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  1. Looking for more RPs just PM me if you'd like with ideas. I'm game for anything.
  2. Have you had any interest for this yet?
  3. I like the second idea here - could we do it? I would like to do a girl x girl roleplay by the way (oh, sorry for not doing our other one - I was taking a break from Iwaku for a bit and I sort of forgot)
  4. Still looking
  5. Noo you should pm me or talk to me on here. I'm looking for role plays too, but I don't really have any ideas >.<
  6. How are you with gay romance?
  7. If you mean yaoi but no smut scenes then I am pretty good and it's what I prefer to role play. I don't like role playing hetero romance.
  8. Okay :) what if the one has some kind of 'issue' and he's an escape from a lab and yours could be one of the scienctists who helped break him out?
  9. Like the one with the issue was created by a mad scientist who is going crazier by the minute and threatens to be a danger to both the other scientist and the one with an issue? Then they escape to save their own lives and in the process can't seem to leave the other alone for fear they won't have a place to go so they decide to live together for the time being. They buy an apartment in the city change their names and hope the mad scientist won't find them or else everyone in the city could be in danger?
  10. Pretty much
  11. So where would we start the role play before or after they leave the mad scientist?
  12. After so the ones trying to cope with the flash backs and the parinoa. Tell about what happened as we go and build their relationship more
  13. Okay (: We have character profile and we go by the normal format for it. So do you want to start the thread?
  14. Yeah :) I'll open it with a character bio, and can I be the expiriment?
  15. Still looking