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    Every time, the rain comes down I close my eyes and listen.
    I can hear the lonesome sound Of the sky, as it cries.
    Feel the touch of tears that fall, they won't fall forever.
    In the way, the day will flow; all things come, all things go.
    Late at night, I drift away.
    I can hear you calling and my name is in the rain, leaves on trees,
    Whispering, Deep blue seas, mysteries.
    Even when this moment ends, can't let go this feeling.
    Everything will come again in the sound falling down.
    Of the sky, as it cries; hear my name in the rain.
    Listen to the rain!
    Here it comes again!
    Hear it in the rain!


    Quick Summary: Lost are the days of peace and tranquility among the universe. Dark forces are threatening to intrude on home planets. What will you do once your home is gone?

    "The stars! They're going out, one by one... blinking out. The sky is becoming darker... and darker..."

    A strange shaped moon replaces the one one sees normally, high in the darkening sky. There's very little sunlight now, and it's causing hell and havoc on everyone. Strange creatures are appering where the shadows are darkest, stealing peoples hearts one by one...

    "What is going on?"

    No one really understands why this is happening... all they've realized is the hearts going up to that strangely shaped moon in the sky...

    "I can't remember anything..."

    Memories are little things that we take for granted, but once they're gone, we try forever to get them back. The people we loved, the things we did, all of it. A memory can even be a home. A safe place. A sanctuary.

    "Who are they?"
    There’s people wearing black now. Hooded cloaks. Something about them isn’t right. They put fear into peoples hearts.


    Hello! I'm glad you've decided to check me out, welcome to Lost Peace! A Kingdom Hearts/Final Fantasy/Disney roleplay. You're welcome to choose a character from the KH or FF games, the Disney Franchise, or create your own character!

    CLEARLY mark OOC within the RP, or keep it to this thread
    No BUMPING the RP, only the OOC
    Post at least TWICE a week, if applicable.
    If going away for an extended amount of time, please notify me & the rp via this thread

    Original Character

    Gaia Username:
    Character's Age:
    Character's Race: From the following link. Any character coming exclusively coming from a KH speific world (Traverse Town, Radient Gardens/Hollow Bastion, Castle Oblivion [ORG xII only], Destiny Island, End of the World, Keyblade Graveyard, Land of Departure, Mirage Arena, Twilight Town[Mysterious Tower], Realm of Darness [heartless only], The world That Never Was [ORG XIII Only] are Humans with different classes.
    Character's Class: Can be from the following links: For FFI-XII, Tactics, TA/2, and Chrystal Chronicles, FFXIII/2/LR, FFXIV, Job System Article (includes more games). For Kingdom Hearts, there are only 3 major classes: Keybearer, ORG XIII and Nobody; if you do not fit there, pick a class from the following links. Disney Character Classes, can be basically what your character is: Princess, Prince, Miner, it's basically more open.
    Character's Equipment: Can be a mixture of items from any FF realm or KH realm. If you are from a Disney world, please skip. Do not god-power yourself (ultimate armour, weapons, and such).

    Character's Skills: Any Magic, Trance, Overdrive, Limit Breaks, or Abilities from any FF realm, KH realm. Do not overpower your character.
    Character's Appearance: URL only, and detailed description of character.
    Character's Personality: 100 word min.
    Character's History: 100 word min. Detailed account of why they're in the class they're in, how they got there, etc etc..
    Sample Post: 100 word minimum.

    Stock Character

    Any KNOWN character from a Disney, Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts world.

    all rping and information will be contained in the group, seen here

    Original Character
    Gaia Username:
    Character's Name:
    Character's Age:
    Character's Race:
    Character's Class:
    Character's Equipment:
    Character's Skills:
    Character's Summons:
    Character's Appearance:
    Character's Personality:
    Character's History:
    Sample Post:

    Stock Character
    Desired Character:
    Game Character is From:
    Sample Post: must be made in the point of view of the desired character!

    SETTING - Start!
    A quaint and calm town, Traverse Town features a sky of eternal night, where stars can be seen clearly. Survivors of the worlds lost to the Heartless find their way here after their world has been destroyed.
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