LOTR/The Hobbit~

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  1. I'm quite sure most of you know about the Lord of The Rings series,
    as well as The Hobbit.

    I'm obsessed with both, and most recently, Kili and Thorin from the new movie.

    I'd like to have an action role play for these series, more so for Thorin and Kili, from the Hobbit.
    Yes, I am a female, so I'd like to have some damn romance too!
    (I am obsessed with Thorin. SHUDDUP.)

    If interested, please sign up!

    All I ask is that you use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation and the best of your abilities.
    And be able to post at least once a day~

    I'd like two people to at least play Thorin and Kili for my possible love interests.
    You can also create and OC.