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  1. Hello everyone.

    I am looking for a new partner or two to work on RP writing. I'd be interested in anyone that wanted to work on the stories I have below, create one together, or work on something you have in mind. Honestly, I just want a good and steady writing partner.

    I am a role player in my 20s and I have been at the RP thing for at least ten years. My goal in any story is to focus on a fluent story, a captivating setting, and characters that grow and develop. To do that, I like to do a little bit of planning at the beginning and give just enough to get the story off the ground. From there, that allows our characters to develop and change and allows the plot to go in different directions. I usually post 3+ paragraph posts each post and I can usually post at least once per day if not more. When I have time to fire off a post, I will do so!

    Currently I am interested in starting RPs of the following genres: action, adventure, fantasy, steampunk, historical, mythological, fairy tale, horror, or any ideas you might have. I love my plots to be an equal mix of several genres, so expect that dynamic in plot.

    Greek Mythology:
    Warriors fighting for the gods are punished with immortality and sent to earth to clear away demons and right their mistake. Involves deals with gods, characters fighting their demons, and even succumbing to those demons.

    Fairy Tale/Fantasy Plot
    A princess is stolen from her kingdom before a crucial marriage that will combine two powerful countries. Magic and technology will blast together and their joint power will snuff out the lesser kingdoms. Afraid of this power, a group kidnaps her and curses her to remain near the great river. The plan was to pull her from her home and keep her tied to the forest. However, she is stronger than they believe. Her strength won't be enough, she's going to need a little help to get home.

    Modern/Fantasy/Adventure and Travel Story
    A woman who mistakenly buys a forgotten and seemingly abandoned mansion is sucked into a feud between multiple families that goes back centuries. The owner of the mansion, a care-free and enigmatic playboy, comes home to find his house taken over and in the process of being restored. They don't have long to argue when another family attacks he and his home. Now the woman is sucked into this world of danger, family threats and ties that go back centuries. She's also going to find out that her own bloodline is intermingled in this warfare. And maybe, just maybe, she's going to find out what that constant humming is in the back of her head.

    Modern/Fantasy/Fantasy World
    My new favorite idea is that of a woman, blinded by a war in another land, escapes with her infant son to this land. She struggles to raise her child, forget her lover whom she believes to be dead and a traitor, and hide away in a world without magic. However, the clock is ticking and magic cannot be hidden in this world for long. Soon her old world and this world will collide again and the broken family will have to uncover secrets of this realm and their original home. (I'd be REALLY excited if someone wanted to try and work with this!)

    I would also be more than happy to just discuss any ideas you have. Honestly, I am looking for a good writing partner who won't fade out on me in a few days.

    Please start a private message with me as I often forget to check the comments here! Or you can email me at fireofflowingwater@gmail.com
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  2. i'd be delighted to work on your modern fantasy world idea!
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