Lost Treasures

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  1. Dexter cut through the branches. He was in the Amazon rainforest trying to find what most treasure hunters look. He slicked his brown hair back and out of his eyes. It's been two months since he entered and even he wasn't sure that he was going in the right direction. Quickly taking out his map and compass made a mental course towards his destination on the map. His tight brown shirt clung to him uncomfortably as it was drenched with sweat. Why he ever took this job he didn't know. Dexter continued hacking at the leaves and stared at his watch sun down was approaching and he had to make camp if he was going to survive. He quickly hacked the leaves away and came into contact with a clearing. Setting up camp he took all the precautions not to be eaten, stung or bitten to death.
  2. Iolani finally finished making her little rest stop, which including a slowly dying fire and even a little bed she made with her clothes. She raked her hair, drinking the rest of her water from her canteen. She sighed, taking in the dark scenery of the rain forest. It was beautiful, bright flowers and the soft chirps of the birds that were fighting with sleep and winning.

    "So close," she whispered, looking at her filthy looking hands. Dirt were in her indents, and deep in her cuticles. She didn't feel so pretty, she hadn't been feeling pretty ever since she accidentally tripped into a small ravine, and now was covered in the gorgeous filth of the rain forest.
  3. Dexter made a small fire. He dug through his backpack for some water and food. He boiled the water in case any pathogens snuck its way inside the bottle, and also cooked the food. The man sat there eating up the rest of the food before standing. He needed more water and soon. He grabbed a bottle and trekked into the forest in search. Dexter looked for fifteen minutes before finding a woman covered in mud.

    Silently he approached the girl and tapped her on the shoulder. "Hello there" he greeted.
  4. Iolani whipped back, her hands swiftly meeting his cheek with a strong, and harsh back hand. "OH! I'm so sorry," she gasped, clasping her mouth in shock as he fell backwards. Mud and red marks were across his cheek yelling out to her in guilt. "I'm so, so, sorry. I thought that...oh, God," she murmured as she got up and sat next to him, not sure exactly what to do.
  5. Dexter's head snapped as her hand met his cheek. He rubbed his cheek tenderly. Looking back at the girl he did a double take. "Iolani?" he exclaimed staring at the girl.
  6. Iolani stopped, and her eyes went even wider--if it were possible.

    "Dexter? The hell are you doing here?" she asked him, in a loud and off-key voice as she stood up. She looked down at him, her eyebrows scrunched in confusion.

    "Well?" she asked him, getting impatient.
  7. "Probably after the same thing you are" he said staring her down "You might as well go home Iolani, it's obvious who's going to reach there first"
    Dexter turned on his heel away from her before putting on a sadden face. She wasn't supposed to be here, only a select few knew about the treasure deep in the forest.
  8. Once Dexter walked off, she huffed angrily. How could he be mad at her?

    Was she not worth it? Was it because she wasn't a man? Was it because she slapped him?

    Well, he deserved it.

    Iolani decided to not rest tonight, maybe later on. Until she couldn't see. She got up, grabbed her things and went off to walk a couple more miles, anger boiling inside of her.
  9. Sighing Dexter Quickly gathered his things. If he didn't move she might feel like sneaking up and killing him in his sleep, he wouldn't put it past her. Paranoid he moved quickly through the jungle and only stopped to retrieve water when he stumbled upon it. A few hours later he could not continue anymore unless he wanted to collapse from exhaustion. He set up camp and fell asleep promptly.
  10. Iolani kept walking, and walking...

    and walking.

    She was getting extremely heavy, and finally decided to sleep. She sat down on the floor, raking her gritty hair off of her face. She breathed heavily, and faintly heard the babbling brook of water. She jumped up, and scurried around the forest, and finally found it. She grabbed some water, and started to rub off the mud from her hair, arms, face, and legs. She sighed happily, and exasperatedly, as she walked back to her camping spot.
  11. Dexter awoke the next morning feeling refreshed. He packed everything up after eating a quick bite of food, rationing it. He left making sure he had everything. Continuing to walk in a path he chopped away at leaves and found another brook. He filled his bottle with water and took a quick wash. He couldn't wait when he would find treasure. All he wanted to do at that moment was go home and sleep on a real bed and wash in a real bath with real soap.
  12. Once it hit around noon-ish, Iolani had finally awaken from her deep slumber. Her joints popped achingly as she got up and stretched her arms as far as they could reach the sky. Seeing as she was only five foot three, a hairline close to five foot four, she didn't reach so high. She grabbed her items, and quickly went walking, in search for the treasure.

    As she walked, she heard faintly a couple feet away toward East...she heard leaves rustling. Little did she know that it was Dexter. She heard a brook, and decided to go to another one, needing to get more water. She placed a hand on her low hip, ready to grab her hidden knife just in case. She walked slyly, and snapped the branches, opening an entrance to see Dexter once more.

    "Why do I keep seeing you?" she asked with her eyebrows scrunched.
  13. When Dexter heard twigs snapping he spun around with his machete in hand. He saw Iolani and sighed "Jesus woman, you almost scared me to death, thought you were a panther," he said placing the machete back to it's rightful place.

    "As for the keep seeing me part, we're hunting the same treasure" Dexter looked at her rolling his eyes. "Which reminds me, I've been in these jungles for a month, I'm getting that treasure first," He said harshly, picking up his bag and bottle he pushed past Iolani entering the jungle once again.
  14. Iolani chuckled humorlessly as he placed back his machete in its rightful place. "That was the whole point," she joked with a half-smile on her lips. She walked over a bit closer, eyeing him as she leaned over to run her fingers in the water.

    "Smartass," she muttered quietly as she looked over to the left, rolling her eyes herself. "I didn't ask you if you were getting it first, nor did I threaten I was getting it first. Can you stop rushing?" she asked a tone of harsh annoyance in her voice as she followed him, stomping behind him with a death glare in her eyes.
  15. "No I can't I have a deadline to meet and I would very much enjoy a real bed after" Dexter looked over his shoulder still rushing headlong into the jungle. It finally got to think so he had to take the Machete out and hack away at leaves.

    "And you can stop giving me those eyes, I gotten used to them a long time ago"
  16. Iolani watched as he brought out his Machete, watching as he swiftly cut the leaves in the way. "C'mon, Dexter. What did I ever do wrong? Why are you being such a...such a girl?" she asked, insulting him with scrunched eyebrows. When out of nowhere, she groaned in pain. Her ankle twisted in a vine on the floor, and she was now caught.

    "Oh, for the love of God," she muttered in complaint.
  17. "It's nothing you did," Dexter said turning around raising an eyebrow "Honestly all of this is mine" he turned around until he heard the groan and sighed. Spinning back around he walked over to her, delivered swift precise chops with his machete, cutting the vine apart.

    "All better now?" He asked
  18. "No I'm not better, you're being a jerk," Iolani complained as she rubbed her ankle. "But thank you," she muttered softly as she asked her hair back out of her face. "Why are you so..driven to get this treasure?" she asked him softly.
  19. "I'm not a jerk, just cranky," He said looking back at her "And why? Because it holds.... certain powers that would be useful to restore my love's memories,"
  20. "What happened to her? Oh, you never told me about her," Iolani urged as she continued walking with him. "I have an idea. I help you find the treasure...if we split it. I'm gonna' have to admit you can help with your keen sense and I'm good at tracking," she shrugged.