Lost in Paradise

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  1. heres the RP: http://www.iwakuroleplay.com/showthread.php?t=20538&p=542577#post542577

    Well here goes nothing! this is the first RP Ive ever made, and i am now giving it a second shot at life! i made this back in July, and for a first RP it went well, so now its my first RP after switching to to this site!

    ~You, your friends, your family...or maybe its just you, are on a cruise. this is a cruise celebrating diversity, because the world has finally excepted the "gifted" as equals. the cruise is going well, all seem to be enjoying themselves, however one evening there's an awful storm. though you think the storm might be the end, some people are lucky. as the ship meets with a jagged rock some people scramble for life boats, the others use their "gifts" to help them escape. those who didn't have the right type of ability, or the chance to find a life either lost their lives being swept out to sea, or find themselves carried by the waves to a nearby island. whether you have some sort of "gift" or not, you're stuck, lost on an island that could easily be mistaken for a tropical paradise, if it wasn't completely deserted. how many people washed up? who knows, and how long will you last?

    ok, as far as the "gifts" go, they are completely optional, i just thought they would add a twist to the story, and besides this is how the original was.


    ~keep the gore to a minimum, i know its survival but i don't want someone getting fed to the sharks and being ripped limb from bloody limb.
    ~ please be reasonable with your gift, no "nuke the universe" powers. XD
    ~this is very genre flexible, if you want to go on a jungle island excursion, hunt like a wild man or even fall in love and propagate a whole jungle village be my guest...just have fun!

    my biggest rule: HAVE FUN!

    Character sheet:


    Age(no age limits):




    Stuff they had when they were tossed/jumped overboard:


    Appearance(you're welcome to use pictures, both anime and realistic, or just a description is fine):


    Name: Faith Ernst

    Age: 26

    Gift: plant manipulation and minor healing

    Personality: Motherly, kind, warmhearted, helpful, charitable, hates to see people fight or be in pain.

    Background:Faith lived a relatively normal life, and grew up happy despite her mothers death when she was 17. having never met her father she lived on her own till she met a young man at 18. they fell in love and were soon married and the parents of a child when Faith turned 22. things were just as Faith wanted until her husband was in an accident that cost him his life. she has spent the past few years raising her son Jonah alone, and refuses to let her spirits down. she dearly misses her departed husband, but only smiles when she thinks of him. she was running a floral shop when she heard about the cruise. few knew about her gift and she saw the cruise as an opportunity to meet new people and hopefully do something fun with her son.

    Stuff they had when they were tossed/jumped overboard: a lollipop(still wrapped), and a locket (both were in her pocket)

    Other: Faith is afraid of the dark

    Appearance(you're welcome to use pictures, both anime and realistic, or just a description is fine): 5’6”, 150lbs, strawberry blonde hair that falls just below her shoulders, amber eyes, fair skin, average feminine figure and build.


    Name: Jonah Ernst

    Age(no age limits): 4

    Gift: musical prodigy/ can materialize and play any instrument and sing well

    Personality: meek, shy, timid, passionate, kind, despite his physical weakness and shy nature he is actually emotionally strong.

    Background: born to two loving parents, his father died shortly after his 1st birthday so he has no recollection of him. he is a very intelligent child yet shy.

    Stuff they had when they were tossed/jumped overboard: a little metal train toy.

    Other: his gift for music accelerated his ability to learn to speak so he has the vocal skills of a 6 year old. since his development revolved around his mind and voice he is still wobbly on his feet and has the physical abilities of a 3 year old.

    Appearance(youre welcome to use pictures, both anime and realistic, or just a description is fine): grey eyes, natural platinum blonde hair that falls above his ears, thin build, rather weak body.


    i color code all my characters for your convenience and mine~

    i will start the actually RP tomorrow or the day after, sorry for any inconvenience!
  2. seems the start up of this RP will be postponed till i get some RPers! come one come all!
  3. Name: Ryu

    Age(no age limits): 17

    Gift: manipulation of supernatural energies. under stress he can mutate hos arm (depending on stress and emotions this can spread though he becomes less human)

    Personality: Quiet and moody he keeps self to himself. Je will help his sister at any cost

    Background: Ryu had loving parents but they both dies, their mother on his sister's birthday.

    Stuff they had when they were tossed/jumped overboard: his sister's asthma inhaler, a balisong and a Zippo.

    Other: doesn't like children. Slow to trust others.

    Appearance(you're welcome to use pictures, both anime and realistic, or just a description is fine): short black hair, trench coat, t-shirt, cargo trousers, fingerless gloves.
  4. Awsome! thanks for signing up~

    you know, its kinda funny, this RP was really popular when i first put it up. hopefully i will get more people ^.^
  5. i love the idea.
  6. (Sorry, Star! School and home have been hectic but im signing up :D)

    Character sheet:

    Name: Skylah

    Age(no age limits): 21

    Gift: She can touch a person, and send them mental images, like telling them a story

    Personality: She is quite a shy person, nice and polite however. She never really got to know anyone, and is very self relient. Her mother was always working and her father left when she was four
    Background: Her mother and father were always quite distant, and she learned to so a lot for herself at a young age. Now twenty one she has a job as a illustrator and photographer.

    Stuff they had when they were tossed/jumped overboard: A messenger bag, a camera (Useless now) and her sketch book and pencils

    Other: She is claustrophobic

    Appearance(you're welcome to use pictures, both anime and realistic, or just a description is fine): She has shoulder length Brown hair, and brown eyes, with a ring of green in them. She is quite thin and is about 5'5, fairly short. She has dimples near her eyes when she smiles.
  7. Character sheet:

    Name: Kiyra

    Age(no age limits): 14

    Gift: Kiyra is still unaware of her full potential and as such can only controlle her gift to a minor degree, she is able to controlle energies similar to her brother though she is umable to controlle it to the same level, she is also able to turn into a demesticated cat with grey fur, though her eyes do not change, she often finds herself sprouting ears and a tail often getting her into a mess of trouble.

    Personality: timid, shy and emotional but quiet, many have misstook her for being mute. like her brother she is selfless in protecting her friends.

    Background: She has no memory before her eleventh birthday, she was found on the street and adopted into Ryu's family where she was treated like a blood relative... until she witnessed her mother died, Kiyra blamed herself for the event an ultimatly for their fathers death. When she fell overboard she thought she was dead untill her brother jumped in to save her.

    Stuff they had when they were tossed/jumped overboard: acoustic guitarin a hard case, a locket with a family photo, taken on the day her mother died.

    Other: Can't swim, scared of the dark and claustrophobic. She is a talented singer and songwriter and is progressing quickly in the several areas of combat training.

    Appearance(you're welcome to use pictures, both anime and realistic, or just a description is fine): Kiyra is pale, barely five feet tall and thin. She has dark brown shoulder length hair and sky blue eyes. She wears a "Yashin" fband T-shirt, "Drop Dead" branded hoodie and red skinny jeans.
  8. nice! i think i can go get this started now! thanks Rose, i know this will be waaaayyyy different then the last time we did this! woohoo~ im gonna throw in another two more characters. just cause i like lots of characters.

    Name: Serenity Cyria

    Age(no age limits): 17

    Gift: Weapons specialist, she can materialize any type of weapon and wield it with extreme skill, however she preffers not to use her gift and is also very skilled at hand to hand combat.

    Personality: quiet, bookworm, but extremely intelligent. she is easily annoyed but still has a soft side when she feels completely comfortable around someone.

    Background: Serenity lived with her parents, however they couldnt make it for the cruise. while they often worry about all the time she spends alone they arent worried so much about her well being because they know she can take care of herself.

    Stuff they had when they were tossed/jumped overboard: messenger bag, her favorite book(in a zip-lock freezer bag), pocket knife, her chap-stick and a small hairbrush.

    Other: she is very picky about her appearance. she isn't vain necessarily, just likes to take care of herself.

    Appearance(you're welcome to use pictures, both anime and realistic, or just a description is fine):

  9. Name: Thane Zanders

    Age(no age limits):15

    Gift: he can communicate with animals.

    Personality: cheerful, upbeat, sporty, a friend to everybody. if anyone is secluded, whether on purpose or not, he is likely to drag them into whatever he is doing. he is one of those people whos smile and energy can be infectious.

    Background: Thane is actually the son of rich parents. they dont spend much time with them but there isnt really any tension in his family. he spends a lot of time outside he is on his high schools varsity cross country team despite only being a sophmore. he also plays JV hockey. he is a very positive person who finds light in every dark situation.

    Stuff they had when they were tossed/jumped overboard: His dogs leash

    Other: sinde his parents are wealthy they actually allowed him to buy a cruise ticket especially for his yellow lab Georgia, his loyal companion

    Apperance: [​IMG]
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  11. Name: Hannah West

    Age(no age limits): 19

    Gift: She cannot forget anything. She remembers everything, from the day she was born to what she had for dinner seventeen days ago.

    Personality: Quite shy at first, but once she has warmed up to people she becomes a whole new person.

    Background: She talks about her past as if it's normal, yet something seems to be odd...

    Stuff they had when they were tossed/jumped overboard: Nothing but the clothes on her back.


    Appearance(you're welcome to use pictures, both anime and realistic, or just a description is fine): Pale blonde waist length hair. Blue eyes, freckled cheeks. Around 5'3" in height and slim in figure. She wears denim shorts and a white vest top, barefoot with a silver ankle bracelet on. Red nail polish.
  12. [MENTION=4251]Georgia[/MENTION], accepted, start when youre ready!
  13. Name: Lusterless Nova

    Age(no age limits): 22

    Gift: Nova has 3 Skills that he combines for combat. Swordsmanship, Magic, and the Chaos force.
    Swordsmanship: Nova uses his own fighting style. He moves quick and slashes with his short sword in his right hand while casting spells or using chaos in his left hand. Big or slow enemies will have a hard time dealing with him. Thanks to his high speed reflexes he can ether dodge or block incoming projectiles as long as their mass is not too big.
    Magic: His magic is used mostly for defense. This ranges from shields and barriers to simple spells.
    Chaos Force: The chaos force is a energy source. Unlike energies like KI, it is not drawn from the user.
    This fact allows nova to use near infinite amounts of chaos. But the output is limited to the users stamina. If he reaches that limit he becomes exhausted and has to rest for a while.
    Chaos can be used for many different things.
    Currently known uses are Energy blasts, projectiles, beams, regeneration and even teleportation

    He likes to help others and even protects caravans and other travelers when they have the same destination. At his best times he is just and protective. At his worst stubborn and Authoritarian.
    He is often found diving into a book or spending hours working on a project. Although he trusts his own ears more then rumors he is a bit naive and will at least doubt rumors that he thinks are interesting.
    While he tends to be booksmart as opposed to streetsmart, he also tends to be a tad socially awkward, but he still somehow manages to help his friends and family with their problems.
    He cares very much for his friends and tends to hide his own problems when he knows that they would be worried because of it.

    Despide this nature he has a somewhat cold personality. It takes time and trust for him to warm up to others.

    Background: Nova grew up in a village that is hidden from civilization, and surrounded by a forest. He had a quiet life there and learned from his father how to use the Chaos force, while his mother taught him magic.
    At the age of 12 he learned how to use those powers, but he had yet to learn how to fully master them. In order to do so he left his home, after making himself a own sword, and became a traveler at the age of 15.

    As he came back 3 years later, his village was under attack. He did not pay attention for a moment and fell on the ground. His head hit something hard and made him pass out. Thanks to this he survived, since he remained hidden in the nearby forest.
    As he woke up, everything was destroyed and the villagers were dead. He searched for the house he grew up in, but his worst fear were sadly confirmed. His parents lied there dead before him.
    He remained there for a few days to give the villagers a proper burial and collect any knowledge that was not destroyed. As he was done, he destroyed the remains of his old home to leave the past behind him.

    He is a traveler who seeks a meaning for his life. Whenever he has a chance, he takes some jobs to make some money. If that is not possible he camps outside and eats what nature has to offer.
    Being a traveler taught him many things. He knows how to survive in the hardest environments, cook with nothing but a pot, and how to identify poisonous plants.

    Stuff they had when they were tossed/jumped overboard: His clothes, a amethyst necklace, his short sword, a coin purse.

    -Luckily he is not uneducated. He knows most of the stuff that is taught at school, and complex facts about supernatural powers. This makes him a good strategist and clever fighter. If the enemy has a weak spot, he will find it.
    -Instead of striking power, he relies on speed and defense. This is complimented by his own fighting style.
    -If separated from his sword, he will use chaos and magic, along with some strong kicks.
    -He might be a human but isn't sure of it himself.
    -His magic is violet and chaos is dark blue.

    Appearance(you're welcome to use pictures, both anime and realistic, or just a description is fine):
  14. Lusterless you are accepted, just dont over do it with all the magic stuff. i love how detailed you are in your character descriptions!
  15. [MENTION=3583]ProjectONI616[/MENTION], ive fixed my post to reply to yours now
  16. Got it. I will use those abilities to a certain extend. Since this may be my first rp, it is also a good opportunity to set my own limits.
    In case i go overboard let me know and i will ether edit or remove my post. Nothing is more fun taking then a OP character if you ask me.

    And thank you. I love it when a character description leaves as less spots for questions as possible. Glad to see that there are some users here who notice that hard work.