Looks can be Decieving (MxF looking for F)

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Years ago, a little boy was wandering through the woods when suddenly he came across a weeping girl. She did not look complete human, almost as if she was from another world or an alternate dimension. She was impish in nature and resembled that of a monster, but it could easily be seen that she was a girl (meaning, the boy could tell she was a girl just by looking at her).

When he asked about the source of her sadness, she explained that all of the people she had met in this world had treated her like a monster. She said that they threatened to kill her if she ever returned, so she exiled herself to the forest while she waited for her family to return. Trying to comfort the little girl, the boy told her she could be his friend and promised to not treat her like the other people had done. Grateful for his attention, the monstrous girl thanked him and promised to wait in the forest for him each day. For the next few weeks, the boy returned to the forest and spent time with the girl while she waited to be picked up. On the final day they spent together, the girl revealed that she had made everything up. Nobody had shunned her in this world, but she had decided to venture to this world from hers in order to find her true love. It had all been a ruse, almost like the old woman from the story of the Beauty and the Beast, testing out the kindness of men. When all others she had encountered failed to treat her as an equal, she moved on to the next man in the town until she had gone through everyone, moving to the next town after that until she finally met the little boy. Casting away her impish form with what appeared to be magic, she revealed herself as a beautiful woman. She explained to the boy that her time in this world was short and she must depart soon, but promised that she would return for him. In the weeks he had spent with her, the little boy had won her heart and she promised to always love him. However, his age prevented them from being together, so she would return to her world and wait until he came of age. One kiss later, she disappeared into a mysterious portal and left the boy, and his world, behind...

Twelve Years Later...​

Time had passed slowly for the boy and nothing seemed to change much. However, his thoughts always dwelled on the mysterious woman he had met so long ago and the promise she made to return and be his wife. As time went on, he started to believe that the encounter was only a dream due to the fact it seemed so mysterious and nobody remembered him going into the woods often as a child. Just as he begins to forget the woman from his past, a mysterious letter with no return address arrives at his home. He is instructed to venture into the forest and wait by the old oak-stump at midnight. Cautiously, he heads out to the forest and waits by the stump as instructed. Just as the moon reaches its mid-point in the night sky, a mysterious portal appears before the young man. The first thing to emerge from the portal is a leg, followed by a waist, followed by a torso, and finally, followed by a head: all of which belong to the woman he met so many years ago. She looks exactly like she did when he last saw her and, as he learns from her words, time passes extremely slow in her reality when compared to his. For her, it has only been a month since they last met, but for him it has been twelve years.

He is in awe at the mere sight of her, but she only smiles as she approaches him. Gently holding up her finger, the same magic that summoned her portal suddenly creates an extravagantly designed ring. The ring already sits on her finger, but another and more simplistic ring appears on the finger of the young man. Before he can say anything, she gently presses her lips to his and says:

"Welcome back, my love. I knew you would return to claim me as your wife... I promise you, I will do everything in my power to be the woman you deserve."


Alright, so I'm looking for somebody to play the role of the woman in this RP. I'm thinking we would start off during the night she returns to claim the man as her husband, perhaps just after she emerges from the portal.

I'm thinking of using a medieval/fantasy setting for this, but I'm willing to go with a different setting if you want.

Also, I mentioned she doesn't look human. By this, I don't mean she looks like a monster or some kind of alien creature. In fact, quite the opposite. I was thinking she would look something akin to this:


You don't have to use the same image or even that appearance if you don't want, but it was the initial idea I had (I was actually inspired to make this idea after playing through the game she's in. Bonus points if you know who she is and what her impish form would have looked like).

And because I showed you what I would like the woman to look like, I'll now show you what I'll most likely have the boy look like:


I was thinking we could progress through the story and have the two of them deal with all the problems a newly engaged couple would deal with (and more, given the fact the boy never really had a say in their "marriage"), as well as focusing on the woman and her world. I imagine the people of the Boy's world would not be too impressed with his odd-looking wife, but we can thoroughly discuss where we want this to go and plot elements we want to play with.

So, if you're interested send me a PM or post below! I'm only looking for one person for this, so best of luck!
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