Lord And Savior Has Arrived

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  1. Your Lord And Savior Has Arrived
    Not quite sure yet of what I am the lord of, or who I'm supposed to save, I'll figure that out later.

    Hello there! My name's Jo, but I go by Hillan here on the internet.
    I'm a guy in my late teens, turning 19 in September who's been Roleplaying for soon to be 4 years, and I would say I've come a long way from my roots. I'm a fan of Superhero, Sci-Fi and action-based RP's. But more importantly, I'm a maniac about TV-Shows, and completely and utterly obsessed with both Suits and Supernatural, most of the time you'll see my response to something being a nifty little Gif.

    All in all, I'm a nice guy who's up for talking to anyone about anything.

    See ya' around.

    Love, your lord and savior.
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  2. *takes a bow* Many greetings and I hope you have a wonderful time and many adventures here!
  3. Howdy Hillan! :D Welcome to Iwaku!
  4. You didn't save me from that diarrhea I had last night, and I did indeed ask the lord for help. >:[
  5. Welcome Hill, take your time around the site and if you have any questions you feel free to ask. Pleasure to meet you.
    Welcome to iWaku Hillan! :D
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  8. hello im new just saying my hi's