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  1. Name: Zaos riverthorn
    Race: Sindar Elve
    Age: Looks around the age of 19
    Origin: Once a ranger of mirkwood, Zaos had set out on a journey to find a specific orc general that had stolen the life of the love of his life, The only thing he lives for now is vengeance .
    Weapon of choice: Bow and dagger
    Companion: Horse named shadow
    Ability: elven healing power.


    ( is this ok)
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  2. Yes that's fine :)
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  3. @Harlequinn @KAZUAKI

    Hey there. We don't allow purely Out of Character comments outside of the In Character sections. I also noticed you guys do a lot of OOC discussion. So here's your shiny new OOC thread! You can use this to discuss your roleplay. :]
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.