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  1. IDEA 1: You look out your door and see a young girl: [​IMG] knocks on your door with this cat: [​IMG]. She asks you if you have any food. You say yes, you let her in, you give her a little food and she falls asleep at the foot of your bed. The next morning a shy woman comes to your door: [​IMG] covered in snow. She's shivering and tears are frozen across her face as she asks if you have seen her daughter...

    IDEA 2: You're walking down the road on your way to your Christmas party when a young girl runs up to you, hugging you tightly. She had blood all over the back of her head. "Daddy! I..sorry I late..I.." she goes to let go and stumbles a step. "I got lost and I..." she blinks, looking a little confused. You have no idea who she is, but she just collapses at your feet, now unconscious. [​IMG]

    IDEA 3: You are at an auction. They bring out what they called a 'robot'...but she looked quite realistic...despite the looks, you bought it, thinking it was cool and futuristic. When you get her home, you set her by the door and she speaks in a perfectly human voice. "They lied..." [​IMG] OFFICIALLY TAKEN

    Yeah, that's what I got for now ^-^ PM me or comment here!
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  2. I am actually pretty interested in Idea number 3, I watched a trailer from sony about something like that. A robot that gained self awareness. Not that your character is a robot, apparently they lied about that. It just made me think of it. So I'm interested. Were you thinking about it being a romance of some kind? Or any other ideas from there?
  3. Yay ^-^ Hmm, I haven't seen that trailer, but I'm definitely gonna look for it now.
    Anyway, it could be a romance, if you wanted. I left that up to whoever was interested ^-^ And the only other idea I had from there was the fact she has to act like a robot in public, or the government will be after them.

  4. So you don't have to look it up.

    Maybe she actually is a robot? An experiment for a self aware robot that thinks she's human? And the scientist that created her never told her, the government wanted her technology, so in order to protect her he sold her. In an effort to get her out into the public where she could disappear? I don't want to change your idea though, just some thoughts.
  5. Woaaahhh...that's an awesome trailer. Thanks ^-^

    hmm...That gives me some ideas =) Thanks
  6. Unfortunately it was just the developers showing off. They'll never make it into a game... darn. It seemed like it was going to be pretty good.

    Well, how shall we proceed?
  7. Aww =/ That would be awesome

    Hmm...well, would you rather make a CS or explain characters in the rp?
  8. Interested in number three. But I'll have to make a new character for it. I want to play a fatherly role.