Loss of the Antarctic is effecting Gravity

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  1. Well, that covers the element of water.

    Now we need volcanic eruptions, plate tectonics, and an abundance of tornados and typhoons.

    Then we'll know some jackass has been dicking around with the Four Elemental Crystals.

    Come on, Iwaku, let's mobilize some heroes and form a Four Heroes of Light thang.
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  2. I'm chewing on this still, but whoa. That's pretty. . .wow.
    I'm gonna read more articles about this.
  3. [​IMG]
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  4. Naw, the dramatic change in mass distribution seems to be local (yeah, the icewater is getting to our oceans, but our oceans are so massive, the masses-per-area of the earth probably isn't going to increase by much), so as big a change as this is (as effected by the Antarctic ice melt), this isn't really something to worry about (or even look at, I'm guessing, unless one's a researcher).
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  5. So is the Antarctic the setting for Gravity 2 then?