Lost in the Moment

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  1. Krystal Tokko wakes up in her bed and looks at her digital clock. It was blaring 4:00am in a blinding red light. She then stares up at her ceiling and breathed in deeply. She felt a horrible nervousness in her stomach as she let out her breath. Today was the day that she finally leaves everything behind. It's her 18th birthday. She sits up and softly stands up, making sure she made as little noise as possible. She pulled on some white shorts and a black T-shirt. The sound of movement was down stairs outside her door. She knew she couldn't escape from the front door of her house so she opened her window and threw her shoes out to the ground. She stepped over the ledge and scooted towards the end of the roof. She looked down at the two story drop and closed her eyes, trying not to think about messing up and dieing on the spot.
    "Krystal. Don't"
    Her brother whispered. She gasped and looked behind her at her brother in his window. She didn't know what to do or say.
    "Damon, I have to. Please, don't tell them."
    Her brother looked down and sighed. He stepped out onto the ledge with her and sat down behind her, wrapping his arms around her and burrowed his head into her shoulder. He tried to hold back the tears that filled his eyes and he started sniffing. He was her twin and didn't want to be separated from her but he knew that she had a mind of her own and he couldn't say or do anything to hold her back.
    "Be safe. Don't do anything stupid. And if you're in any danger, you know I'm here for you Krystal."
    Krystal turned towards him and kissed him on the cheek. She promised him that she would be fine and when he let go of her she jumped off the roof and quickly pulled her shoes on. Then she ran down the driveway and towards a trail that lead to a town where her best and only friend lived.
    "I hope I get there in time. I don't want him to wait for me too long."
    She thought to herself. She planned on running away to the other side of the world with him and start a new life. Her biggest dream was to be free with the wind and she knew the only way she could do so is by running away with the only guy that cared about her enough to run away with her. Just by thinking about it brought chills to her spine and a happy feeling flushed through her veins once her house was out of sight.
  2. "Where is she?" he mumbled to himself as he leaned against a wall, arms crossed behind his head and one leg over the other. It was early in the morning with the skyshining a dim nightish blue, in the distance a view of the road ahead. Tenchi was waiting in the center of town for Krystal to show up. The two of them planned to run away together, find a new life somewhere that life wsn't so unbarable. Times were harsh and didn't seem to be growing any better as long as they endured, now that he was 19 he could finally take charge. Life started a new tonight. With his katana beside him and his hayabusa motor bike gased up and ready to go. He walked over to the roud and heard the quiet sound of feet running on the floor, he turned to look and knew who was making the noise.

    "Finally.." he sighed as he got on to his bike and cranked it up to start. Tenchi pulled his sword in to his back and strapped it over his shoulder, then started remanicing about all he was leaving behind. A home that only cared about his power, friends that betrayed him when they found out about his abilities. The only thing that hung in there with him, stayed by his side no matter what was Krystal, his best friend. No one understood him more than her, they were closer than any dynamic duo in the whole world. Apart they were strong but together, unbeatable. The engine purred lightly as he waited for her to approach, feeling unpatient, he rides over in her directon and pulled up beside her.

    Tench set down the bipod and got off his bike, he stood there looking at her for a moment. They were leaving behind a lot of memories behind, but had thousands more to create.

    "Ready to go, Krystal...?"
  3. Krystal saw Tenchi ride up to her on his bike and asked her if she was ready to go.
    "As ready as I'll ever be!"
    She told him and gave him a long warm hug. As she let go she smiled and looked him in the eyes. She couldn't believe that this day has finally come. They've been dreaming of this moment since they first met eachother. She was 8 years old and cried under a tree because everyone hated her. She was alone. And the only one that cared for her was Tenchi. Krystal got on the back of the bike with him and wrapped her arms around his chest.
    "You know I didn't bring anything with me. I didn't have time to. Mom and dad were awake before I woke up and I had to jump out of my window... Damon saw me.."
    Krystal told him. She rested her head against his back. She felt the warmth of his body heat and the cold sheath for his Katana against her cheek. It comforted her that she trusted her life in his hands. She practiced every day with him trying to master the same strength, skill, and tragedy s him but he still dominated her.
  4. "Don't worry, I know a part of my family that can help."
    He kicked back the bipod and made the wheels screech against the street, then they took of and speeded through town. Passing up the gas station where he beat up the first bully Krystal had, the old garage where they'd attend late night parties, and their homes of torment and pain. Even riding past these places at 80 MPH the memories still caught up with him, reminding him of the pain of his past. But not just that, but how happy he felt when Krystal was there To save him from all the pain. They would hug, laugh, and play until their troubles would disappear in thin air. He closed his eyes to feel the worries disappear, the wind pounding his face, they were finally moving on from this place.
    "Your brother is strong, he'll be alright. When we reach my uncles dojo to the east, I'll send a scout to watch over him. We protect our loved ones, as well as their family.
    Tenchi's family were an ancient league of ninja who made a name for themselves, most call them demons. Since he'd know Krystal and when she grew old enough to train with him, he taught her everything he could that would help her. He remembered the first day he taught her hand to hand combat, everytime she fell down, she'd want to quit. But he wouldn't allow it.. He stopped along the road as the passed by a valley, spotting a tee alone in the meadow. That was the tree where he and Krystal trained and whispered old words that she might remember..
    "Why do we fall down, Krystal...?"
  5. Krystal Smiled and looked at the tree. She remembered every second she spent with Tenchi near that tree. She tightened her hug around his waist and replied,
    "So we can learn to stand up stronger."
    She thought about everything they were leaving behind. All the bad memories in life. All the pain they helped eachother through. She thought of it all and then remembered she stuck something in her pocket the night before so she wouldn't forget it.
    "Oh, I have something for you Tenchi!"
    She said as she reached into her pocket. She pulled out a necklace that was made of a thin brown string with a ring on it that had the words 'Best Friends' imprinted on it. She tied it around his neck and pulled a second one out to put on herself.
    "I had too much time last night and decided to do one more stupid girlie thing before we leave this town. I hope you like it."
    She told him and blushed.
    "AND DON'T MAKE FUN OF ME! I just... thought it would look nice.... You know..."
  6. He grinned and looked warmly at the tree, seeing ghosts of when they would train eachother. All the bruises, the blood, and the fractures delivered. He remembered how Krystal onced knocked him right on his ass with a lucky kick. Gave him a scar right about his left eye.

    "That's right, Krystal."
    he said with a smile as he cranked the bike back up.
    As they picked up speed a little, Krystal wrapped a necklace around his neck, then around herself. It was a ring engraved with "Best Friends" imprinted. He smiled brightly at the ring. But also laughed a little, even if she said not to.
    "I love it, Krystal. Thank you.."
    He praised her, then witled it in his hand before letting it hang from his neck. He cranked the ignition again and charged the bike up to 120 MPH, his accurate eyes kicking in to keep him steady on the road. As the sun finally came to rise while they drove on for hours, Krystal gripping him tighter than a boa, they finally arrived. His uncle's dojo.
    Krystal, we're here. wake up.."
  7. Krystal fell asleep while Tenchi sped to his uncle's house. She dreamed about living in a small apartment complex with people that were different, and hopefully in a good way. The weather was beautiful, they had a job to support themselves, and she was about to kiss him. As she was asleep she muttered the words 'I Love You...' and by that time Tenchi woke her up.
    "Mmmm.... ok."
    Krystal replied as she rubbed the sleepiness from her eyes. She hops off the his bike and walked up to the front door of his uncles house. A man opened the door and Krystal slowly bowed to him. The mean slowly bowed back with a slight smile.
    "It's a pleasure to meet you again Miss Tokko. Please, make yourself at home."
    He told her as he stood back up and stepped aside. Krystal thanked him and smiled warmly then took her shoes off on the mat outside before she stepped in. She walked into the guest room and saw two blankets laid out. She was still a bit tired but decided it was best not to fall asleep again. They had a long journey ahead of them. She just couldn't wait to leave Japan and go to New York.
    "Miss Tokko, if you need to, there are some clothing your size in that closet. I noticed you don't have any bags with you. Please do collect everything you need for your little trip."
    He said to her before he stepped outside to greet his nephew. Krystal nodded and started rummaging through clothes and blankets. She found a small bag that she could fit some things in and she packed as much as she thought she needed. By the time she was finished, zipped the bag up and sighed. Then she looked up and saw the mess she made in the room and felt ashamed.
    "Why does this always happen to me..."
    She muttered to herself and started crawling all over the floor folding all the things the pulled out of the closet that she wasn't going to take with her.
  8. Tenchi nodded and smiled as they were casually invited into his uncle's home. Really, he was more of his father than his true one was. As Krystal was escorted away to fix herself up, Tenchi met with his uncle, Genshin. They walked out the back-door and into the zen garden behind the house; his uncle tended to it like it was his own, and trained Tenchi in this same area. The amount of memories that passed by as he stepped around the garden were more than he could handle.
    "I remember how you'd train me to be so ruthless, Uncle."
    Tenchi mumbled as they walked under the gate. His uncle stopped walking and turned to him with a small smile, Tenchi found it awkward since he barely smiled so small at him. In his mind it made him look like a huge giant with a shadowish look, staring down at him with evil intent.
    "I told you, Boy. Not to bring her here unless you were serious about leaving this time! How many times must I--"
    "We are leaving this time... Our parents didn't even notice us yet.."
    Tenchi cut him off and looked down at the ground, his eyes clear from his own uncle. His uncle approached him and placed his hand on Tenchi's shoulder, then lifted his head to look at him.
    "If you do this, you know what will happen... Your parents will not rest until you're found. And with our family's..... 'skill'... It may be Hell surviving it all."
    Tenchi knew the risks and had the skill to fight back, so he shrugged it off and nodded. He'll fight to the last breath to take care of Krystal, to protect her. He's been her guardian for most of his life, so why would it be so difficult now.
    "To the last man, Uncle Genshin.."
  9. Krystal finally cleaned up the mess she had made and quickly stood up, grabbing her bag and walked out the door. She closed the door behind her and walked towards Tenchi's bike to set the bag down. As she was walking she tripped on a stone in the ground and landed on her side, scrapping up her left arm and her bag being thrown in the air and back down on her head.
    "Owwwww.... Why is it that I can beat up a man but I can't save my life from tripping on a damn rock..."
    She muttered to herself and she rose back up to her feet. She looked down at her arm, blood was dripping off like a leaking faucet. Krystal instantly looked away, trying to ignore the pain because she couldn't stand the sight or the thought of blood. She pulled the bag back up with her right hand, placed it on the bike, and then looked around for Tenchi or his uncle Genshin for help.
    "Tenchi!! Tenchi I accidentally hurt myself again! Tenchi?"
    She called out. Not too loud that people around his uncles house could hear, but loud enough for Tenchi to hear with his amazing hearing skills that she never understood how he could do it. She could feel the sticky red blood run down her arm and off her fingertips and she felt dizzy as if she was gonna faint.
    ‚Äč"Dammit all to hell..."
  10. "That's what I wanted to hear, Nephew."
    His uncle turned away and looked over into the distance, he could hear the small cry of help from Krystal. Tenchi could too, so he gave Genshin a quick bow and excused himself. He ran up a tree and grabbed a branch above his head, then used it to pull himself up and start jumping to other branches. His train procceded him everytime he'd show it, however he showed it. He leaped from a brnach and started falling; quickly before making halfway down, he drew a kunai attached to a chain and launched it around another branch. He swung around to another tree and grabbed the trunk of the tree, pulling himself up like a geko on a wall.
    "Tenchi!! Tenchi!"
    She called his name full of fear, as he neared closer he could smell it on her. It started to build in his gut, slowly but surely. Tenchi was always afraid to lose Krystal, she was the only good thing left in his life; and he swore to protect her with his life. She protected him like a diamond, always helping him and weatching out for him. To put it simple, they were each other's guardian. T face one of them was to challenge the other. A fate most avoided. When he finally made it to her voice, he saw her kneeling, holding herself up as she started loosing large amounts of blood.
    He called as he ran over to her, lifting her into his arms and pressing her into his chest. He ripped some of his black jacket and wrapped it around her arm to cease the bleeding. Tenchi then lifted her up into his arms and started carrying her back to the house, looking at her dimming eyes as she began to look dreary. He sat her down on a bed in one of his father's rooms, making sure the mat was flat and comfortable. Digging through the drawr table next to them, he pulled out bandages, and a towel. A servant came in with a bucket of warm water and ran the towel through. Tenchi wiped off the blood and quickly got to bandaging her arm, she was such a clumbsy girl. Any clumbsier he wouldn't have a chance to save her at all! As he finished he stroked her head softly, then smiled at her.
    "What am I gonna do with you..?"