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  1. I'm looking for multiple partners for a few different fandoms.
    (If anyone is up for sex scenes, please be 18+, in mature A forum)

    I'm looking for people to play canon characters, but I, too, am willing to play canons.
    However, I dislike canon/canon.

    I need active (can post more than once a day) partners, who can spell correctly (or at least use spell check, it's not that hard), and also use correct grammar and punctuation.
    I'd also like someone who can match my post length, whether it be two paragraphs or ten. If not the exact same length, at least half.
    I like to use 3rd person for my role plays, and I really dislike it when my partners switch views in the middle of a sentence. If you do that, I may quit the role play.

    I also really need someone who's honest, and not afraid to tell me if they want to quit.
    If you grow bored of the role play, tell me right away. I honestly don't care. I do, however, care if you lie to me about it and continue to push it off, or, if you ignore me. It's rather rude as well.

    So, if you haven't run away by now, listed below are the pairing I'd like.
    I'm considering myself the oc, but I'm willing to double.(If there's a * next to a pairing, I've got a plot.)

    Harry Potter:

    Snape/oc (teacher/ student)*
    Luna/oc (female/female)
    Hermione/oc (female/female)

    Lord of the Rings:


    The Hobbit:


    Percy Jackson:

    Nico/oc (can be f/m or m/m)*



    Adventure Time:

    Marceline/oc (f/f)
    Marceline/Bonnibel (I'd like to play Marcy)

    Hunger Games:


    And as for any celebs, I'd really like someone to be Tom Hiddleston for me!

    I've also got some anime's I'd like to do.
    If you'd like a list, pm me!

    So, if you're interested, please let me know!
  2. Hey! I am interested I'll PM you about the list of anime pairings because you seem to like a lot of things I do, so we might possibly have a match! ^^
  3. I would like to do the Marceline/Bonnibel RP please
  4. Okay, can you Pm me please so we can discuss plot and stuff?
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