Looking to RP with my own creations with someone :)

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  1. Besides RPing as characters I make up on the spot or from one of my fandoms, I have several characters I have set in stone I would like to use. The point of this thread will be for me to post a summary of each of my own creations and to everyone who reads this thread finds a character(s) you would like to RP with, either PM me or reply to the thread and we can come up with something we both will enjoy. :)

    Sin-The original creator of it all. He is the older brother to both God and Death. The three once lived in harmony as they created their own worlds, but also working together on Earth. God got jealous of Sin and his masterpieces to in anger he destroyed them. In revenge, Sin caused the death of God's son and in return for the God tricked Sin into wearing a ring that sealed him in the form of a human and forced to wander the Earth as a man who lived and died over and over until one day the curse was broken and Sin was set free. Now Sin is back in power and furious will all, but doesn't know what to do with his fury just yet.

    Jack-A typical teenage boy of 23, but has just a few more adventures with some interesting twist then most people of his age. If you're looking for a time that you won't forget then Jack is your man.

    The Appleman-A being of evil. Always wearing a black suit with a black fedora, The Appleman hums a tune that will be so familiar to you, but you can't quite grasp it. He'll offer you an apple and in return depending on your response he determine what kind of death you shall receive. If you ever hear that phrase "Do you like apples" from a stranger...you should start running.

    The Immortal Poet-Not much is known about the poet except he is a being who wanders endlessly from place to place and speaks only in poetic form. The only thing known for sure is that their life is never dull.

    King-King is his name and he was once the leader of the strongest guild in all of Etheris. After an unfortunate accident, King disbanded the guild and swore it would never be created again and he fled to the human world to live amongst them. His magic was darkness, but he rarely uses it for he wishes to stay undercover, but his past is slowly creeping up on him.
  2. I really like Sin and Appleman. Mostly Appleman. Though I really don't have anything in mind xD
  3. Haha glad to hear you like some of my characters! The Appleman is a lovely character whose calm and collective one moment and the next he's crazed and blood thirsty. I'm sure we could bounce off ideas on something if you really want to do an RP with him or Sin.
  4. I really do, I just...have nothing in regards to ideas. I don't know what we could do with them. I think it would be really funny if he met someone that said "I like all apples and apple products". xD
  5. Haha so like a comedy RP...like The Appleman tries to be all menacing like and murderous, but the other character just loves apples and end up being a problem for Mr. Appleman XD
  6. *0* I love Appleman, >w< But i has no idea, TwT
    Same for the Immortal Poet
  7. Yeah he meets that goofy character that just loves everything or is obsessed with apples xD
  8. That would be perfect XD
  9. That's ok we can think of something for them if you really want to do an RP. The Appleman is more dark and creepy while the Immortal Poet is just a wanderer of sorts so we could stick with what they are or do a toss up with something new. We could have a lot of fun making a unique encounter and adventure with the characters. :)
  10. As much as i love Appleman i would really like to do a rp with the poet.
  11. So is this a one on one role-play? I am a bit confused on that.
  12. Then the Immortal Poet we shall use then! :D
    *Immortal Poet walks in*
    IP-Who calls for me...is it my ear you wish to speak to...perhaps my mouth for some advice...or do you wish to walk with my feet...is it a journey that you seek?
  13. It can be one-on-one. That would probably be the best and I haven't experienced a group on yet so I don't want to jump into that right now. So yeah it's gonna be the Appleman and the character that you would like to use.
  14. Yay~ :3
    Should we do this rp inbox? of what ever it is you want. :0
    I wish to travel along with your feet and seek a adventorus journey.
  15. (PM would work the best)
    IP-Oh do you now...come to flee with me...go to so many of land places...facing all sorts of things...let us go...
  16. Alright, well I can't start just now, but I will make my character sometime with in the next few days and post it here, then after that we can just start the rp in a private message. Sorry I couldn't start right away, finals are this week.
  17. Trust me I totally understand. Finals will be starting for me shortly as well.
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