (not quite hitting into Lovecraft territory, but close?)
    Space Mercenaries

    The above don't necessarily need to be romantic, they can be platonic if you want. Tell me if you're interested! Ask whatever questions you want.
  2. Monster hunting sounds cool, I'm up for that
  3. The pirating looks interesting, what were you thinking of doing with that?
  4. Hi! I like the sound of some of those, particularly Sea Side Monster Story, and monster/human. I'll RP pretty much whatever you want though. Let me know if you're interested in something :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.