Lords of the Realm - A New Beginning

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  1. Beshmundyr is the land of origin... A simple world, where magic, and mythical creatures roam wild, and where strongholds of civilization are few and far between. It is a young world, not yet explored, or conquered, nor even claimed, except by nature itself.

    Small villages, and outposts dot the land, marking where the growing population of humans, who have only just begun to dominate the earth, tame wild beasts for food and clothing, and farm the soil for its fruits. They shape the hard earth to their benefit, and establish villages and fortresses in land once only claimed by wild beasts, and foliage. Their crafts spread riches across the vast plains, and encourage commerce and cultural exchange, as well as war. They make tools to make life easier, as well as to end it... And as their influence expands, they encroach on the lands of their neighbors, causing racial tension. The need for land grows steadily, as the population of humans rises at an ever increasing rate...


    To begin a kingdom or a race, you must first know your limits. We all want to become the strongest, and most powerful character in our chosen RP... And we all want our character to live. But that's just not possible. Any number of things could impede your progress, from an early winter frost, ruining crops, or a surprise raid on your village, killing you and leaving your wife and children at the mercy of the vile Orcs... But no matter what happens, take the events in stride, and make a good story out of it... Because that's what this is... A story... Enjoy it, and make it enjoyable for everyone else.

    1: Your faction must build from the ground up. This is a new world. Nothing exists unless you make it... Write long and hard, and etch yourself into the fiber of Beshmundyr with your keystrokes. Create, and imagine. Do not be afraid to think outside the box, and bring strange new ideas into the RP...

    2: Do not control another persons created characters or NPC's without their consent. Of course trade and intra-city commerce is going to happen, just be considerate. If you want to create a 1 - 1 dialogue, PM them and write it out before you post... If its urgent, Post it here and let them respond. Be considerate...

    3: Land claims are not permanent. If early on you wish to attack and conquer another persons territory, you'll need to establish your intent. Surprise attacks IN GAME are fine, but the rest of us need to be able to trace back and verify the validity of your actions. If you say you have a group of 50 armed and armored horsemen, and are charging down the leader of a small outcast dwarven band, we want to know where the 50 knights came from!

    4: Keep a tally of your own faction resources on your character sheet. If you have 30 followers you don't need to NAME THEM ALL, but keep a Lords Record of your investments, and such. Show off your power and wealth so that none may question your authority...

    5: No meta Gaming - G Modding, or overall ruining the experience for everyone else. This is a test run of multi NPC control / commerce / RP expansion. Just to see how it turns out. Please, play fair.
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  2. Magic
    Many forms of magic exist in the realm. The most common form is elemental magic; the use of fire, wind, earth, and water to attack your enemies. But on occasion, certain members of the races will dabble into more rare forms of magic.
    Elemental magic is based around the idea of influencing energy with the natural elements of wind, fire, earth, and water. It is the most practiced, and usually a starting place for many mages. Some mages believe that they are not creating anything, but simply harnessing that which is around them to cast the spells.

    A magic known for as long as Elemental, it was created by ancient elven healers. Most beginner mages try to learn basic healing, for obvious reasons, however, few can truly master the intricate nature of the magic. The reason is because a good degree of medical knowledge is required, and deep and intimate knowledge of how the body works is hard to develop without years and years of education. Masters of the field usually report spending five years or more simply learning about the body, before ever even attempting the restoration spells... Thus, a truly learned healer is quite hard to find.
    A field of magic first achieved by the humans, due to being forced to find ways to keep up with the strength of a dwarf, or the grace of an elf. It has become a popular field to all races, and one of the few that the dwarves use readily. The concept and overall purpose of this magic is to enhance certain items, and it is usually done with runes etched into objects. However, skilled mages may cast spells with the same effects as well, and may even use runes to enhance or protect a living being... This application is uncommon, and is rarely practiced, due to the high volume of things that could go awry.
    Alteration is a fairly new type of magic, and is based around the idea of using magic to alter the things around a mage at a molecular level. While fairly unstable, due to the danger or potential misuse of this type of magic, many mages refuse to even attempt it. Master blacksmiths within the dwarven community report using it on a daily basis to strengthen the weapons and armor they create. Some elves are known to alter the trees they live in, simply to present a more pleasing view, or to provide more room for residents...


    Men, the last race to be introduced into Beshmundyr, are a hardy, and fast learning, race. They excel at almost anything they set their minds to, and will be a formidable foe in nearly every way. Their desire to own, conquer, and dominate could possibly lead to ruin... But with the right leadership, it may also bring victory, and along with it, peace.

    Among the skills of men, weapon smithing, equestrian arts, architecture, and farming are great strengths to be taken note of.


    Elves arrived from across the sea, from a far less hospitable land. Their ancestors were adept at magic and possessed great agility and strength in their movement, to survive the barbaric land they once lived in. Now, pampered by the lush land of Beshmundyr, they have grown weaker, but only slightly so. Possessing great mental clarity and a desire to learn and grow as the forest grows around them, Elves are a brilliant race. They quickly master whatever they strive to learn, though their interest usually fades as quickly as they obtained their initial interest.

    Elves are frail in body, easily damaged, but hard to catch. Their tall, thin bodies carry them easily across open ground, almost as fast as horses carry Men. Their weapon of choice is a bow, which they are masters at, but also spears, choosing to remain at a distance from their enemy. They are skilled at any craft they choose, but tend to avoid each other, and live in solitude and safety.


    Dawrves are the miners, craftsmen, and architects of the Age. Their brilliant designs allow massive carvings of pillars, and walls, hewn out of sheer rock to remain upright and strong, even against weather, and war. Their weapons, made of fine steel, crafted by hand over years and years. The metal is hand folded time and time again, sometimes with lesser magic spells with each fold, though usually only by the greater weapon smiths. Their steel rivals the magically crafted steel of the elves, though the elves know little about the metal, their knowledge of the magic enables them to perfect every aspect of a weapon, and sometimes, to create wards against dulling, or chipping.

    Their smaller bodies stand about chest high to a Man, but contain more than twice a Mans strength. They wear heavy armor, and wield any weapon they choose, though they usually make their own weapon as a Right of Passage into manhood and wield it in combat until they die... They are led by their own established traditions, being the oldest race in Beshmundyr.

    Dwarves are stout but cannot move fast over open ground. They prove better fighters on rocky surfaces, and in tunnels where they can trap their enemy against a wall or cliff and bash them until their enemy yields, or is splattered against the rock of the mountainside.
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  3. I'd be willing to go for this. Would it basically be different factions of each race, or just the three?
  4. Well, mostly I'm looking for people to join, and take on a leadership role... I want to see LOTS of creation, such as picking a race, and compiling your own ideas of what religion/traditions/beliefs they have... A caste system, and maybe even applicable laws and styles of fighting I want YOU to create the race... I want my writers to build the world from the ground up. But, if you like, you CAN join as an individual PC, and just have adventures and RP by yourself, or with a few other PC's... Like a little band of mercenaries...

    Take on your role as king, and lead your people... Teach them new ways of living! Trade knowledge with other races, or steal it from them in a raid... Combine forces with nearby villages, or raid them and take them as your slaves! The world is yours to do with as you please... Post long and intricate stories about your character, and show everyone how you rule your town, city, or faction...

    This is mostly a tester of the bigger project... It'll be fairly intricate, since lists of not only how many citizens you have will be a must... But also lists of your resources, skills, technologies, and a map of the land you claim...

    I've done a large version of this before, with about thirty players, but they were all experienced writers. I really hope I get a few really good writers, who enjoy building and creating... There's no end to the fun you can have, when you're in charge of a few NPC's and you have free reign to do what you like, within reason...
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  5. I see, that makes sense. I'm up for it, if you find enough people to start this project.
  6. Well, in theory, we only need three...

    I'll be modding as orcs, and helping to decide the outcome of most interactions between any PC's and/or NPC's, though I wouldn't have a character myself.
  7. I'll likely portray for some dwarves that have left the main group to start their own home. But, I'll easily change if someone else wants to do them.
  8. We will see in the coming days! I'll mark you down as Dwarves though, so you can have 'first comers pick'... Just let me know if you change your mind...
  9. Thank you very much, miss =)
  10. Of course ^.^ Thank you for taking interest! I do try my best to create a fun environment for writers... I'm glad someone likes my idea =-3
  11. New edits to magic... Have a look =]
  12. Without intending to sound egotistical, I think I qualify. ^^ I wish to begin a human nation at the joining of the northern and eastern rivers. (unless that's too greedy)
  13. Looking at the map, I'll likely have my own kingdom in the northwest mountains.
  14. Before I go off to appease this intense Civ craving: are you waiting for a third before giving us a nation sheet?
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  15. Yes, I was.

    I think the interest was a bit low to start something this big. I was hoping for a larger turnout... =/
  16. Alas. I hope you'll have better luck next time around.
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