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Hello there I have just returned to the site after a hiatus due to college and work and my kids. I have more time now. Hope to hear back from some of you. Thanks for your time.

Rules: I don’t have many rules.
No one liners.
Once a week replies at least, please if you’re going to be gone for a bit just let me know.
NO anime pictures, keep them realistic please.
No controlling my character.
Follow Site Rules

A bit about me: I am 23 years old, mother of 2. 911 Operator. Loves writing. Loves writing romance, slice of life, modern, roleplays. Watches a lot of TV shows and would do certain roleplays with. (will list below). Lives in Canada.

~Student x Teacher Relationship (High school, College/University will of course be of legal age. 18+)

~Doctor x Patient Relationship (One idea below)
~An intern at a hospital, meets a girl his age who has cancer and falls for her. But their love is tested when the cancer gets worse and he must watch her slowly die. Little does he know that his blood could save her with a blood transfusion.

~Girl has leukemia, she meets a boy who doesn't treat her like she is defective. He takes care of her and eventually falls in love with her. One night while hanging out, she collapses and the boy rushes her to the hospital. The cancer has gotten worse and there aren’t much the doctors can do for her, except for a very new experimental drug. The boy has to make the decision whether to let the love of his life go or put her through risky and potentially dangerous treatments?

~My character and your character have been the best of friends since the toddler days. However, when they have become older they have developed deep feelings for one another but each are too afraid to admit it. It’s been years my character has waited for yours to show any sign to become more than friends. Now at the age of 20 and tired of waiting she gets a boyfriend. when she denies her now boyfriend of sex he becomes abusive. She starts getting bruises and her friend is concerned and determined to find out why? What will happen when he finds out everything? Her boyfriend was the one doing it and worse she was only with him to try to lose the feelings for him.

~A guy saves a girl from an abusive relationship/ rapist

~Gang rival romance

~Romeo and Juliet style romance, forbidden romance.

~He is a top dog gang leader with one hell of a past and all he wants is to right his wrongs and get out of the life he is in. However, that is easier said than done, if he wants his life intact. He is currently at war with a local rival gang with one wicked leader who just so happens to be a major part of his tragic past. She is a daughter of powerful business man who wants to do nothing but control her life. She is a model child with good grades in the best of colleges. But all she wants is a little excitement in her life. One night a group of men from the rival gang start to harass her, he sees this and jumps in. But why does this girl have such an immediate effect on him? Can she be his way to freedom or will he be the very thing that ruins her good nature?

~Gang secret romance: Two gang members within the same within the same gang. She’s younger and naive, he’s older and a total bad ass. He took her in from the streets when she was younger. She fell in love with him over the years, but he’s always travelling for the gang purposes, he’s finally coming home for a bit, will she tell him? What will happen?

~A solider meets a young woman through a letter exchange program. They write letters to and from each other and soon find each other falling for each other. After his tour he comes home to meet her, they fall even more in love with each other, engage and get pregnant. He will end up going back on tour again. This time, he will lose his memory, from being too close to an explosion. He doesn’t remember his fiancé, his daughter or anything. They give him the letters, so will they help? (we will role play the letters and everything and until he loses his memory and we will go from there too)

~I do have another spin off of the solider idea just please let me know if you’re interested in hearing it.

~There's a guy and a girl. They met, fell in love, and thought there was no one else for them. Graduation came around and the guy got accepted into a university either across the state or the country. Going to college was his dream. So, of course, he has to break up with the girl because it was not fair to them to stay together if he was leaving. Four years later, the guy comes back. He is still in love with the girl and wants to make things right with her, but there's a catch. The girl has a three-almost-four-year old child. He does not know that the child is his until she is ready to tell him. So, what happens when they both want to get back together, but the girl is afraid of getting hurt by the guy. Will the new child bring the two together or tear them apart?

~A and B met in Gr.3 and have been best friends ever since, both over the year develop feelings for each other but deciding not act upon them as not to ruin the friendship in high school. Now into college A has a boyfriend and they’ve been trying to have a baby but they find out her boyfriend is infertile. B being so supportive is willing to give sperm to her so she can have a baby, but she doesn’t want to do the invitro treatments so they end up just having sex to try to get her pregnant. But what happens when A and B have sex and all their feelings for each come back and are stronger than ever with this new connection. (She will end up pregnant) Will A and B end up together and raising the baby or will A stay with her man knowing her feelings towards B, are back and stronger. (I would really like to play A for this one)

~I also have an idea for a switched at birth roleplay I've been dying to try out.
~Deaf girl x Hearing boy//Deaf boy x Hearing girl//Deaf couple
~Blind girl x Seeing boy//Blind boy X seeing girl
~Vampire//Werewolf//Supernatural x Human (I will play human as I don’t play supernatural characters well)
~Gay/Lesbian couples: I don’t really have any plot ideas.(though most my ideas can be played out as this)
~Best friend x Best friend
~Teenage pregnancy(18+)
~Older x younger
~saving hope plot
~medical interns, medical plot(house, saving hope, greys feel)
~memory loss(either partner wakes up from a coma from an accident with no memory of themselves or their past life, or partner.

~Banshee plot: A man just got of jail, is on the hunt for his old girlfriend, but what happens when he finds her in the small town, and is forced within the first day to make a huge decision and change to kill a man and become the sheriff, she’s married with 2 (or more; one of which the older will be his kid)) kids. (can be altered and added to etc.)
~Married Man/Women x Co-worker//Younger person

TV shows I would possibly roleplay based off- either both characters from show, or character and an OC.
Pretty Little Liars
Saving Hope
Once upon a time
Grey’s Anatomy
Code Black
CSI Cyber
The strain
Criminal Minds
How to get away with Murder
All I can think of for now, ask me maybe I just forgot it.
Also open to any ideas you think may interest me, I’m always looking for partners don’t be afraid to message me !
Hope to hear from some of you!
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