Lord of the rings or Game of thrones?

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Game of thrones or Lord of the rings?

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  1. So I really like both lord of the rings and game of thrones and wouldn't mind pretending to be a person living in those worlds.
    Now the question is, do you feel the same? I mean, this IS a roleplay forum and it HAS a fandom section. If anyone else wants to start a RP with one or the other post here, we can work something out.
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  2. I might be up for something in the ASoIaF universe. ^^
  3. I would also love to do something into ASOIAF/GOT universe!
  4. Wow, wasn't suspecting an answer so fast.
    Anyway, that's fine, let's work out a story; a rough line to follow.
    Word of warning, I never read the books, I will eventually when the show's over, but that's beside the point. I want to ask to try not to spoil anything for me.
    Anyway, if you have any ideas let me know.
  5. Well, if we don't use canon characters, spoilers probably won't be a problem. ^^
    I suppose the big question is the time period and location we want to start in. I have to admit, doing something during the Valyrian era would be my preferred starting point.
  6. By Valerian Era, you mean during the height of the Valerian dynasty when Westeros was still divided? That's fine.
    Do you want to use the entirety of Westeros plus the lands of always winter or do you want to narrow it down to a single or several kingdom(s).
  7. No, I mean during the reign of the Valyrian Empire- y'know, the one that set up the sociopolitical scene for the Aegon the Conqueror to roll in? Which would, I suppose, include the pre-invasion Westeros, but also Essos etc. I'm not terribly picky about kingdoms, but I think North of the Wall or down in Dorne would be the most fun. ^^
  8. So wait, I'm confused, are you talking about the era before or after the doom?
    I'd enjoy doing something Vorth of the wall with the night's watch and the freefolk.
  9. Pre-Doom. The Valyrian empire died with it. Well, some of the free cities said they were the next Valyrians, but it's kinda like how Constantinople/Istanbul claimed to be Rome.

    North of the wall could be pretty fun. ^^ Especially if it's in an older time, back when Giants and Others and Dragonglass and Dragonsteel were still prominent instead of half-forgotten relics.
  10. So my first comment was right; during the height of the Valerian dynasty when Westeros was still divided.
    Doesn't matter. What are we talking about in terms of story? Clash of wildlings vs night's watch? Sights of others? king beyond the wall?
  11. No, there was no Valyrian dynasty back then. XD They were a freehold. The dynasty is the Targaryens, who were just one family among many back in pre-Doom days.

    I think a king beyond the wall scenario could be fun. I don't know if the show ever mentions him, but http://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Night's_King is pretty damn cool. I think it could be a fun element to incorporate because, while the basics of the story are there, none of the named characters involved have been fleshed out as characters, so we wouldn't be going against the canon. ^^
  12. I thought the freeholds were the Valerian colonies like Pentos and Lys? Whatever, I'm probably wrong, it doesn't matter anyway and always nice to learn something new.

    The night's king isn't mentioned in the show, but I've seen the specials and was actually planning to suggest that. So, the night's king, his white walker queen and the north-freefolk alliance would be some great aspects. Anything else?
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  13. No, those are the free cities. XD GRRM seems to take a cruel pleasure of making confusing names. Osha and Asha. The thirteen hundred Bran Starks. Euron, Balon, Victarion... I can never keep track of the Greyjoys. Or half of the others. Qarth likes boobs hanging out of dresses, Meereen likes slave pits, Pentos bribes the Dothraki... or did I get them mixed up again?

    Hmm. During that time there would have been some Children of the Forest around, but they would be difficult to incorporate since most everything we know about them comes from DwD.
  14. Do you want to do something with the Boltons? If my history of Westeros doesn't mistake me, the bolton's are still at war with the Starks at around that time and the Night's king could've been a Bolton.
  15. Hmm. To me it would seem unlikely that they were actively in conflict, given that one of the possible identities of the Night's King is a Bolton. The Starks built and still had no small amount of control over it at that time, and a Bolton being named Lord Commander would be a strange move.
    We could incorporate them, but it might be difficult if we're focusing more on the land North of the Wall & the Wildings- the Dreadfort is pretty far South, almost as far as Winterfell.
  16. It was but a question, I care little for the Boltons.
    Shall I create the RP then?
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