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    Name: Lucretzia Nightstar
    Age: Quite old but appears to be in her early 20's.
    Race: Elf (Crescent Elves - extinct)
    Weapon of choice: Bow, also carries a dagger and a sword.
    Special abilities: Healing, can speak to animals, elvish spells.
    Likes: Animals, nature, singing.
    Dislikes: Dwarves and men (she doesn't trust them), Orc, traitors, those who disrespect the forest and it's creatures
    Companion: Horse and large wolf.
    History: The Princess of a fallen race of elves, she is the last of her kin. Her people were wiped out during the Great War. She is known as the Princess of Beasts since she lives in forests protecting them and the animals from man and Orc. She mostly stays in Mirkwood, defending the forest from intruders.
    Allies with: All of the elves of middle earth.
    Enemies: Orc or anyone of Mordor.


    Name: Darcia
    Size: Very big, larger than a Warg. On all 4's he stands at 6 feet tall.
    He is the oldest and strongest of the wolves, he is the Guardian of the Wood Realm.

  2. Name: Leofara
    Age: 28
    Race: Human (Rohirrim)
    Weapon of choice: Prefers his families short sword and buckler. When on horseback he also carries a spear. Always has a small ax on him as well.
    Likes: Traveling, storytelling, and the occasional drink.
    Dislikes: Shaddy peoples, orks, and cowards.
    Companion: Geleafful, his faithful companion and steed.
    History: The former captain of an Eored, Leofara had lost all he had ever known. Due to bad battlefield decision his riders were all killed. Instead of bringing himself to face his people he left Rohan and traveled Middle Earth alone.
    Allies with: The remaining Rohirrim that trust him.
    Enemies: Anyone challenges him.​
  3. Leofara let loose a sigh of relief as he entered the last Homely House in Middle Earth. He had been traveling quickly and quietly for many weeks now, dodging hordes of Orcs and packs of Wargs. Geleafful, his proud horse, had been run ragged and was on the brink of collapse. Leofara was in no better shape, his clothes had been torn in many place and he himself was covered in dirt and grime. “I seek the counsel of Elrond” he shouted to no one in particular, and without time for any of the onlookers to respond he fell off his steed, to tired to do anymore.
  4. One of the elves of Rivendel rushed towards the man as he had fallen off of his horse. He knelt down by his side as he examined him. He turned to his Elven kin and spoke to them in elvish language. Others' came over and they helped by lifting the man and leading him down the halls to a empty room.
  5. When Leofara awoke he found himself in a large bedroom, and all was still except for the sound of rushing water coming from outside. He got out of the bed he was laying in and took a look around, everything he had on him when he arrived was neatly organized and placed on a small shelf. Even his torn cloak, which had now been mended, was there. After returning all his gear to its proper place the rider stepped outside his room to walk through the halls of Rivendell
  6. Lucretzia had been on her way back to check on the man when she noticed him up and moving around in the halls. She stopped for a moment before approaching him, "You're awake, I see. Are you feeling well?" she asks.
  7. Leofara looked over the elf “Ah yes, much better after being able to sleep so soundly.” He then bowed slightly “My name is Leofara of the Rohirrim, and you are?”
  8. Lucretzia nods slightly, "Pleasure." she smiles when he introduces himself. "I am Lucretzia Nightstar, the last Crescent elf of Mirkwood." she glances at him for a moment, "Did you come seeking the council?" she asks.
  9. Leofara frowns “Yes I was sent by the other Horse Lords, but I was delayed. The road through the Gap is almost entirely covered in orc and the wild men.” He looks past her down the empty hall. “I take it most of the council have already departed?”
  10. Lucretzia tilts her head slightly as she listens to him explain. "Ahh, yes. I'm afraid they have all gone. I arrived shortly before you and they had already gone. Lord Elrond has explained the situation and details to me, I plan to leave and catch up with them soon since my Prince is among them. Lord Thranduil has sent me to accompany them." she turns slightly to the left and turns her head to Leofara, "Follow me." she motions with her head and then turns away and starts walking down one of the halls.
  11. He followed her slowly from behind “May I ask where we are going?”
  12. "To speak to Lord Elrond." She answers while continuing to walk forward. After a few moments they reached the room where Elrond was sat at a table to himself. Lucretzia stops in the door way as he turns and motions for her to come in. She bows slightly and then approaches him. Elrond pauses as he sees Leofara. "I see you are rested." He motions with his hand, "Please, come in."
  13. Leofara follows Lucretzia into the room at the Elf Lord’s request. He bows his head slightly “Lord Elrond, it is an honor to meet you.”

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  14. Lucretzia stands off to the side as Leofara enters the room. Elrond nods to Leofara, "Pleasure to make your acquaintance." he gives a small smile. "I see you have already met Lucretzia." he glances her way. "The two of you barely missed The Fellowship, they can't have gotten too far just yet, I'm sure you can catch up to them." he states as he takes hold of a silver chalice and takes a drink of wine. "Has Lucretzia explained anything to you yet?" he asks.

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  15. Leofara glanced at Lucretzia “No Lord Elrond, I have only just awoke. Hardly anytime to even check on my companion, much less be told of a whole councils dealings.” he said. ”Your horse is being treated well I promise you, but as for the council that shall be told to you on the road, for your journey must begin soon.” Elrond stated very matter of factly. “Journey? Lord Elrond I have only just arrived and I hardly know why I am here in the first place.” Leofara said, a hint of concern in his voice.